Tossing their caps triumphantly in the air and collectively looking towards the future, O-Tel Telecoms has announced large leaps and progress in its VoIP Academy, where the second course since its inception has just been completed. Designed to meet entrepreneurial interest in telecommunications, the academy opened in Johannesburg on June 7, 2012 to benefit South Africa and those looking to get a firm grasp on VoIP telephony. As the VoIP industry has seen tremendous growth there, the demand for this program has been equatably loud. By 2020, it is predicted that the majority of all voice traffic worldwide will be carried over the internet, and likewise, there will be a great need for professionals to embrace and deliver that technology to the masses.

One month later, VoIP academy is going strong, hosted by SETA accredited Compulink and led by South Africa’s VoIP guru Paul Colmer. Meeting the demand of a formal VoIP qualification course, the academy has provided a concrete shift from what was predominantly a ‘self-taught’ industry. “The past training course has come to a close and we move foward to the next one! Overall, it went very well and all feedback has been positive,” commented Colmer. “August and September will be busier than last month’s [session]. We’re preparing for a course session in Cape Town due to popular demand.

The 5 day long certifications course includes a full, thorough overview, covering an introduction and the basics of VoIP, to understanding VoIP services and deployments. Hands-on activities include programming routers, telephones, PBXs, gateways, and others. Supplementing the course is a manual of over 300 pages, culminating in a challenging final exam.

Following the program, students leave thoroughly enlightened in the world of VoIP with vast knowledge backed by more than a just shiny certificate. The graduating class will part with valuable knowledge, along with a slew of powerful tools: software for ‘Asterisk PBXinaFlash’, 3CX including NFR license, which enables full functionality and G729, and a variety of other free soft switches to play with; SnomOne, BizPBX and a variety of softphones. Students may flex their newfound VoIP repertoire use these components. Designed to supply entrepreneurs with a the skills needed to help their business and improve VoIP as a whole for small to medium businesses, the academy has as bright a future as its students.

Attracting students from unexpected places and varying levels of expertise, O-Tel’s VoIP Academy has held incumbent telecom operators, individuals from government institutions, employees funded by their respective companies, and other businesses looking to integrate advanced telecommunications into their organizations. The academy will be featured in an upcoming TV documentary by SABC (South Africa Broadcasting Corporation). Receiving nothing but praise and applause from its past and present students, VoIP Academy looks like its here to stay, and being so well-received, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see similar training and education centers for VoIP technology begin to emerge globally as more companies make the move exclusively to the long-term technology.

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