Millions of people started using Zoom during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, making it an essential...
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I had a very rough go when I first signed up for Zoom. I couldn’t make phone calls but paid for the monthly plan. After several attends through the live chat, I had to beg the agent to review my account and see why it wasn’t working. I spent an hour basically begging, trying to explain that I paid for a service and wasn’t getting it.

Finally, when I did get up and running, it was pretty smooth. I currently bounce between the mobile app and an IP desk phone.

The monthly price I think is very reasonable compared to the other services out there., I have a toll-free and a couple of local numbers. The web portal is constantly upgrading with some elegant features,

Pros: Video Quality is very good. Mobile app has been polished well.
Cons: No support unless you're on a high tier monthly plan.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Jason T.'s review for Zoom

We have used multiple VoIP systems over the last nine years in business. We switched to Zoom shortly after they started offering VoIP service and it was an instant upgrade. It’s been more reliable and feature-rich than any service we have used in the past. We’ve been with them for roughly 5 months and they’ve been flawless.

Pros: feature-rich, reliable.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Urs-Rainer v.'s review for Zoom

I introduced Zoom to the organization I retired from by now. It was early days but ever since I have had almost exclusively positive experiences with Zoom. The exception was when I ordered phone service for my own business in Switzerland. There, Zoom phone service is horribly bad to the extent that we simply could not use it. Nevertheless, I have no hesitation in recommending Zoom for everything else.

Pros: stability, even in video calls to far ccornerners of the earth.
Cons: phone service in Switzerland.
Would Recommend: Yes
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We replaced a different VOIP system with ZOOM, and have been astounded with the quality and reliability… and the companion smart-phone app is very elegant … Have recommended to associates as opportunities arise.
Cost savings by eliminating multiple other services is a pleasant bonus.

Would Recommend: Yes
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I love Zoom. It was developed at just the right time to help us through COVID-19, or maybe that’s when I learned about it. My church uses it and I am becoming more and more comfortable with all the features. I recently learned about “breakout” rooms and I am eager to learn this feature. Thank you for providing this service.

Pros: User friendly and convenience.
Cons: Sometimes my screen freezes and sometimes I get cut off.
Would Recommend: Yes
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We have been able to utilize Zoom to hold important meetings and avoid being in person with one another as we attempted to escape spreading Covid. Even as we have now been vaccinated, our people now enjoy the convenience of staying at home but still being able to hold meetings and conduct official business

Pros: Highly usable even for those who struggle with other technology.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Had to go through a huge loss coz of u guys its ridiculous that a person can’t add a different credit card on thier account. My account was been used by my employees they tried to use their credit card to pay but not accepted my phone stopped working & my buisness ran out. Thanks for your service.

Would Recommend: No
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Thomas P.'s review for Zoom

I switched from another VoIP provider and am saving $100 per month. The tech support person who helped me to configure my VoIP phone spent an hour with me to get it all working correctly, and the transfer of my phone numbers went without a hitch.

I’ve been using Zoom meetings and webinars for several years, and having the phone integration makes it easy with everything in one tool.

I’ve had no problems, and am happy with the switch. It all just works, which is what I wanted.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Richard L.'s review for Zoom

I am thankful for the opportunity to host meetings. The zoom platform makes my experience a pleasurable and easy to use solution for my meetings needs. I will definitely spread the word about Zoom. The experience, the customer support. Also the different options for the needs of the customer. Keep up the good work I am definitely a happy Zoom user!

Would Recommend: Yes
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Scott W.'s review for Zoom

I switched to Zoom Voice when I grew frustrated with the limited functions of my previous business line. Zoom has all the features a small business needs in phone service. The system is customizable to meet the needs of the overall business and anyone that is added as a user to the account. The cost is affordable for the services offered and when bundled with the classic Zoom, the price is even better.

I found a desk phone on Amazon that was super easy to set up with Zoom Phone.

Pros: Fully integrated Voice, Video, and Chat.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Millions of people started using Zoom during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, making it an essential web conferencing tool for online meetings, team collaboration, and soon, virtual events. From December 2019 to May 2020, Zoom daily meeting participants jumped from 10 million to 200 million–paving the way for Zoom to expand its product offerings. Enter Zoom Phone.

