GoTo Connect, a LogMeIn product - recently announced the achievement of one reaching million-plus users. Previously known as Jive, GoTo Connect launched under a new brand in 2019. Since then, it has made significant strides toward shaking up the collaboration industry. 

Moreover, GoTo has given its main competitor - RingCentral - a run for its money. According to Paul Gentile, Senior Director, Product Marketing, GoTo Connect, the collaboration company reached a few other milestones, involving hitting 51.9 billion agent-assisted calls. 

Gentile even said; that GoTo Connect hosted over 5.6 billion minutes of talk time within the platform since launching under the new brand back in 2019. It has also routed nearly 70 billion calls through queues via the platform. 


The Pandemic's Role in GoTo Connect's Success

The pandemic has played a role in helping out with these feats. Extending call routing, monitoring, reporting - and countless other unified communications functionalities, it is clear how the organization reached many milestones in merely a few years. The pandemic itself has given a great boost to the technology, in terms of user adoption, etc.

LogMeIn does a great job touting the benefits of the platform, and it is right to do so, as GoTo Connect is a strong offering, with (solid) VoIP services that bundle phone, SMS messaging, and video conferencing together. It is simple to deploy, and pricing is comparable, too.

Today, the company showcases its versatility in the form of being compatible with over 180 hardware devices so you can continue using your current VoIP-enabled phones. This being a true godsend during a pandemic.

There are only two downsides to the platform if you ask me - there is no cloud storage included, and there are no shared hardware devices. As many companies across the globe still flock to technologies that assist with business continuity, GoTo Meeting will likely continue its rise to the top of UCaaS.

According to Gentile, customers were in search of agility during the pandemic, noting in a blog post: 

"In 2020, there was a new sense of urgency to step up and solve remote customer business problems — and fast! With industry-leading reliability and security, our work from anywhere bundles did that."

He continued, stating that remote tools are the heart of LogMeIn’s business and called the past year and some change possibly the most transformational period of our lives, adding: "We are proud that one million users relied on GoTo Connect," in that same blog. 


Connecting Folks in A Hybrid World

GoTo Connect connects countless organizations - enabling the employees to collaborate securely during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is set to extend far beyond the pandemic, according to Gentile, who said that GoTo Connect:

 "Replaces cumbersome landlines and infrastructure while adding the flexibility needed to quickly add to a large volume of users and adjust to changing needs." 

LogMeIn's higher education customers also benefitted from the software during the height of COVID-19 - when pandemic-imposed lockdown orders led to a surge in contact center calls, ones Gentile said would have overwhelmed most traditional PBX phone systems.

Extending cloud phone and video conferencing capabilities at initial launch - GoTo Connect pricing and plans have blossomed into a maturing offering. Today, it has a Microsoft Teams integration, an updated mobile app, accessible tiered pricing, a unified admin experience, a robust contact center — and most recently — enhanced outbound calling capabilities. 

As GoTo Connect celebrates this milestone of one million users - Gentile summarized things by adding; LogMeIn developers continue to develop products for an evolving workforce. "With an increasing preference toward a hybrid model, we understand that remote-work products are here to stay," Gentile concluded.