If you’re an introvert, networking is probably your least favorite thing to do (although public speaking might give it a run for its money).

However, you don’t have to write off networking completely. There are ways to successfully network as an introvert—you just need to use science to your advantage.

We’ve put together a guide for networking as an introvert that includes scientific tips such as hanging around the food since people’s endorphin levels rise around food, making them more open to conversation and putting them in a better mood in general.

There are a number of benefits that you’ll miss out on if you don’t at least try to network. These benefits include:

  • Increased leads
  • Industry connections
  • New insight and perspectives
  • Career opportunities
  • Brand and personal exposure

Even as an introvert you can be successful with networking if you follow these science-backed tips.

Networking tips for introverted professionals infographic

Of course networking might not come as naturally to you as it would an extroverted person, but as you find success and build confidence with these techniques you’ll find that it’s not so bad. There are simply too many benefits from networking to ignore the practice completely.

Putting yourself out there and meeting other knowledgeable people in your field is a great way to grow as a professional. Networking will also help you build your social skills in the professional setting, which can help you build stronger relationships with your peers in your own office as well. You don’t want your colleagues to hate you, and building friendships at work will make your work day more enjoyable and actually help you be more productive.

As an introvert, networking might feel uncomfortable at first. But if you continue to work at it (and use the tips shared here), it will become easier and your career will benefit.