Zoom Phone is a bring your own carrier (BYOC) cloud PBX service that includes VoIP phone and team chat messaging.

BYOC gives businesses the flexibility and features of a cloud phone system, while allowing them to keep the current phone numbers, service contracts, and calling rates of their PSTN service provider.

It integrates seamlessly with Zoom Meetings for video conferencing but must be purchased separately or as part of the Zoom One bundle (Zoom Phone, Meetings, and chat.) Users can add Zoom Phone to any Zoom Meetings account, even the free plan.


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Zoom Phone Key Features


Zoom Phone offers many advanced telephony features perfect for small businesses, including Caller ID, call forwarding, call delegation, and more.

Here’s a close look at a few of our favorites.


Quality Dashboards


zoomphone dashboard

With Zoom Phone quality dashboards, managers monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot outgoing and incoming calls in real-time. The dashboard assigns each call a quality rating from 1-5 and lets admins filter calls according to date range, extension, ISP, device, and more. Quality Dashboards also provide details on network connectivity issues, the total number of calls, and the percentage of high-quality calls (a score of 3.5 and above) and low-quality ones (anything under 3.5)


Advanced Analytics


Zoomphone Analytics


Advanced Analytics is available as an add-on in the Zoom Phone Power Pack ($300 per year per user, including team SMS).

These real-time and historical advanced analytics include key metrics such as:

  • Call Abandonment Rate
  • Service Level
  • Average Handling Time
  • Number of Active, Held, Waiting Calls
  • Average and Longest Call Wait Time
  • Percent of calls: missed, forwarded to voicemail, completed, inbound, outbound, etc.

These analytics give managers a birds-eye-view of live call queues, set up notification alerts for low service levels, compare inbound vs outbound call activity, and view live agent status.

Reports are customizable via a drag-and-drop interface and include a Wallboard option, which displays chosen metrics and KPIs to higher-ups and agents.

Zoom Phone’s Advanced Analytics are a great add-on feature for enterprises and call centers that need to keep a close eye on customer service or are trying to improve the customer experience.


Team SMS


Zoomphone teamSMS

Team SMS is another add-on feature available in the Zoom Phone Power Pack ($300/user per year, including analytics). Zoom Phone’s Team SMS feature allows agents to send and receive SMS text messages from customers and transfer messages to other agents and groups.

Business SMS messages are received by and sent from business phone numbers associated with call queues or auto receptionists. Team members can reply directly in the desktop app interface for faster typing.

Texts from customers are shown to multiple simultaneous agent ring groups (for example, an entire customer service team.)

Any agent in the call group or SMS queue can reply to the customer’s text message, ensuring a quick response. Alternatively, any user in the group can transfer the SMS to a different team/queue.


Call Recording


ZoomPhone call recording


Call recording is available for all Zoom Phone plans and can be set up in one of three ways:

Ad Hoc Recording – This allows individual users to control whether or not a call is recorded using in-call controls. It can be disabled at any time.

Auto Recording – This setting automatically records every call. A customizable auto prompt informs parties the conversation will be recorded. The default setting gives access to recordings to admins only.

Member Ad Hoc Recording for Queue Calls – With this option, the members of a team (call queue) choose which calls to record using in-call controls.

All call recordings are saved in the cloud, and admins control user access and sharing privileges. In addition to recording calls, admins can enable call recording transcriptions to further improve customer service and evaluate top reasons for support calls.


Elevate Call to Meeting


Zoom Phone includes a unique feature that enables users to turn any phone call into a Zoom Meeting with one-click elevation.

There are two options:

  1. Create a new Zoom Meeting for an active call and invite the customer to join an Instant Meeting
  2. Transfer the call to an existing Zoom Meeting or Zoom Room

For the Instant Meeting option, the agent simply taps “Meet” in in-call controls during the call with the outside participant. A waiting room bypass option can be enabled so the outside participant is transferred straight into a Zoom meeting. If the outside participant is using a provisioned desk phone or external phone service, they will join the Instant Meeting with phone audio-only.

For the transfer option, the Zoom Phone user would tap “Invite to Meeting” in in-call controls and type in the meeting URL. If the waiting room or passcode is enabled, the outside participant will be sent to the waiting room.


