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Founded in 1984 by a small group of computer scientists from Stanford University, Cisco is one of the world...
Santa Clara, CA
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Cisco delivers HD quality video conferencing with WeBex. Customer support very experienced and specialized in products was music to my ears. First time issues were fixed instantly with support. Reliable video and audio, no lags or audio cut-offs whatsoever. Clear crisp sound. Every experience is worthwhile.

Would Recommend: Yes
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It is awesome tool. it is very easy to schedules meeting with this . we can integrate its plugin with out outlook and can schedule meeting in one click.

we can

.we can record the current meeting going on which is very good option. it provide screen sharing option on single or extended desktops as well. Voice quality is good as it consume very less bandwidth.

We can chat with the meeting participants to everyone and individual as well.lightweight software.integrated audio, video and content sharing is awesome. it can be installed on multiple platforms i.e. mobile, pc tablet, mac etc.

there is limitation like if we have large number of user wanted to join the webex meeting room then it will restrict us and also when we have a big team and persons start joining the meeting then initially we get disturbances from software and face difficulties in hearing them clearly but yes after some time it will became smooth..

Lack of emoticons and smileys. it is little more pricey as compared to others like slack or zoom. and license renewal as is costlier.

i can schedule my meeting in One click using this.

We use WebEx daily for meetings with potential customers, vendors, and for support.


Would Recommend: Yes
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You can connect using phone or PC, everywhere you are. Good to share desktop and also give control of you desktop to other users (for example in case of support odd customers demo). Non limits in participants.

Good quality in video and voice also with low bandwidth. A lot of good features more, a professional tools.

You have to install a plugin, for exaple for Chrome web browser. Recently they announced a version who work into the browser without plugin.


Would Recommend: Yes
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The software is easy to use. There is usually a link embedded in the emails directing our audience straight into our meetings.

We also like that there's a button once inside the meeting to have the system call you for the audio portion of the meeting.

The response time is usually very crisp and works very well.

The only negative is when a computer joins WebEx for the first time, it has to download the plug in for the browser

. Sometimes this takes a few minutes and the participant ends up being a little late to the meeting.

It's not really the fault of WebEx but just something to be mindful of.

We save money and time by not having to travel and meet face to face.

WebEx also allows us to meet frequently so our entire team is always on the same page.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Easy to use and anyone can leverage the tool.

Intuitive functionality and features to allow for a meeting host and attendees to fully leverage the tool and it's features.

Special plugins and installs are required to attend a meeting or watch a recorded session.

Would prefer to not have to install a special player to watch recordings.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Cisco has proven to be a leader in the web conferencing space.

WebEx continues to provide a enterprise level conferencing solution and set the pace for all others to follow.

Cisco's licensing costs are very expensive.

The features are not as customizable as I would like. Initial setup/configuration may require a solutions integrator.

Users can create and use web or audio conference bridges will no help from IT


Would Recommend: Yes
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I like the robustness of the platform and the (usually) good call quality. I like the recording ability and that we can have 25 attendees on a conference.

Support is terrible! Has never resolved a problem. Sales is terrible! Sometimes takes 2 weeks to add a new user. Deployment is haphazard. Admin console is hard to navigate, unforgiving, and frequently loses settings. International support is very difficult for multi-national companies. Sound and microphone are hard to setup.

Mac's are well behind PC's in support (sometimes taking weeks to support the latest MacOS). Everyone misses the "connect to audio" selection after connection and so are usually sitting as voiceless attendees in a meeting; this could/should be much easier ...

Global call conferencing.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Easily integrates with our outlook to setup one click meeting using Webex.

Very user friendly, reliable with great quality of service

Sometimes lags with the Video conferencing but that could be because of internet connection.

File transfers between participants could have been a good option

Webex is not only a tele conferencing system , its a complete meeting solution that provides Webinar and Web Meeting capabilities along with conference calls


Would Recommend: Yes
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no brainer to use and a lot of useful tools to help in meetings

Every single day I use WebEx. It is a great way to have virtual meetings at work.

