Polycom Reduces Traveling Expenses of Heineken

Polycom & HeinekenPolycom's open standards-based unified communications & collaboration systems have played a monumental role for UK-based international brewer, Heineken. By reducing the amount of travel its field sales people do across the UK, Polycom's VoIP collaboration has brought Heineken a savings of $388,000. The video systems have also dramatically increased communication between the company's London office and the head office in Edinburgh, as well as various manufacturing sites.

The implementation of Polycom's video solutions have turned Heineken's London and Edinburgh offices into a virtual campus, reducing travel costs, and saving 160 tons of COin under 12 months. The unified communications and collaborations system  the Dutch brewing company 1,270 car journeys between Edinburgh and London, the equivalent of 752 flights. According to IT Innovation and Solution Development Manager for Heineken, Jem Anderton, the institution of this system has been a much needed success in connecting a field sales force of over 500 people to offices and manufacturing sites situated throughout the UK.

"I think it will be powerful when all employees can from their PC simply look to see who’s available, invite them into a voice call, or even bring them straight into a video call or room system all at the click of a button," Anderton stated. “Moving forward, Heineken will be investing heavily in mobile and tablet technology in the UK. Our vision is that our sales force will use personal video to stay in touch with each other and customers, cutting down the time required for one-to-ones and also keeping them in real-time contact with colleagues in the office,” 

Polycom's unified communications and revolutionary video enhancements are active in over 11 video-enabled rooms in the UK, making their way to the company's existing 160 units installed in over 50 countries, including the Netherlands, Mexico, Romania, Poland and the US. 

Source: ITWire

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