There is a dilemma that businesses face when they hit a wall. Its when a business’s target demographics change, its competition forces evolution, or when social climate influences how it carries out its agenda. And when this happens, a business often evolves to keep up with the times and to stay ahead of the competition. But not all “rebranding” stories are good stories. Sometimes, companies evolve when they shouldn’t…  to harrowing results.

To help your business decide whether or not rebranding is a good decision, we’ve come up with 8 points to keep in mind. Four of them will make you want to shift the way your business operates, and four of them will make you want to not be so hasty. Either way, check out these points, research what works best for your unique business situation, and make the moves that you need to.

To Rebrand Or Not? 8 Crucial Laws of Rebranding [Infographic]