Zoom Meeting Features


Communicating in a Zoom Meeting makes it easy for participants to get on the same page, troubleshoot and collaborate. Once in a Zoom Meeting, participants are able to speak face-to-face and will have access to a number of advanced video-conferencing features such as:


Screen Sharing


zoom screen share


The screen sharing feature allows the Meeting Host or any user to show all participants a screen, desktop, or any content from their device. The user that is sharing their screen has complete control over what the other participants see and do not see from their screen.


Zoom Chat 


Zoom Chat is a team collaboration space where Zoom Meeting users message each other one-on-one or in groups. Users can organize conversations, see who is available, search contacts, share files, tag other users, utilize emojis, and more.


Breakout Rooms


zoom breakout

Breakout rooms let users split up Zoom meetings into up to 50 smaller video meetings. This gives participants a chance to have deeper, more intimate conversations. Groups can be manually created or randomly assigned.


More Zoom Meeting Features


Other popular Zoom Meeting features include:

  • Meeting Recordings
  • Auto-generated searchable transcripts
  • Start/schedule meetings directly from Outlook, Gmail, or iCal
  • Filters, reactions, polls, hand raising and virtual backgrounds
  • Advanced background noise suppression
  • Adjustable appearance touch up
  • Accessible via desktop softphone interface or mobile device


Zoom Phone Integrations


All Zoom Phone plans come ready for integration with Salesforce, Slack, Contact Center Software (Five9, Genesys, Nice InContact, Talkdesk, or Twilio Flex), Microsoft Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Google Calendar, Google Workspace, and Gmail. Other more specialized integrations include:

  • Theta Lake for Zoom Phone: AI-based supervision, review workflow, archiving, and risk management for Zoom Phone, including analysis for PCI, compliance, and conduct risks
  • Pipedream: Integration platform for developers
  • G2 Track: Manage software spending, contracts, account usage and compliance
  • Chorus For Zoom Phone: Compliant recording and conversation intelligence

You can see a complete list of Zoom Phone integrations on their website.


Zoom Phone Pricing and Plans


zoomphone pricing


Zoom Phone plans are set up a little differently than most of its competitors. Nearly all of the features are included in all plans. Advanced features are available as add-ons instead of being included with a higher-priced plan.

The differences in the plans mainly come down to International calling and unlimited outbound minutes. There are no bulk discounts. See a breakdown of Zoom Phone’s pricing and a full list of features below.

US & Canada Metered US & Canada 


Pro Global Select (Direct Dial Number)
Price $10/month/user $15/month/user $20/month/user
Unlimited international calling
Unlimited domestic calling in one of the 40+ countries and territories supported X X
Unlimited calling in the US & Canada X X
Metered outbound calling X X
Make & receive calls from multiple devices and/or apps
Unlimited outbound calling X
HD call quality
Native Windows, macOS and Linux desktop apps
Native mobile apps for iOS and Android
Port existing numbers or purchase new ones (DID)
Toll-free numbers
Phone extension number
Voicemail with transcription
Unlimited auto attendants/IVR
Dial by name directory
Automatic call distribution groups (ACD) with call queueing
Holiday and business hours routing
3-Way ad hoc conference calls
Call recording
Configurable anonymous and specified call blocking
Emergency calling
Nomadic E911 addressing (US and Canada)
Emergency response center
Shared line appearance/call delegation
Call handoff between devices
Call park
Chat (Presence, 1:1 and Team Messaging)
Slack, Salesforce, Contact Center, Microsoft and Google Integrations
Plug-and-play VoIP phones
Analog devices support (ATA, paging, etc.)
Hot desking
Elevate a call to a Zoom Meeting
Transfer a call to a Zoom Meeting or Zoom Room
Single sign-on via SAML 2.0
256-bit authentication/media encryption support
Enterprise APIs and security
Zero-touch provisioning of phones
Mix types of plans in an account
FEDRamp moderate compliance
Real-time reporting and quality dashboards
Support for virtual desktop (VDI) environment
24 x 7 global customer care
Bring your own carrier support
Hybrid integration to legacy PBXs

Add-On Features and Costs

For businesses that need more than just the basics, Zoom Phone offers several add-on features and packages, which are outlined below.

