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This Los Angeles based provider specializes in offering small to medium sized business users prepaid integrated telecom services that...
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Provider Overview

This Los Angeles based provider specializes in offering small to medium sized business users prepaid integrated telecom services that are both feature-rich and cost efficient. As such, the provider offers different solutions with varied pricing methods—i.e. Hybrid Long Distance Calling (pay as you go) as well as Subscription based VoIP and Internet Fax services, International Call Forwarding and Toll-Free services, and Multiple Account Management Tools. More specifically, the provider offers users Long Distance service, Internet Fax, VoIP, Call Forwarding, and Business-centric features. As such, each of these services includes their own host of features. For example, VoIP service includes free/cheap calling, choose your own area code, free voicemail, message broadcasting, unlimited incoming calls, call waiting, number porting, call log, toll-free number, and much more. As mentioned above, users can select OneSuite Business ($2.95/month), which enables users to create/manage up to 999 sub accounts, generate customized reports, monitor usage, earn bonus rewards, and transfer balances. With a wide variety of offerings, OneSuite’s services are able to work with a multitude of wireless/wired , smart/traditional phones and IP enabled phones/computers. As such, the provider is able to deploy global coverage to users at any time. In regards to customer support, users are privy to an online blog, FAQs, Help Topics, an Online Portal, Email, and Phone support.


OneSuite Pricing and Services



Local Number (US/Canada): $2.95/mo

Toll-free Number: $2.95/mo


  • Free or Cheap calls
  • Choose your area code
  • Free Voicemail
  • Message Broadcasting
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • International call block
  • Call Log
  • Port your phone number
  • Additional virtual phone number
  • Toll Free Number


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