The 100 Most Underrated Small Business Blogs

Small business blogs are often full of valuable information—i.e. insights, experiences, opinions, tips, etc.- regarding management, strategy/planning, marketing, web applications, and more; however, with about 4.75 billion indexed pages of information spread across the web, it can be hard to determine the value of information. That being said, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on tons of valuable information – information that can be of value to any potential or current VoIP user, whether residential or business.

As such, we have put together a list of 100 underrated small business blogs that despite being lesser known, compile original, unique, and invaluable content on a regular basis. In compiling this list, we exorcized an extreme hand-picked selection process. For example, promotional/PR/Advertorial content sites were all excluded. Subject of content, and authorship status was analyzed. Without further ado, here is our list of top 100 underrated sites for small businesses.


 1. Small Business Solver

An advice blog that helps users overcome different problems/scenarios. In doing so, it spans a variety of topics including everything from finance and marketing to operations, efficiency, and legalities/regulations.

 2. SproutGeek

Offers details on different scenarios and possibilities that business owners should be aware of. Also, details how to manage these circumstances.

 3. Killer StartUps

Offers news articles and original blogs that examine how business can better themselves through technology, marketing, web tools, etc.

 4. The Self Employed

Tips and insights on how individuals and businesses should compose themselves in a professional world.

 5. Rise of the Innerpreneur

Focuses on innerpreneur through commentary and feedback on the business world at large.

 6. Productive and Organized

Management, marketing, productivity, decision making, organization, etc. tips for small businesses.

 7. Jun Loayza

Experiences, insights, opinions, and more on starting small businesses. As such this covers a multitude of topics including communication(s), proposals, staffing, etc.

 8. A Screw’s Loose

Adoption insights and advice on different technologies ranging communications modes, mobility, and security.

 9. BrandMakers

Offers news and original content for startup companies through specialized information (i.e. marketing, startups, leadership, technology, funding, resources, and quick tips).

10. Business Blogger Tips Insights, tips, resources, and a directory are all included to provide an extensive user experience.
11. B-Seen On Top Ideas, tips, and experiences on how to more effectively utilize one’s web resources–i.e. website, blog, etc.
12. Business Blogs Hub

Articles cover everything from sales and marketing to management and social media. In providing this information, this blog offers user-centric advice, experiences, and thoughts over a number of different areas.


 1. Barbara’s Blog

Insights/Advice on finances, legal issues, and taxation for small businesses head by trusted small business advocate.

 2. Sarah Von Bragen

Advice and insights on how to effectively manage small businesses on a budget.

 3. Simple Finance Blog

Details insights, experiences, and other thoughts pertaining to finance and budget.

 4. Small Business Finance Forum

Improve profits, better manage, set and reach goals, effectively manage revenue, expenditures, and general cost efficiency of your business.

 5. Small Business Financing Blog

This blog covers the ins and the outs of business marketing through tips and insights on how to manage, grow, and maintain one’s business.

 6. Big Money Web

Topics range social media, finance, technology, marketing, and PR.

 7. Funding Gates

Shares experiences, stories, expertise, and insights regarding finances, business habits, spending habits, and more.

8. Blue Label Hosting

Offers original content that aims to help readers better balance and manage their budget/finances. In doing so, the blog outlines different methods of how to better utilize available resources.

General General

 1. Blogs For Small Businesses

This site works as a directory and includes blogs on a variety of different topics providing small business owners with expansive information.

 2. TBJ Now

Powered by The Business Journal, these blogs cover a variety of topics including finance, employment trends and practices, economic forecasts and trends, government, news, and much more with a detail oriented perspective.

 3. Pay Simple Blog

Addresses a number of different topics. Also has a weekly column in which the blog answers users questions.

 4. BoostSuite

Delivers tips, info, and insights on how to effectively utilize your website and its integration capabilities.

 5. The Australian Business Blog

Details management tips, experiences, planning strategies, trends, and other in depth industry-centric content to help small businesses forge ahead.

 6. Entrepreneur Resources

Tips on marketing, management, inspiration, finance, and resources. Also includes technology and business tips, general business information, and company spotlights.

 7. Go Small Biz

Unique articles that covers a variety of business topics including management, sales, marketing, staffing, and more.

 8. SMBNow Blog

Covers and dissects SMB news, developments, etc. as well as offers original content full of advice, insights, reviews, and opinion.

 9. Start up Champ

Again, tips and resources for business users just starting out. These tips span SEO, marketing, social media, design, business tips, and more.

 10. Geek Business

Another blog that covers the general points of interest for small business owners; however, offers a unique handle on topics.

 11. Techopedia

Offers tons of informational content that spans a variety of topics–i.e. dictionary articles, trends, topic directory, and much more.

