Trying to decide if Google Voice or Dialpad is the best VoIP phone service provider for your business needs?

This detailed comparison of Dialpad vs Google Voice outlines each provider’s pricing and plans, voice calling features, video conferencing solutions, team communication tools, third-party integrations, platform security, and customer support.


Google Voice vs Dialpad: A Quick Overview

Use Dialpad If: 

  • You want to take advantage of AI-powered features within the business communications space, especially regarding customer self-service and video meeting summaries
  • Your business is growing at a more rapid pace than you can currently keep up with, but you can’t afford to hire more employees
  • You want a scalable solution that allows you to evolve up to an omnichannel contact center in the future
  • You need video conferencing, team chat, and file sharing features to foster team collaboration between remote employees
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Use Google Voice If: 

  • You’re a solopreneur, startup, or small business with less than 5 employees
  • You don’t want to pay for or learn how to use complicated VoIP features you don’t need, and you prioritize ease of use and a user-friendly interface
  • You’re currently a Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) user and want a virtual phone number within the Google Universe
  • You need a business phone number separate from your personal one for security reasons and to appear more established/professional
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Google Voice Dialpad
Pricing ↓ - Google Voice: 3 plans from $10-$30+/user/month
- Google Workspace: 4 plans from $6-$18+/user/month
- Business Communications: 3 plans from $15-$25+/user/month
- Paid Ai Meetings plan for $15/user/month
- AI Sales Center: 3 plans from $60-$150/user/month
Voice Calling ↓ - Provides number porting, and local numbers only
- Includes only basic voice calling features like call forwarding, ring groups with simultaneous/sequential ringing, visual voicemail, call recording, and auto attendant
- Provides number porting/local, toll-free, and international phone numbers
- Offers more advanced voice calling features, like unlimited ring groups, call flip, custom call routing, call queues, call recording, and AI-powered real-time call transcriptions with post-call summaries
SMS Messaging ↓ Unlimited SMS in the US/Canada, but MMS accepts JPG, PNG, and GIF files only 250 inbound/outbound SMS/MMS per month included, additional outbound messages charged on a pay-per-text basis
Video & Collaboration ↓ - 24-hour video conferencing for up to 500 participants with in-meeting chat, screen sharing, and breakout rooms
- Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms for real-time file collaboration and co-editing, plus Google Chat for instant messaging
- 5-hour video meetings for up to 150 participants with real-time transcription, screen sharing, polls, Q&A, virtual hand raising, etc.
- Always-on huddle rooms, team chat, whiteboarding my Miro, automated meeting summaries with keyword/sentiment analysis
Integrations & APIs ↓ No APIs, designed to integrate with Google Workspace and little else Custom APIs and robust third-party integrations with Salesforce, Zoom, Gong, and more
Security & Support ↓ - Includes 2FA and a 99.9% uptime, but HIPAA compliance and SSO require Google Workspace add-on
- 24/5 live chat for all Workspace users, 24/7 email and phone support for P1 cases, paid priority support available
- Lacks multi-factor authentication, but offers a 100% uptime and is HIPAA Compliant
- 24/7 phone, chat, and web portal support available, plus chatbot support and paid priority support 


Pricing and Plans Comparsion

Dialpad Pricing Google Voice Pricing
Better overall value Pricing starts at $5 less than Dialpad’s cheapest plan
All-in-one, AI-powered business communication products combining voice/video calling, SMS, team chat, collaboration tools, and analytics in one dashboard Offers basic voice calling and SMS only, access to additional channels/advanced features require Google Workspace or third-party integrations
Highly scalable and feature-rich tiered plans, plus additional contact center, sales, and web conferencing products Limited scalability, Google Voice and Google Workspace focus mainly on optimizing internal communications, less focused on improving the customer experience


Dialpad offers 4 total products: a business phone system/UCaaS platform, a web conferencing tool, an Ai Sales Center add-on, and an Ai Contact Center. Each Dialpad product offers feature-rich bundled pricing tiers complete with AI capabilities. Dialpad products can be used together or as standalone business communication tools.

Google Voice is a standalone voice calling platform with three tiered plans. To get a UCaaS application that’s somewhat comparable to Dialpad Business Communications, Google users must purchase Google Voice as an add-on to the Google Workspace suite (sometimes called Google Voice for Google Workspace.) The Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI) solution is a separate product.


Dialpad Pricing


Dialpad Business Communications Pricing

Dialpad Business Communications is a business phone system and UCaaS solution with voice/video calling, team collaboration tools, SMS/MMS, analytics, virtual faxing, third-party integrations, advanced call management, and built-in AI.

