Five9 and Salesforce have one of the longest business relationships in the CCaaS space, with a partnership that has been in place for 16 years. 

The Five9-Salesforce partnership has flourished largely due to both companies' commitment to improving customer experience by leveraging the latest AI technology. 

Just a few months ago, we wrote about Five9’s launch of GenAI studio, a platform allowing users to test and fine-tune generative AI models.

Already, Five9 has announced its next AI-powered tool: Five9 for Service Cloud Voice BYOT (Bring Your Own Telephony), which will be available on June 30th.


What Is Five9 for Service Cloud Voice BYOT?

Service Cloud Voice BYOT combines the Salesforce Omni-Channel widget with Five9 contact center software into one intuitive dashboard that provides AI intelligence for contact center agents right alongside customer data such as purchase history, and call handling.

Five9’s real-time call transcription tool, TranscriptStream, informs Salesforce’s Einstein AI to suggest the next best action to agents during interactions, and automate processes such as scheduling follow-ups, assigning tasks, etc.


Benefits of Five9 for Service Cloud Voice BYOT

There are a number of benefits for contact centers using this powerful  tool.

  • Improved customer service: With intelligent real-time suggestions and information at their fingertips, agents will be able to provide effective resolutions to customers faster
  • Shortened learning curve: The intelligent virtual assistant displays relevant data automatically so that new agents don’t have to spend as much time learning how to navigate large knowledge bases and can get started taking calls sooner
  • Higher job satisfaction: With repetitive and manual tasks being automated by the AI-powered technology, agents can focus on building rapport with customers, creating more job satisfaction and less burnout
  • Lower costs: Automating time consuming manual work and reducing average handle time means that many companies will be able to reduce hours and/or contact center staff


How To Implement Five9 Service Cloud Voice BYOT

For companies that are already using Five9’s call center platform and Salesforce Service Cloud as their CRM, they will have access to the new AI-powered tool automatically as soon as it becomes available.

For new customers, Five9 offers free trials and has pricing starting at just $15 monthly, per seat.

For more information, see our Five9 pricing guide.