Cloud services provider, nGenx, has built on their desktop all-in-one solution, releasing an nFinity Desktop SMB Edition. Using a platform similar to Windows 7, the program intelligently combines the power of Quickbooks, MS Office, and Exchange. The product will be put into action at this year’s Cloud4SMB Expo, currently being held in Austin, TX. as part of TMC’s ITEXPO Austin. Additionally, the nFinity desktop has other applications that haven’t yet been disclosed, but are noted to be “useful” in all business settings to increase productivity.

“nFinity Desktop SMB Edition is unlike anything else on the market today. We allow SMBs to get the benefits of cloud computing without leaving familiar and productive applications like QuickBooks and Office by making them work seamlessly on a PC, Mac, iPad or Android device while their data is stored securely in our cloud,” stated Robert Bye, President & CEO of nFinity “SMBs see that larger competitors are taking advantage of tablets and Smartphones, and they want a cost effective and secure solution that will enable workspace mobility and bring your own device (BYOD) policies.”

As mentioned by Robert, the solution fully supports BYOD along with having some top-notch security features and a ton of flexibility. ” During the ITExpo, we’ll be checking the solution out live to see if it holds up to the seemingly ambitious and useful platform it seems to be.

“With nFinity Desktop SMB Edition, our people can access the applications they need from our office, at home, or wherever they happen to be,” said David Bradsher, president of Bay Business Group, an nGenx customer. “Instead of storing all of our information in our office, it is now stored in an off-site data center that meets the highest industry standards, which has helped us to practically eliminate our security risks.”

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