PC-Telephone is a communications software application which enables user to fully utilize the full communications potential of the Internet...
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The absolute WORST customer service in world! Bought a 10 euro calling card & made less than 6 mins of calls, in which I should’ve been charged only 2.2 cents per min, but cost me 5 Euros instead! Emailed customer support 7 times w/in 2 weeks, and left 5 voice messages, but still no reply. Idiots!

Pros: none that i can think of...
Cons: The absolute WORST customer service in world!.
Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

PC-Telephone is a communications software application which enables user to fully utilize the full communications potential of the Internet and public telephone networks ISDN/PSTN. In doing so, PC-Telephone transforms your computer for telephony, data transfer, fax transfer, and voicemail. With each of these, the software app includes different features. With Telephony, users can place and receive calls PC-to-PC, PC-to-Phone/Fax, and Phone/Fax-to-PC, Calling Line Identity Presentation/Restriction (CLIP,CLIR), Call Answer, Call Scheduling, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Call Hold/Muting, Call Accounting, Audio Conferencing, Full Duplex Recording, and Encryption. With Data Transfer users have Direct Data Transfer and Scheduled Data Transfer. With Fax Transfer, users have both Direct and Schedule Fax Transfer. Lastly, with Voicemail, users have Multiple User Mailboxes, Public Mailbox Support, Instant Voice Messages, Listen to Messages Remotely, Call Screening, and Limited Message Duration. The software’s primary application is to account for free PC-to-PC calls over the Internet, Cheap PC-to-Phone/Fax calls over the Internet, Cheap SIP-to-Phone calls over the Internet, and Pc-to-Phone/Fax and Phone/Fax-to-PC calls over ISDN. PC-Telephone is free to download. Call rates vary depending on location, full list of rates available here. Aside from the free application, however, users can purchase USB phones including Yealink, Plantronics, Voyager, and V-tech devices.


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