Contact center software leader Five9 just announced that it will be launching a new and powerful generative AI model and prompt management hub later this year, possibly at its annual CX Summit.

Five9’s GenAI Studio is a low-code tool that will allow Five9 users to create, deploy, test, and monitor engaging customer-centric applications that leverage generative AI.



Revolutionizing Customer Experience

Five9 GenAI

Five9 customers can customize and personalize their generative AI prompts using relevant customer data. This means that companies can create applications specific to their business while also providing completely bespoke experiences for every customer.

GenAI Studio fine-tunes AI models and updates them as needs change, giving Five9 customers precise control over AI-powered interactions.

This level of control, along with monitoring capabilities, ensures that GenAI outputs are using data responsibly and accessing/sharing only trusted customer information that was provided with consent.


How GenAI Studio Works

GenAI Studio will start by allowing Five9 users to manipulate and test out prompts with one Five9 AI function - Agent Assist Summaries. In the future, GenAI Studio will power all Five9 AI applications, such as voicebots, chatbots, insights, and IVA.

Five9 users integrate relevant customer interaction data with a general-purpose large language model (LLM) such as ChatGPT-4 to create a GenAI that is customized to their business.

The prompt management hub can then be used to test out GenAI output. For example, users can input a real call transcript and ask the GenAI to create a call summary, making adjustments and adding contextual data as needed to ensure optimal performance. Users can also test out different LLMs and isolate the one that works best for their business.

Five9 users are able to integrate nearly any type of contextual data, from training manuals to reference materials to “dos” and “don'ts”.


Features of GenAI Studio

Five9’s GenAi Studio offers a number of innovative features such as:

  • Built-in prompt library with thousands of sample prompts
  • Sandbox for testing prompts to ensure GenAI outputs are safe, relevant, and optimized
  • “Click and customize” interface, which allows users to create and test GenAI models without code
  • Engine agnostic platform that enables users to choose a third party, open source, or proprietary generative AI model such as ChatGPT, Llama, or Gemini
  • Users can integrate customer and contextual data to ensure tailored responses and agent guidance


The Future of Generative AI in the Contact Center

Jonathan Rosenberg, CTO and Head of AI at Five9, states:

“With GenAI Studio, customers can infuse off-the-shelf models with their unique data, making the Generative AI model their own.”

Combining a high level of customization and control with the ability to test out prompts makes Five9’s GenAI Studio a powerful tool for modern contact centers. It will allow companies to ensure relevant, optimal, and bespoke responses from their GenAI, whether in the form of a call summary, a real-time suggestion to an agent, an insight provided to a supervisor, or an answer to a customer inquiry.

There are nearly endless applications for GenAI in contact centers, and GenAI Studio allows companies to quickly train, test, and optimize them.

Learn more about Five9 pricing and plans here.