It has a multitude of tools to use when you are presenting either your screen or a document.

You are able to use chat features between participants and easily identfy who has joined your call. In this virtual age, this is a great tool.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Excellent for multiple user meetings, Built in Audio Invites and conference calling

Little bit of pricey, but that is justified

We have used Cisco WebEx for over 5 years, and we are very happy with the product.

It provides excellent features like built in Audio invites and screen sharing with colleagues all over the world,

We are very happy with the product

Cisco WebEx has been part of our organization for every day use and it will always be like that.

We can't live without WebEx at office


Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Founded in 1984 by a small group of computer scientists from Stanford University, Cisco is one of the world leaders in providing IP-based software and hardware solutions. Their hardware ranges from consumer-level products to commercial network routers and switches, and their software helps companies large and small.


WebEx Pricing and Services


Popular Service Plan:


Meet and Call Plan, $20/mo: High-definition meetings with up to 200 people, screen sharing, recording, breakout rooms and more; A cloud-based phone number for each license, phone menus, extensions, and more.

Available Services & Pricing:

  • Basic, Free: HD meetings with up to 100 people, screen sharing, and a personal room
  • Call Plan: $12/mo A cloud-based phone number for each license, phone menus, extensions, and more.
  • Meet Plan: $15/mo High-definition meetings with up to 200 people, screen sharing, recording, breakout rooms, and more
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales for pricing. Customizable. Work with Cisco to find your ideal Webex solution.

Optional Add-Ons:


Call Me Add-on: $4/user/mo Choose between Domestic or International. This feature will automatically call you into a meeting - no meeting numbers or IDs required.

Real-Time Translation Add-on: $30/user/mo Real-Time Translation of your meetings lets you communicate with anyone, from anywhere, without language barriers.

Meeting & video conferencing features

  • Cloud recording storage
  • Webex Assistant
  • MP4 recordings
  • Recording transcriptions
  • Add an alternative host
  • Transfer files while in a meeting
  • Toll dial-in
  • Stream meetings from Facebook Live
  • Host can let others start & manage your meetings
  • Schedule meetings from your Google calendar, Microsoft Outlook Calendar, or Microsoft Office Suite 365
  • Screen sharing
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Save recordings to your computer
  • Breakout rooms
  • Chat, notes, raise-hand, & polling
  • Fullscreen video with 4 layout options, including gallery views
  • Active speaker view or lock & pin a participant
  • Mobile screen sharing available
  • Support for iPhone, iPad, Android, & wearable devices
  • Use HD VoIP to join meetings (What is VoIP?)
  • Interactive whiteboarding
  • Q&A and polling by Slido

Calling & phone system features

  • Call waiting
  • A phone menu for your callers, to route your calls
  • Call anyone with a phone number
  • Hold & transfer
  • Call forwarding
  • Conference calls (6-way calling)
  • Visual voicemail
  • A contact list
  • Unlimited Local & Domestic Long Distance
  • International Long Distance billed per minute
  • Extensions
  • Advanced calling features
  • Call anyone with a Webex account (VoIP call)

Messaging & collaboration features

  • Control who gets added to a space
  • Unlimited messaging & file sharing
  • Search messages, files & users
  • Message threads & quoting messages
  • Add reactions, share emojis, & GIFs in messages & threads
  • Availability status

Security features

  • FedRamp authorized
  • Encrypted cloud recordings
  • TLS 1.2 support
  • End-to-end encryption option
  • HIPAA/BAA compliance
  • Enforce meeting password when joining from phone or video conferencing systems
  • Lock Personal Room meetings


WebEx Awards & Clients:

Green IT Summit Award For Best Telework And Teleconferencing Solution, 2012, App Planet Best in Show Award, 2010

WebEx Support:

24/7 phone and chat support worldwide.

  • Webex Contact Center Dashboard
    Webex Contact Center Dashboard
  • Webex Polling
    Webex Polling
  • Webex Meeting
    Webex Meeting
  • Webex Messaging
    Webex Messaging

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