ShoreTel Releases New Unified Communications Software

ShoreTel has released the 13th version of its platform, named, simply, ShoreTel 13. ShoreTel 13 focuses on expanding SIP capabilities, enhanced video using the H.264 protocol, and instant messaging capabilities with the XMPP, all open-source protocols. ShoreTel 13 includes ShoreTel Communicator, a video conference and call management application. ShoreTel Communicator has pre-built integration with many CRM services, such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, which will help companies manage their sales figures. The QuickDialer function allows users to quickly call up a contact in MS Outlook and send an email or IM to them. The ShoreTel Communicator is available to ShoreTel customers as a free iPhone app, making it easy to stay productive at home or on the road. ShoreTel 13 is available as a free upgrade to any contracted ShoreTel customer.

ShoreTel, the parent company of M5 Networks, has been expanding its Unified Communications and Collaboration offerings. ShoreTel has also just unveiled their Mobile App, the ShoreTel Mobility, available for the BlackBerry, Android, and iOS platforms.

Source: Press Release

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