Marc Benoiff Vanessa Alvarez Larry Dignan Greg Knieriemen Werner Vogels Christopher Kusek Finbarr McCarthy Rich Miller Louis Columbus Reuven Cohen
Simone Brunozzi Simon Wardley Riitta Raesmaa John Mark Troyer Duncan Epping Stephen Foskett James Urquhart Laurie McCabe William Toll Stuart Miniman
Hollis Tibbetts Scott Guthrie Mårten Mickos David Terrar Nicolas Barcet James Watters Ben Kepes Aaron Delp Cody Bunch Mark Collier
Randy Bias Krishnan Subramanian Maish Saidel-Keesing Guy Rosen Christian Reilly Narinder Singh Vaughn Stewart James Governor Kent Langley Sam Johnston
William Vambenepe Diane Mueller George Reese Denise Dubie Dave McCrory Joe Baguley Joe McKendrick Barton George Scott Sanchez Rene Bust
Chris Wolf Gregor Petri Mark Thiele Kevin L. Jackson Lydia Leong Geoff Arnold Zoli Erdos Kyle Hilgendorf Simon Crosby Richard Seroter
Geva Perry Tim Barker George Watt Paul Miller Jeremy Geelan Sam Charrington Tom Nolle Daniel Steeves Bernard Golden Khazret Sapenov
Larry Carvalho Ed Saipetch Kamesh Pemmaraju Peter Coffee Steve Singh Jeff Barr Ian Bergin John Treadway Ignacio M. Llorente Mario Meir-Huber
Adrian Cole Christian Verstraete Jonathan Murray Michael Sheehan Frank Gillett Jared Wray Ellen Rubin Frank Jennings Ken Oestreich James Staten
Robert Mahowald Frank Gens Olafur Ingthorsson Ofir Nachmani Jesse Robbins Paul Maritz Brian Gracely Buck Woody David Linthicum Thomas Bittman

Cloud computing continues to demolish all expectations, with exponential growth and across all sectors. Over 60% of business have adopted cloud technology, and by 2015, end-user spending on cloud services is expect to reach $180 billion. It’s an exciting time to be involved, and the relevance for your business is clear on the bottom line: last year 82% of companies said they saved money by moving to the cloud.

In order to make the most of this new technology, you need to stay informed, and the best way to get your news is by getting connected to the experts. To help, GetVoip has pulled together this list of cloud professionals on the vanguard of this revolutionary sector. Their innovation and thought-leadership has gained each of them large followings on Google+. By following them, you’ll gain up-to-the-minute insight on how the cloud can help your company grow. Here are the top 100 cloud experts to follow on Google+:

