Stress. It’s a normal part of life, just another entry on the list of emotions that every human being encounters. Right? Wrong. The experience of stress creates intense physiological reactions which can change the way our body heals, fights disease, and resists aging. The serious health implications of long-term stress have been extensively studied, and the results can be frightening.

There’s one source of stress that consistently tops the charts. Work. When the majority of your waking hours are spent on the job, it is imperative to work in an environment that supports your health. We’ve all sat through interminable health and safety meetings devoted to teaching us to lift with our legs and look out for loose cables. But what if the number one risk to your wellbeing is invisible? What if it’s stress? We’ve taken a close look at the ways work stress could be affecting your life and your health, and the statistics are shocking.

The Job Stress Epidemic Is Making Us Sick, Here 's What You Need To Know! [Infographic]