Toll-Free Numbers

  • Price: Starting at $60/year
  • Includes: One toll-free number to use as a main business phone number or direct line


Additional Phone Numbers

  • Price: Starting at $60/year
  • Includes: One local, toll-free, or International number to use as a main business phone number or direct line


International Calling Add-On

  • Price: Starting at $120/year
  • Includes: Unlimited International calling to the following countries: US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland


Hardware As-A-Service

  • Price: Starting at $5.99/month/device
  • Includes: Lease hardware for a monthly rate. Can add on installation, monitoring, etc.


Zoom Power Pack

  • Price: $300/year/user or $25/month/user
  • Includes: Call Queue Real-Time Analytics and Historical Reports, Team SMS and Desktop Power User Experience


Premier Developer Support

  • Price: Starting at $675 per month
  • Includes: Priority customer service and assistance with fast turnaround time. Turnaround time is based on package tier and issue type. For example, a Gold package ($1900/mo) subscriber with a service level impact matter has a 4-hour turnaround time. A Bronze package ($675/mo) subscriber with a scheduled engagement has a 72-hour turnaround time.


Zoom Phone Security 


When Zoom usage exploded in April/May 2020, a new problem arose that many weren’t anticipating.

Malicious actors began targeting unsuspecting zoom users and inserting offensive, graphic, or abusive images and/or audio into their meetings. These “Zoom Bombing” incidents were reported in government meetings, religious worship services, online classrooms, corporate meetings, and more.

In addition to the embarrassment, organizations were now facing severe security breaches, tarnished reputations, and loss of business due to Zoom Bombing. Zoom responded to the ordeals by increasing security, transparency, and privacy controls.

Now, Zoom meeting hosts can::

  • Create Meeting waiting rooms
  • Password protect meetings
  • Require participants to wait for the host to join before the meeting starts
  • Expel, mute, and unmute a participant or all participants
  • Lock or end meetings
  • Enable/disable meeting recording and screen sharing
  • Pause screen-sharing when a new window is opened

In 2022, Zoom announced end-to-end encryption (E2EE) was available for all Zoom Meetings regardless of the pricing plan. Enabling the E2EE feature requires all participants to join from the Zoom desktop client, mobile Zoom app, or Zoom Rooms and disables several features such as cloud recording, live transcription, and breakout rooms.

Additionally, Zoom adheres to the following security standards:

  • SOC 2 Type II
  • CSA STAR Level 2 Attestation
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Silver Member
  • Common Criteria
  • GDPR
  • FedRAMP Moderate
  • DoD IL4

Zoom Phone offers several security features as well including:

  • TLS encryption of all real-time media
  • Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) of VoIP media with AES encryption; and
  • Calling block lists

Whenever a Zoom Phone call is elevated to a Zoom Meeting, all Zoom Meeting security features will apply.


Zoom Phone Pros & Cons


Here are some of the pros and cons of the Zoom Phone.

Zoom Phone Pros Zoom Phone Cons
BYOC allows companies to keep existing voice contracts and build hybrid communication solutions Advanced Analytics only available as an add-on
Very affordable (starts at just $10/month/user) Phone and chat customer support only available as an expensive add-on
Offers Hardware-as-a-Service with affordable monthly rates and many options including Poly and Yealink No guaranteed uptime
Several advanced features (whisper/barge, IVR, call recording, and more) offered in all plans No native team collaboration feature (access to team collaboration tools available only via Zoom Meeting)


Zoom Phone Customer Support


Zoom Phone customers have 24/7 access to a knowledge base and community forum, but in order to chat or talk with a Zoom Phone agent, customers must purchase a premier support plan (see more on this in the pricing and plans section above). Without an expensive support plan, all customer service is self-service (with the exception of some initial assistance with setup). The different avenues to get customer support for Zoom Phone are outlined below.


Zoom Phone Knowledge Base


Zoom Phone Support Videos


The Zoom Phone knowledge base includes video tutorials, how-to articles and a “learning center” that offers free on-demand courses and live training.