 12. P2W2

Denotes hot to navigate and utilize different web based applications.

 13. My Intervals

Tips, experiences, insights, opinions, etc. from experts with years of experience in designing and developing websites, and web applications.

 14. The Small Business Force

Offers insights and experiences within the small business sphere. As such, this includes topics like staffing, operations, marketing, growth, strategies, plans, finances, and partners.

 15. Entreprenette Gazette

Analyzes and offers insight within news coverage of subjects pertaining to sales and marketing, innovation, launching tips, and more.

16. Small Business Newz

This blog covers everything small business owners could ever want including marketing, management, social media, finance, and more.

17. Business Finance Store

Divulges a number of original articles pertaining to management, business practices, techniques, strategies, finance, eCommerce, marketing, etc. In doing so, articles offer specific topics that help owners better address different points.

18. IB in Business

Reports and comments on current news throughout various industries. Also offers extensive insights, expertise, and commentary through original content, surveys, directories, and more. Lastly, users can navigate content by company name, category, and more.

19. Teamwork & Leadership Discusses different strategies, techniques, best practices, etc. pertaining to a variety of topics including management, employees/staffing and teamwork, time efficiency, meetings, and more.


 1. Connie Bensen

Blog offers expert opinions detailing a variety of topics to help small business owners.

 2. Small Biz Lady

Describes how to manage all aspects of your small business by addressing a number of different questions.

 3. Get Busy Media

Offers businesses info on entrepreneurship, online marketing, social media, new media, operations, and more. Also offers interviews and other misc. blog topics.

 4. Business Info Guide

Stephanie Chandler, author/CEO discusses marketing and management tools and tips.

 5. The Small Business Hub

Powered by ANZ, this blog shares trade stories, insights, and experiences pertaining to everything from finance and management to adaptability, customer service, and business plans. Here, users are able to read articles as well as engage their authors asking questions and making comments as they see fit.

 6. My New Company

Geared towards new business owners/startups covers topics ranging news, starting a business, marketing, management, new ideas, company types, and more.

 7. Simplify This

Accounts of experiences and general advice on how to better manage various aspect of one’s business–i.e marketing, virtual community/environment, scheduling, employees, email, and much more.

 8. The Franchise King

Provides in depth advice and info on how to become and continue to be a successful franchise owner.

 9. Small Business Branding

Details how to better plan and map out your business for long term growth and betterment.

 10. Small Biz Bee

Offers unique insights, guides, and more on how to make small businesses grow, maintain, and flourish via strategy, marketing, social media, and more.

 11. Kim Garst Boom Social

Marketing, Management, Productivity tips and strategies to help businesses (and users) better productivity through social media tools.

 12. DollarVersity

Covers experiences and insights on Business/Entrepreneurship, Careers, Lifestyle, personal finance, reviews, and more.

 13. Nibletz

Offers news, original interviews, and articles pertaining to startups, their success, and their failures.

 14. Rainmaker Group

Details issues, circumstances, and conditions surrounding staffing. Also analyzes how to efficiently staff and manage employees within your company.

 15. iHubBub

Unique management strategies, ideas, and concepts as well as commentary from a number of experts.

 16. Social Barrel

Offers news, infographics, analysis, original blogs, and commentary on social media.

 17. Dukeo

In depth web content/practices tips, insights, and advice.

 18. Making Different

Details different tips on how to better manage online content (website, blog, social media, etc).

 19. Thriving Small Business

Discusses different best practices, strategies, and techniques to use to better manage one's employees, finances, resources, and overall business.

 20. Small Business Mavericks

Details different strategies and practices of how to better manage and maintain different areas of one's business including employees, resources, marketing, website, etc.

 21. Birds on the Blog

This blog is run by business woman and expresses ideas, insights, experiences, etc. from successful women specifically.

 22. Small Company Big Image

Includes a number of posts that detail how to effectively expand one’s business through a number of different avenues (social media, marketing, etc).

 23. Effortless HR

Details human resources best practices–i.e. staffing, managing, employee relationships, etc.

 24. Fill the Funnel

Insights, tips, tools, experiences, techniques, and more on how to integrate web applications and media.

 25. In Flow

Tips, insights, and advice on how to manage various aspects of your business including finance, marketing, and more.

 26. Small Business UK

This blog details every aspect of deployment for small businesses–i.e. starting, financing, and running. In doing so, authors offer advice, tips, and insights on a number of topics ranging sales, technology, marketing, etc.

27. The Small Business Hub

Powered by ANZ, this blog shares trade stories, insights, and experiences pertaining to everything from finance and management to adaptability, customer service, and business plans. Here, users are able to read articles as well as engage their authors asking questions and making comments as they see fit.


