There was a lot to learn about cloud computing in the month of November. From stories about big data items like NSA spying and, to industry-specific stories on products and services like Salesforce, professionals can use this review of what went down to get a better vantage point for looking at everything that cloud computing offers. Take a look at Amazon’s entrance into the expanding, and emerging, “Internet of Things” as this retailer continues to make headlines – and, you’re not going to want to miss coverage of Alec Baldwin speaking to a business audience with a stake in cloud services. All of this and more made cloud computing a big issue in last month’s media environment. Here are 20 cloud-related stories you might have missed last month:

1. Securing Data for Cloud Computing – Nov. 4

2. Who’s Who in Cloud Nov. 8

3. Philly event examines cloud computing: What’s hype and what’s not? – Nov. 8

4. Heaven help them: Army intelligence needs a good ‘cloud’ to save livesNov. 11

5. You May Be Ready for the Cloud, But Are You Ready for the Migration? – Nov. 11

6. Private Cloud and Elasticity: Friends or Foes? – Nov. 12

7. Will Google Docs kill off Microsoft Office? – Nov. 13

8. Dropbox revamps Dropbox for Business – Nov. 13

9. Amazon Enters Desktop Virtualization Market With WorkSpaces – Nov. 14

10. NSA spying challenges U.S. cloud providers, analyst says – Nov. 17

11. The Impact of Cloud Dynamics on Engineering and Construction – Nov. 18

12. Overcoming Your Fears of the Cloud – Nov. 19

13. Salesforce Making Business Software More Social – Nov. 18

14. Morris Panner uses lessons from cloud computing to help medical imaging – Nov. 18

15. Kinesis: Amazon’s cloud opens to the Internet of things – Nov. 18

16. Cloud NLP platform open for research – Nov. 20

17. The New Wave of Cars that Act like Smart Phones –  Nov. 20

18. Cloud Computing May Save U.S. Government $20 Billion A Yr – Nov. 20

19. Big Data Spurs Big Collaborations – Nov. 20

20. What does Alec Baldwin have to do with cloud computing? – Nov. 21

21. Red Hat, Rackspace defend OpenStack against analyst’s barbs – Nov. 22

22. Google Apps admins get more control over Hangouts – Nov. 22

23. Bidding Process Begins for Cancer-Curing Computer Clouds – Nov. 26

24. Voxsmart prepares cloud mobile voice recording service for banks – Nov. 26

25. CSA Defines Software Defined Perimeter to Secure Cloud Against Hackers – Nov. 27

26. Cloud Traffic Poised to Quadruple by 2017, Challenge CIOs – Nov. 27

27. IBM Awards Multi-Mil. Dollar Cloud Computing Platform to Nova Scotia Schools – Nov. 27

28. Report: Government Picks HP Over Verizon Terremark To Run – Nov. 27

29. BT, Cisco partner on cloud-based voice and collaboration – Nov. 28

30. Cisco – Cloud Uptake Set to Explode Across AfricaNov. 28