Mile Zivkovic

Mile Zivkovic

  • Team Lead, Content Marketing + SEO

Mile is a Content Marketing and SEO Specialist at GetVoIP. He brings his passion for research, digital marketing, and creativity to his writing.

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September 15, 2021

Which US Cities Have the Most Young Business Leaders [2021 Ranked]

Despite the pandemic, the business community has stepped up to many challenges and empowered its employees through these daunting and unprecedented times.  That’s why this year’s Fortune 40 Under 40 list was extended—it’s celebrating 40 influencers who are leading the pack in each of the five categories: finance, healthcare, technology, media and entertainment, and government and...
September 03, 2021

How to Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost + Improve It!

In the last six years, the cost of acquiring customers has increased by 60%. In today’s crowded marketplace, attracting new prospects and turning them into paying customers has its challenges. But before you can address them, you need to truly understand and calculate your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). CAC is a fundamental metric for companies. It refers to the cost of convincing a...
August 26, 2021

Industries With The Most Employee Churn + Ways to Reduce It at Your Company

Total employee separations in the US have increased steadily year over year since 2017. Starting at 59.9% in July 2017 and increasing by approximately 4% every year until 2020, the US employee turnover rate ballooned to 80%. (ADP) This accelerated greatly in 2020, in part due to COVID and in part due to a talent shortage with increased competition for top talent. However, that changed as the...
August 19, 2021

Building Your Customer Experience Strategy in 2022

In a thriving and competitive market, now more than ever, businesses need to support their customers and tailor the experience to meet their ever-changing needs and demands.  The best way to do this is to develop a customer experience strategy.  The customer experience (CX) refers to customers’ holistic perception of how they experience your brand or business. It’s the result of every ...
August 09, 2021

Which Cities are Getting Back to Work Fastest? [Data Study]

The pandemic brought entire industries and bustling metros to a complete standstill. Followed by 12 grueling months of rolling lockdowns and varying phases, needless to say, the US is ready to get back to work.  Some American cities are getting back to work faster than others. To help define which cities are ahead of the pack, GetVoIP analyzed economic and health data of the largest...
August 06, 2021

Customer Lifetime Value Formula: How to Calculate + Tips to Increase

Keeping your customers happy and coming back for more is an essential strategy for any business. Still, many companies are shortsighted and focus on one-off purchases from new buyers rather than repeat purchases from existing customers.  Hanging on to repeat customers and nurturing that relationship can be extremely lucrative, considering that repeat customers generally spend 67% more than...
August 04, 2020

Cloud Based Predictive Dialer: What to Know Before You Buy

There are four words that every business owner loves to hear: Save time and money. It’s not only music to their ears, but money in their pockets. That’s why so many business leaders are adding a cloud based predictive dialer to their marketing, sales, and customer management suites. Increased call agent efficiency, real-time interactions, better customer experience, and improved lead...
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