Zoom Phone Community


Zoom Phone Community

The Zoom Phone community provides forums and threads where customers can post questions and offer assistance to each other. You can filter by topic, trending topics or solved issues.


Other Support for Zoom Phone


Zoom Phone customers may also be able to resolve issues via the chatbot on the Zoom support web page. Customers can also check Zoom service status at any time.


Zoom Events


zoom events


Zoom Events is a full-service event management platform that allows users to create online or hybrid conferences of any size with a plethora of advanced video conferencing and webinar features.

Zoom Events must be purchased as an add-on to a Zoom Meeting Pro, Business, Enterprise or Education plan. These virtual events can run for multiple days and have concurrent sessions with dedicated chats. Each session can last for up to 30 hours.


Zoom Events Key Features

Some of the key features of Zoom Events include:


Zoom Events Backstage


Backstage is a persistent meeting room that panelists and speakers can join and then easily move out of and into a live session (and back again.)

Backstage allows production crew to make sure everything is working properly before going live, and gives panelists a space to discuss session details and prepare off-air.




Zoom Events Expo


Expo is a customizable virtual networking space that lets attendees reach out to a specific person one-on-one or join a virtual meeting focused on a specific topic.



Zoom Events Analytics gives you data on registration vs. attendance, ticket sales, attendee engagement and more. These metrics give event hosts valuable insights into what worked well, what could be improved, and how best to engage with customers and prospects moving forward.

For each individual attendee information is provided on what groups they joined in an expo, what reactions they had during sessions, whether they viewed session recordings after the event, and more. Hosts also have access to chat transcripts for all sessions and, of course, recordings.


Other Zoom Events Features


Here are some more of the features included with Zoom Events.

  • Customizable pre and post-event email reminders
  • Customizable registration
  • 100+ interactive video panelists, 49 viewable on screen at one time
  • Live polling and results
  • Practice sessions for pre-event panelists prep
  • Live transcription
  • Language interpreter support
  • Cloud recordings and text transcripts
  • Integrations
  • Event management platform (agenda builder, speaker lists, registration)
  • Session/Speaker video previews
  • Ticketing (paid/free)
  • Streaming previews in event lobby
  • Sponsor support
  • Event hubs


Zoom Events Pricing


As stated above, Zoom Events must be added on to a paid Zoom Meeting plan (Pro, Business, Enterprise, or Education.) Pricing for Zoom Events depends solely on the number of attendees.

Number of Attendees 500 1,000 3,000 5,000 10,000 10,000+
Price per year/license $890 $4,400 $12,900 $32,400 $84,400 Contact Sales



Is Zoom Phone Right For You?


If you are a small business looking for the most affordable business phone system, Zoom Phone is a great choice. If your business is seasonal, the metered plan offers a lot of flexibility. You can pay just $10/month/user, then only pay for the minutes you need.

At $15/month/user, the unlimited plan is still very affordable and comes with essential business communication features and functionality like  IVR, ACD, and call recording.

For larger businesses and call centers that require analytics and other advanced features, paying for the add-ons pushes Zoom Phone’s price up to the point that it is no longer the “economical” option. To add the Power Pack (Advanced Analytics and Team SMS) to the unlimited plan, for example, would put the monthly cost at $40/user. At this point, Zoom Phone becomes more expensive than UCaaS giants such as RingCentral and Nextiva which have been in the business phone space a lot longer–and arguably have more to offer as far as phone features and service.

Where Zoom is really lacking though, is customer service. Self-service customer service as the only option is frustrating for any company, but can be devastating for a large organization dependent on a smooth communications system. Paying an extra $675/month (or more) to receive decent customer service once again puts Zoom Phone at a price point where it must compete with longstanding UCaaS leaders.

For a small business or startup already using Zoom video conferencing, Zoom Phone offers a lot of value with solid service, advanced features, and one of the lowest prices in the VoIP space.

Looking for additional information on Zoom products?

Check out our hands-on review of Zoom for Educators, or head-to-head comparisons of Zoom vs GoToMeeting and Zoom vs Google Meet.

  • Group Meeting
    Group Meeting
  • Group Marketing
    Group Marketing
  • Draw Feature
    Draw Feature
  • Video Conferencing
    Video Conferencing

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