This week, the Gartner Symposium ITxpo kicked off in Orlando, Florida, and will be concluding at the end of today. For those who aren’t totally familiar, it’s a forum where CIO’s and IT Executives converge to focus on industry trends and future outlook. From the Channel Partners Slide Show, I’ve extracted 3 of the Top 10 Strategic Technological Trends, as highlighted at the event, and created my own top three that will . Many, if not all of them have some great implications for the future of VoIP and support the move by the likes of Cisco and Polycom to create solutions that enhance data and communications both on-the-go, and in the cloud:

1) Mobile Device Proliferation

  • By 2013, mobile phones are projected to be the most common Web access devices, usurping PCs for that #1 spot
  • More than 80 percent of handsets sold in mature markets will be smartphones in 2015, but not quite catching on yet, will be Windows phones in a quarter of that number. Tablets will also become about half that of laptop shipments

2) On Cloud Mine

  • The personal cloud is destined to gradually replace the PC as the “center of Web users’ digital lives”. That is, cloud-based services and portability across devices will follow users wherever they go – and they will never look back.

3) Enterprise App Stores

  • “Apptrepeneurs”, a term that (I dearly hope) won’t catch on, yet in execution, could be the most magnificent thing ever. By 2014, many organizations will deliver mobile applications to workers through private app stores. This means no more licensing and limitations, only tailor made applications with their own governance and brokerage service. Combine this with the growing use of capable mobile devices and storage in the cloud, and you’re well on your way to achieving workplace nirvana. Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but it certainly will make life easy for both the on-site and remote worker.

Now, as many CIO’s and executives head back home or even make a weekend of it in sunny Florida, the notion of building upon advanced mobile communications and cloud storage are undoubtedly engraved in their minds. As the calendar year comes to a close, it’s safe to say there almost seems an air of confidence in the need to build upon these technologies. Things may be moving faster than expected, but the comforting part is, developers have a desire to match that demand.

VoIP providers are also following suit, with 8×8, Inc. revamping its mobile PBX platform for smartphones and tablets. Vocalocity are also rolling out a new interface, which I’m sure will have polished and capable mobile support. As noted above, the technological world is progressively ditching its PCs in favor of mobile devices. Everything seems to be going according to plan, and like an evil villain, I love it when things are going as such. The purely mobile movement is something knowledge workers are beckoning to come to fruition. At the forefront of this movement, is Fonality, who are working out a new web client that, of course, will work from anywhere. There’s a storm a comin’ and the cloud is forming – the only difference is this a storm you’re going to want to use your mobile devices in. Cheesy? Maybe. Exciting? Yes!

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