 1. Reciprocal Consulting Blog

Details tips, insights, and advice on how to improve one’s business through better utilization or marketing resources–i.e. web images/videos, social media, web design, etc. Also details best practices.

 2. Fortune Marketing

Addresses how businesses can better market themselves through articles, original editorials, and an extensive resources page.

 3. Masterful Marketing

Discusses the relationship software, social media, websites, etc. and marketing and how this can expand marketing solutions for small businesses.

 4. Jim’s Marketing Blog

Tips and insights from an industry veteran on how to better marketing solutions.

 5. Rebar Business Builders

Lists and fleshes out marketing tips and solutions and strategies detailing various programs, solutions, systems, etc.

 6. Sales Blend

Takes a less conventional handle on marketing and talks about different tools to be used for marketing. Also talks about experiences in using these different tools.

 7. Kutenda Marketing

Unlike most other marketing blogs, this site expands on the notion of marketing and includes tips and ideas on email and web marketing, social media, and development/progression.

 8. Small Business Bonfire

Divulges how to improve business through marketing, social network integration, and other practices/techniques.

 9. The Small Business Playbook

Though it covers a little bit of everything, it specializes in marketing, management, and how to increase efficiency/productivity. Run by Small Business Owner; therefore, insights are very helpful.

 10. Brand Autopsy

Tips from a collection of marketing experts that cover fully utilizing branding and marketing.

 11. Chris Ducker

Led by author/blogger/expert Chris Ducker, this blog details help for entrepreneurs to improve their businesses moving forward.

 12.  David Dalka

Run by digital business strategy professional David Dalka, this blog covers in depth insights, thoughts, and experiences on management, leadership, as well as industry trends and best practices.

 13. Noobpreneur

Personal experiences, ideas, opportunities, tools, and resources to help better one's small business and their brand/identity.

 14. Deluxe Small Biz Blog

This blog is composed of marketing professionals sharing insights and information to help businesses attract and retain customers.

 15. Indie Business Network

Like its competitors, this blog is pretty incorporative; however, it stands out by offering more personalized sections including book club, fun and family, mental performance, and others in addition to hard factual info such as social media, success principles, marketing strategies, etc.

 16. Marketing Donut

Offers marketing tips and tools as well as cautionary tales pertaining to business planning and management, sales, customer services, and more.

 17. Thrive Hive

Details a variety of marketing solutions, as well as discusses different resources and techniques.


 1. Everbill

Tips and advice for how to build out small businesses through competitive markets.

 2. Leaf

Here the focus is to help SMBs grow by sharing tips, tricks, solutions, shortcuts, and insights about the SMB industry both inside and out of Boston, MA. In doing so, they cover every area from social media integration to data visualization.

 3. AMI Partners

A global strategy consulting firm that offers global SMB insights and GTM strategy consulting. Staff is composed of people from over 15 countries, whom speak 20 languages; therefore, this blog can appeal to smbs all over the world.

 4. Global Small Business Blog

A guide blog targeted for entrepreneurs and small businesses interested in expanding onto a global scale.

 5. Young Go-Getter

A large global community of entrepreneurs offering different users’ experiences, advice, mistakes, insights, feedback from past experiences.

 6. Small Biz Labs

Forecasts and reports/analyzes trends within small business sphere. Additionally, analyzes the impact these trends may have moving forward.

 7. Geek Law Blog

Managed by three “geeks,” this site discusses law strategies throughout management, marketing, and other areas of expertise.

 8. Help Scout

Tips, solutions, opinions, and insights on customer service and employee management.


 1. Tonido Blog

Covers a variety of tech and cloud related articles and topics to help readers better utilize and manage their own platforms.

 2. Telecom Ramblings

Discusses trends and events throughout the telecom industry.

 3. CBR Digital

Addresses why and how the cloud can and is being utilized by businesses. Also dissects the future of the industry by examining trends.

 4. Andy Wibbels

Small Business Blog Author Andy Wibbels discusses web tips that help small business retain their quality and boost quality.

 5.  Tubblog

News, advice, and other original content pertaining to technologies within small businesses.

 6. Eric Brown

This blog focuses on the merging between IT and Marketing. As such, Eric Brown details how to develop and adopt strategies with technology.

 7. Virtualized Geek

Content pertains to technology, virtualization, and cloud computing. As such, it covers hardware, general inquiries, networks, and more.

 8.. Zath

Covers news and offers reviews, how to’s, and other original content for a wide variety of technologies including software, gadgets, and more.

 9. Enveron

Specifically deals with technology tips and insights as well as how to approach/implement best practices.

Again, small business blogs can offer readers a ton of information. That being said, if there’s a blog you read regularly and it isn’t here, be sure to let us know in the comments section below.