Standard Plan (From $15/user/month, 1-seat minimum, 1-office maximum):

  • Voice Calling Features: Unlimited HD inbound/outbound phone calls in US/Canada, 1 local phone number, up to 3 ring groups, custom call routing, call recording, visual voicemail, call forwarding, multi-level auto attendant
  • Video Meeting Features: On-demand/scheduled video meetings for up to 10 participants, 5-hour maximum duration, dial-in meeting access for US/Canada, unlimited meeting audio recordings, screen/file sharing, Miro whiteboard integration, meeting lock/waiting room, in-meeting chat, end-of-meeting reminder
  • Integrations: Google Workspace, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar
  • Ai Features: Real-time call transcription, voicemail transcription, live analytics/reporting
  • Messaging Features: Internal/external SMS and MMS, team chat, message threading, channels, file sharing, message/file search bar, audio chat rooms
  • Security And Support: 24/5 web-based and chat-based support, knowledge base, community forum, HIPAA/BAA COmpliance, Single Sign-On (SSO), Premium Support add-ons available

Pro Plan (From $25/user/month, 3-seat minimum, 10-office maximum): 

  • Additional Features: Quality of Service (QoS) Reports, additional local or international phone number, hold queues, up to 25 ring groups, international calling and SMS, 24/7 live support, phone support
  • Additional Integrations and APIs: Salesforce Sales and Salesforce Service Cloud, APIs and webhooks, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zapier, ServiceNow, HubSpot, Zendesk

Enterprise Plan (Quote-based pricing, 100-seat minimum, unlimited offices): 

  • Additional Features: Extensions, unlimited ring groups, SSO via Okta, Azure, OneLogin
  • Additional Security and Support: Priority Routing, Dedicated Account Manager, Dedicated Support Number, Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Dialpad Ai Meetings Pricing 

The free version of Ai Meetings is included in all Dialpad Business Communications plans. All Dialpad users can upgrade to the Business Ai Meetings plan from $15/user/month to access:

  • Up to 150 meeting participants (5-hour maximum meeting duration remains)
  • Unlimited video recordings, meeting countdown timer, custom hold music, meeting analytics, unique meeting links, meeting co-hosts
  • Live and post-meeting transcriptions, automated post-meeting summaries with custom action items
  • Unlimited call me/call out meeting access, custom dial-in numbers, international meeting dial-in numbers from $20/number/month


Dialpad Ai Sales Center Pricing

Available as a Business Communications add-on, the Dialpad Ai Sales Center provides agent coaching, customer feedback, and outbound dialer features in the following three plans:

  • Essentials Plan (From $60/user/month): Includes call/screen recording, call barge/call whisper/ silent call monitoring, Ai Moment analysis, Company Directory, call transcription, in-queue callback, coaching team
  • Advanced Plan (From $95/user/month): Adds Power Dialer with voicemail drop, Real-time Assist, live in-call coaching, Custom Moments
  • Premium Plan (From $150/user/month): Adds outbound IVR, ACD, Ai CSAT Scoring, Ai Scorecards


Google Voice Pricing 

Google Voice provides a business phone number, VoIP calling, and basic call management features on its 3 paid plans:

Starter Plan ($10/user/month, up to 10 users and 10 domestic locations): 

  • Unlimited VoIP calling between Google Voice numbers
  • Unlimited outbound calling to the US/Canada from a Google Voice number
  • Unlimited SMS in the United States
  • Unlimited outbound calling to most European countries (from within Europe)
  • Integrations with Google Fi, Google Meet, Google Calendar, etc.
  • Voicemail transcription, call forwarding
  • 24/7 support, SLA, usage/activity reporting
  • Android/iOS mobile applications, web application

Standard Plan ($20/user/month, unlimited users, unlimited regional/domestic locations):

  • SIP Link, desk phone/ATA support
  • Ring groups, multi-level auto attendant, on-demand call recording, eDiscovery for calls, voicemail, SMS

Premier Plan ($30/user/month, unlimited users, unlimited domestic, international, and regional locations)

  • Adds automatic call recording and advanced reporting by BigQuery


Google Workspace Pricing

Google Workspace is a team collaboration and internal communication platform that offers Google Voice as an add-on only. Workspace combines popular Google applications into a single platform and has 4 paid plans:

Business Starter Plan ($6/user/month, 1-year commitment): 

  • Gmail and Google Calendar:  Custom business email and calendar tool
  • Google Meet: Video and audio-only web conferencing for 100 participants, 24-hour meeting lengths, digital whiteboard, US/international dial-in access
  • Google Drive: 30 GB/user of cloud storage
  • Google Chat: Team chat messaging with message history, 1:1 external chats
  • Google Docs, Forms, Sheets, Sites, Keep, Slides: Collaborative content creation/editing with Smart Compose writing assistance, SmartFill, shared notes, website and form builders
  • AppSheet: No-code app building
  • Security: 2-step verification, access control, Advanced Protection Program, fundamental endpoint management

Business Standard Plan ($12/user/month, 1-year commitment)

