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Voxby offers users a variety of calling plans including a Basic, World Unlimited, and US/Canada Unlimited plan. In doing...
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Provider Overview

Voxby offers users a variety of calling plans including a Basic, World Unlimited, and US/Canada Unlimited plan. In doing this, the provider fits users with a variety of features and options such as Call Waiting, Call Return, Call Filter, Blacklist, Caller ID, etc. Aside from these features, the provider offers different activation methods/options for each feature. Each plan varies in function, feature, and pricing. The World Unlimited Plan ($29.95) included unlimited local and long distance calls to anywhere in the US, Canada, and countries that are in plan. The US/Canada Unlimited Plan ($23.95) allows users to make unlimited calls local and long distance to anywhere in the US and Canada. Lastly, the Basic Plan ($9.95)—recommended for both home and office use—includes a calling rate of 2.5 cents per minute (US calls) and offers a full list of International rates via their official website. The Basic Plan requires a onetime purchase of adapter hardware ($55.00) when the plan is ordered.  Also, with Voxby, users can assign a secondary phone number from a wide variety of USA area codes. Additionally, users have the option to choose their phone number (with area code) upon initial sign up for $1.00. With the exception of the Basic Plan, users get either a SPA-1001 telephone adapter from Sipura for free or the advanced multiline Sipura SPA-2100 for $20.00. The Basic Plan features a finance option. Voxby service also allows for Softphones to be used with broadband service. Aside from calling plans, the provider also offers wireless VoIP options. Voxby also has a mobile application available for iPhone users. Voxby does not require contracts. In terms of customer support, the provider offers users FAQs, a Glossary, and an 800 number (M-F 930am-9pm EST, Sat 10am-6pm EST, Sun 12pm-6pm EST) for any additional questions.


Voxby Pricing and Services


World Unlimited

  • $29.95
  • Unlimited calls to US, Canada, and other countries around the globe

US/Canada Unlimited

  • $23.95
  • Unlimited calling within the US and Canada


  • $9.95
  • 2.5¢/minute for nationwide calls
  • Making a Call
    Making a Call
  • Contacts
  • Phone
  • Calling Prices
    Calling Prices
  • Account

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