Phonebooth touts themselves as one of the cheaper alternatives to VoIP, and the easiest to implement at that. There's definitely no arguing that, and one can go even further by touching on the simple plug-and-play instant activation, and their “no contract, no risk” policy. Fortunately, this is more than just unsustainable fanfare, and those looking to effectively end their tenure with the SOHO VoIP Provider, Phonebooth, will find it's as easy to sign up as it is to sign off for good. Here's the short and long version to Cancelling Service with Phonebooth:

Cancelling Phonebooth Free Service

Start off by drafting an e-mail to letting them know that you would like to disable your account. Include within the e-mail:

  • Use of the same e-mail you used to sign up for the service (Indicating Authority to Cancel the Service)
  • Include your Phonebooth domain (
  • When would you like the service disconnected? (Immediately or give a future date within 30 days)
  • Discuss why you are cancelling the service [Optional of course; though businesses love to know where they could improve]

[Disabling your account can be reversed within 15 days – after that your number may be reassigned. Also note, you will forfeit any purchased additional inbound minute credits remaining on your account.]

Cancelling Phonebooth On-Demand (Paid) Service

Create a support request (ticket) as you normally would for a technical issue:

  • Tickets may be submitted via the admin portal or by phoning in (1-855-MyBooth)
  • If in the process of porting a number, wait until the number port is complete or you might lose it completely. Number porting is only available in the paid version (on-demand) of Phonebooth.

As advertised, there is no commitment and no cancellation fees. Phonebooth is completely a month-to-month, honest service. Don't worry about reading through the fine print, since there really isn't any to be concerned with. Of course, there are certain conditions to be aware of. Here's the excerpt from Bandwidth's (who own Phonebooth) terms for cancellation:

Termination. Upon termination of the Service Agreement and/or the Service(s) not due to a material breach, will disconnect, or will cause to be disconnected, the Service(s) if notified by the Customer in writing via email to with no less than forty calendar (40) days notice prior to termination of the Agreement and/or Service(s). In all such cases, Customer retains the sole responsibility for notifying of any and all requests for termination or disconnection of Service(s), including but not limited to the porting out of billable telephone numbers (also referred to as “DIDs”), whether port outs are known or unknown by Customer; and, Customer remains responsible for all billable charges related to terminated Service(s) until is notified in writing as specified. Any request by Customer for cancellation or termination at any time within the Service Agreement Term and/or Service Term set forth in this Agreement, including: prior to installation, or at any time prior to the Service Commencement or Activation Date, or in the case of early termination by Customer, will be considered a Material Breach by the Customer and shall be subject to the applicable Material Breach provisions as outlined in the Material Breach Section of this agreement. In the event determines, in its sole discretion, that Customer’s ongoing use of Service(s) or the specific method or technology utilized by the Customer places’s network, other customers, partners or the overall businesses of each in jeopardy, reserves the right to terminate Service(s) immediately without notification. 

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