Poly, a company now owned by HP, has paired with Oslo-based Pexip to deliver a trio of solutions: set to focus on high-dollar customers in government, financial services, retail, healthcare, and the judicial sphere. The suite, which leverages Pexip technology, will focus on extending security for everything from online meetings to virtual courts. With interoperability top of mind, Pexip already integrates with UC/CX firms like Genesys, Microsoft, Google, and today, Poly. 

It is this experience it hopes to bring to Poly customers with a set of on-premises and cloud-based communications solutions for what it calls "privacy-conscious customers." Ira Weinstein is the Founder and Managing Partner of Recon Research. And he says this is a partnership set to produce; what he calls significant advantages for the duo and their customers.

It will also bring a lesser-known, albeit strong market player to a more widely available audience via Poly. In turn, it will also make Poly solutions more secure. That means for customers and anyone else leveraging said technology. 

"A win-win," as Weinstein calls it. He continued, stating: "And Poly can build on top of Pexip’s trusted, scalable, interoperable platform."

Set to deliver accessible and high-quality video experiences: the duo says that strict security protocols are in order, looking to shield customers from the dangers of hackers, who have (in the past) leveraged social engineering to gain access to such meetings. 

After all, it was in 2022 that the world got introduced to Zoombombing, an act that all but forced Microsoft's hand at introducing end-to-end encryption to its Teams platformWith the newly-forged partnership - the duo is promising a "premium user experience, noting that it will "bring a Teams-like meeting experience to existing video systems." They also say that potential cost savings are in order. 

That is if firms update outdated legacy infrastructure with the cloud and premise-based offerings. In a statement: Poly noted that it is about: "Prioritizing better user experiences, deeper customization, and higher levels of interoperability."

All this; while never sacrificing the integrity of consumer safety. Poly additionally noted that the three new tools are to replace their existing Clariti and RealConnect offerings for on-premise and cloud-based communications and are today; publicly available. 


Poly to Deliver Three Pexip-Fueled Offerings

Introducing three all-new offerings, set to change how those in areas like government, healthcare, and financial services - collaborate via video. First up is Poly PrivateConnect powered by Pexip. 

The video conferencing platform goes beyond that of traditional systems, delivering a unified meeting experience. It furthermore extends high levels of flexibility and scalability. And security is not an afterthought. It is, however, built into the video platform's initial design. 

Poly Pexip GetVoIP News

Regarding flexibility and interop, Poly had this to say in a statement: "Customers can operate in their private cloud tenant or on-premises, and customers can seamlessly connect to Microsoft Teams or Google Meet with its interoperability modules." Concerning third-party integrations: there is no shortage of them, the firm also notes. 

Poly GetVoIP News

The second offering of the trio is Poly CloudConnect powered by Pexip. And Poly says that it extends an industry-leading multiplatform interoperable with Microsoft Teams and Google Meet video conferencing. Users can operate their entire video conferencing environment on the modern cloud platform focusing. 

Poly says that this enables them to (place) a greater focus on that end-user experience, things like customization, simpler management, and control.

Poly GetVoIP News - Management and Control

Third, but likely one of the most robust of the trio, is Poly FedConnect powered by Pexip. It is built for and authorized by the United States Government. Poly and Pexip designed the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program or FedRAMP-authorized, SaaS-based video conferencing solution for U.S. federal, state, and local government organizations. 

"Customers can securely join Microsoft Teams calls from standards-based video systems, all within a compliant cloud environment," Poly wrote in a press release. 


Curate a Well-Rounded Collaboration Experience 

Hoping to create a well-rounded experience and leverage its suite of endpoints, which includes meeting room solutions, personal solutions and webcams, video carts and stations, etc., Poly enables users to access all this via the three offerings.

"Customers can leverage a portfolio of support, professional, and managed services that span the lifecycle of any video collaboration requirement." 

That means from initial design to deployment and even optimization. And if users need a transition to the new offerings, Poly supports that too. "This means; installation, management, operation, and global support with infrastructure, networking, and video technology expertise," the firm wrote in a statement. 

"Our collaboration brings together the best communications platforms, video endpoints, and services. The new solutions offer strong security mechanisms; that emphasize data privacy and sovereignty while providing connectivity anywhere on any device, particularly relevant areas for vertical markets such as financial services, the U.S. government, and healthcare. Government agencies have subscribed to leverage the solutions’ private, secure in-line technology."

Poly's suite of endpoints for the Microsoft Teams environment

It is this kind of experience that Poly customers have grown to rely on, and there was no better demonstration of that than during the Pandemic. Poly was busy during that time, looking to extend their customers a lot of bang for their buck: so to speak. 

During that time, it released a slew of updates focusing on enhancing several native experiences, those for the Zoom platform and plenty of others. That includes the Poly Edge E series, an IP desk phone, which is certified for use with Zoom Phone.

It certified its Studio X family of Android-based video bars for Google Meet. And one of its most sizable feats was certifying its video solutions for every space - for Microsoft Teams.

Few firms in the space have been as innovative as Poly's been during the Pandemic. In fact: the speed and frequency with which the firm has pumped out its innovations have been rather impressive. There seems to be no slowing the company down, and with newly-minted partnerships - there appears to be no limit to what they can extend customers looking to take their various meetings to the next level.

As for what's next, only time will tell but it is bound to be something that pushes the envelope in typical Poly fashion.