Click-to-Call (click-2-call, click-to-dial, click-to-call-out, click-to call-in, call-me-now, etc.) is a feature that is unique to VoIP. Click2Call uses a hyperlink that sends a command to initiate two phone calls at once—one to the VoIP subscriber’s phone, and the other to an outbound number, usually a customer. A click to call widget can be used by either the VoIP subscriber or a by potential or existing client visiting a web site.

Click2Call is made possible because of the Session Initiation Protocol. A click from a hyperlink initiates a session, and the command is sent to dial your SIP address and the outgoing number. The SIP proxy sends out an invite to the two users, and then drops out once the connection is made.

In the case of a VoIP subscriber using Click2Call from the web portal, the subscriber already has a few numbers programmed into the account, and must pick which phone, or enter a new one, as well as the outbound number. Much like the softphone, your call is being routed through your main number. Some business VoIP service providers let you ring your primary phone from their web portal or desktop software, others do not.

If it is a customer using the Click2Call widget, the customer enters his phone number into the dialog box. The command goes out to call the VoIP subscriber or their call center, and then the command goes out to dial the customer. If the VoIP subscriber does not have an unlimited plan, the billing depends on what numbers are being called. Usually, a SIP-to-SIP call is free, a PSTN-to-SIP call is metered as regular minutes, and a PSTN-to-PSTN call is metered as double the number of minutes.

VoIP subscribers who use Click2Call do more than just save money on phone calls. Outgoing calls have the caller ID of the company, so customers see and recognize the name. As compared to a softphone, Click2Call lets VoIP subscribers use home or hotel phones, which can be more comfortable for long conversations.

Click2Call is used to convert web traffic into phone calls. As a method of initiating customer contact, it’s a great way to overcome psychological barriers to sales. Click2Call is a great way to passively generate leads you never knew you were missing. Companies that use Click2Call widgets on their website have been shown to have lower website abandonment, higher conversion rates, and that customers, because they have your web site in front of them, are more informed, and ask more detailed questions than other types of inbound sales calls. Click2Call works 24/7, and can be set up to either go to voice mail after hours or to schedule a call in the future.

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