Our hearts go out to those who were affected by the devastating impact Hurricane Sandy had on the Northeast, particularly those in New Jersey and New York. Since the storm, I’ve been counting my blessings every morning, thankful that I didn’t lose power and my loved ones are safe. I hope the same for our readers, their businesses, and customers alike, though the reality is that circumstances remain difficult for many. Days later, people are still picking up the pieces in an attempt to return to normalcy despite lingering outages, severe damage, and limited transportation.

Superstorm Sandy has caused as much as $50 billion in economic damage, with about $10 billion to $20 billion of insured losses, more than double previous estimates, as per Eqecat Inc., a provider of catastrophic risk models. Likewise, major failures of electric and utility systems have severely impacted a myriad of businesses.
As such – when you are disconnected from broadband service and/or wireless data service, how can you keep up with the world? would like to hear your story and how you were able to ‘weather the storm’ over the past few days. Further, we’d like to know how you and your customers fared through their backup and/or disaster recovery plans.
Please share your story in the comments section below
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