  1. Marc Benoiff: +MarcBenioff
  2. Vanessa Alvarez: +VanessaAlvarez
  3. Larry Dignan: +LarryDignan
  4. Greg Knieriemen: +GregKnieriemen
  5. Werner Vogels: +WernerVogels
  6. Christopher Kusek: +ChristopherKusek
  7. Finbarr McCarthy: +FinbarrMcCarthy
  8. Louis Columbus: +LouisColumbus
  9. Rich Miller: +RichMiller
  10. Reuven Cohen: +ReuvenCohen
  11. Simone Brunozzi: +SimoneBrunozzi
  12. Simon Wardley: +SimonWardley
  13. Riitta Raesmaa: +RiittaRaesmaa
  14. John Mark Troyer: +JohnMarkTroyer
  15. Duncan Epping: +DuncanEpping
  16. Stephen Foskett: +StephenFoskett
  17. James Urquhart: +JamesUrquhart
  18. Laurie McCabe: +LaurieMcCabe
  19. William Toll: +WilliamToll
  20. Stuart Miniman: +StuartMiniman
  21. Hollis Tibbetts: +Hollis Tibbetts
  22. Scott Guthrie: +ScottGuthrie
  23. Mårten Mickos: +MårtenMickos
  24. David Terrar: +DavidTerrar
  25. Nicolas Barcet: +NicolasBarcet
  26. James Watters: +JamesWatters
  27. Ben Kepes: +BenKepes
  28. Aaron Delp: +AaronDelp
  29. Cody Bunch: +CodyBunch
  30. Mark Collier: +MarkCollier
  31. Randy Bias: +RandyBias
  32. Krishnan Subramanian: +KrishnanSubramanian
  33. Maish Saidel-Keesing: +MaishSaidelKeesing
  34. Guy Rosen: +GuyRosen
  35. Christian Reilly: +ChristianReilly
  36. Narinder Singh: +NarinderSingh
  37. ​Vaughn Stewart: +VaughnStewart
  38. James Governor: +JamesGovernor
  39. Kent Langley: +KentLangley
  40. Sam Johnston: +SamJohnston
  41. William Vambenepe: +WilliamVambenepe
  42. Diane Mueller: +DianeMueller
  43. George Reese: +GeorgeReese
  44. ​Denise Dubie: +DeniseDubie
  45. Dave McCrory: +DaveMcCrory
  46. Joe Baguley: +JoeBaguley
  47. Joe McKendrick: +JoeMcKendrick
  48. Barton George: +BartonGeorge
  49. Scott Sanchez: +ScottSanchez
  50. René Büst: +RenéBüst
  51. Chris Wolf: +ChrisWolf
  52. Gregor Petri: +GregorPetri
  53. Mark Thiele: +MarkThiele
  54. Kevin L. Jackson: +KevinLJackson
  55. Lydia Leong: +LydiaLeong
  56. Geoff Arnold: +GeoffArnold
  57. Zoli Erdos: +ZoliErdos
  58. Kyle Hilgendorf: +KyleHilgendorf
  59. Simon Crosby: +SimonCrosby
  60. Richard Seroter: +RichardSeroter
  61. Geva Perry: +GevaPerry
  62. Tim Barker: +TimBarker
  63. George Watt: +GeorgeWatt
  64. Paul Miller: +PaulMiller
  65. Jeremy Geelan: +JeremyGeelan
  66. Sam Charrington: +SamCharrington
  67. Tom Nolle: +TomNolle
  68. Daniel Steeves: +DanielSteeves
  69. Bernard Golden: +BernardGolden
  70. Khazret Sapenov: +KhazretSapenov
  71. Larry Carvalho: +LarryCarvalho
  72. Ed Saipetch: +EdSaipetch
  73. Kamesh Pemmaraju: +KameshPemmaraju
  74. Peter Coffee: +PeterCoffee
  75. Steve Singh: +SteveSingh
  76. Jeff Barr: +JeffBarr
  77. Ian Bergin: +IanBergin
  78. John Treadway: +JohnTreadway
  79. Ignacio M. Llorente: +IgnacioMLlorente
  80. Mario Meir-Huber: +MarioMeirHuber
  81. Adrian Cole: +AdrianCole
  82. Christian Verstraete: +ChristianVerstraete
  83. Jonathan Murray: +JonathanMurray
  84. Michael Sheehan: +MichaelSheehan
  85. Frank Gillett: +FrankGillett
  86. Jared Wray: +JaredWray
  87. Ellen Rubin: +EllenRubin
  88. Frank Jennings: +FrankJennings
  89. Ken Oestreich: +KenOestreich
  90. James Staten: +JamesStaten
  91. Robert Mahowald: +RobertMahowald
  92. Frank Gens: +FrankGens
  93. Olafur Ingthorsson: +OlafurIngthorsson
  94. Ofir Nachmani: +OfirNachmani
  95. Jesse Robbins: +JesseRobbins
  96. Paul Maritz: +PaulMaritz
  97. Brian Gracely: +BrianGracely
  98. Buck Woody: +BuckWoody
  99. David Linthicum: +DavidLinthicum
  100. Thomas Bittman: +ThomasBittman

2014 is shaping up to be a big year for cloud computing. Changes, improvements, and new technologies are constantly emerging as the sector continues to grow and evolve. Staying on top of the latest developments could be a full time job, so here at GetVoip, we make it our business to connect you to the people, companies, and news you need to stay ahead.

You can count on us to keep our finger on the pulse of the industry, bringing you everything you need to know to harness the power of the cloud for your own company.