  • Additional Google Meet Features: 150 participants, noise cancellation, polling, moderation controls, hand raising, breakout rooms
  • Additional Google Drive, Docs, etc. Features: Shared team drives, target audience sharing, custom branding for document and form templates
  • Additional Google Chat Features: Threaded rooms, guest access
  • Additional Security Features: Google Workspace Migrate tools

Business Plus Plan ($18/user/month, 1-year commitment)

  • Additional Features: 500 meeting participants, meeting attendance tracking, 5TB storage/user, advanced endpoint management, Google Vault, eDiscovery/retention for Gmail

Enterprise Plan (Quote-based Pricing) 

  • Additional Features: 1,000 meeting participants, meeting recording and in-domain livestream, 5TB/user and additional storage upon request, Enterprise endpoint management, data loss prevention, Premium Support, S/MIME encryption, Cloud Identity Premium


VoIP Calling Features

Feature Dialpad Google Voice
Phone Number Types Number porting plus local, toll-free, and international phone numbers Number porting (cannot port toll-free numbers), local phone numbers
Ring Groups Unlimited ring groups Up to 25 members/group
Call Forwarding Forward calls to internal/external phone numbers, IVR menus, ring groups, voicemail, forward to pre-recorded custom messages Forward calls to up to 6 linked phone numbers, voicemail, add custom call forwarding rules and custom voice messages, forward call to auto attendant
Call Routing Simultaneous ringing and business hour, longest idle, and fixed order routing, plus Dial by Name Directory Simultaneous ringing, round robin and fixed order routing, custom business hour routing
Call Recording On-demand, automatic, and pause-resume call recording, AI recording transcription, custom call recording rules On-demand and automatic call recording, no live or recorded call transcriptions
Call Handling Warm/direct call transfer, contact syncing, three-way calling, exec-assistant pairings, custom Caller ID, Do Not Disturb, call hold, call flip Do Not Disturb, call screening, custom Caller ID, call blocking, warm/cold call transfer, sync contacts, mute/unmute
Voicemail Visual Voicemail/voicemail transcription, voicemail-to-email (audio message/transcript), forward voicemail to messaging thread, voicemail storage Visual Voicemail/voicemail transcription, voicemail-to-email
IVR and Auto Attendant  Custom IVR workflows with multi-level IVR, customer self-service via DTMF tone input/speech recognition Multi-level DTMF-only auto attendant with ring groups, call transfer, and custom greetings via text-to-speech/uploaded audio
Advanced AI Features Real-time call transcription via automated speech recognition, automated post-call summary, action item suggestions, transcription search None

dialpad google voice calling

Google Voice provides local business phone numbers and VoIP calling features ideal for solopreneurs or small teams with up to 10 employees. It is not a complete phone system, but provides an alternative to your personal phone number. Google Voice offers only basic voice calling features like on-demand/automatic call recording, remote call forwarding, a virtual receptionist, visual voicemail, and ring groups. Google Voice calling is best for in-house teams with a low daily call volume that don’t need toll-free phone numbers, advanced customer self-service options, or call queuing.

Dialpad Ai Voice is a complete business phone system and call center software enhanced with Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, and advanced self-service capabilities to manage a high daily call volume and increase First Call Resolution rates (FCR). It offers multi-level IVR, unlimited ring groups, several call routing options, and real-time call transcriptions. Dialpad Ai Voice, a part of the Dialpad Business Communications product, is best for blended teams that need to automate the majority of voice calling interactions to avoid hiring additional agents. Dialpad users need AI-powered features like automatic post-call summaries with suggested action items to prevent workflow bottlenecks and eliminate communication silos between departments.


SMS Texting

Dialpad Google Voice
Messaging Limits - Free Dialpad user-Dialpad user SMS/MMS

- 250 free SMS/MMS messages per month

- Additional outbound messages are pay-per-message

Unlimited SMS in US/Canada via desktop/mobile
SMS Length 1500 character limit/text for texting non-Dialpad users, unlimited Dialpad-Dialpad texting 160 character limit/text
MMS 500KB file max., images/video files including PNG, TIFF, MOV, MNG, MPEG, JPG, AVI, emojis 2MB file max., JPG, PNG, GIF only
Group SMS - 10 participants for texting with non-Dialpad users,

- 25 participants Dialpad-Dialpad user texting

Up to 8 participants
Additional Texting Features Search SMS history, message favorite, messaging forwarding, shared line messaging, delivery receipt None

dialpad google voice sms

Google Voice provides unlimited SMS texting in the US and Canada, but offers limited MMS messaging, short character limits, and no additional messaging features.

Although Dialpad doesn’t offer unlimited texting, it has more robust MMS capabilities than Google Voice, provides group texting for up to 10 users, and includes a searchable SMS history,  delivery status updates, and shared line messaging.


Video Conferencing+Team Collaboration Comparison

Dialpad Meetings Ai Google Meet
Maximum Participant Limit 150 500
Maximum Meeting Duration 5 hours 24 hours
In-Meeting Chat, Screen Sharing, and File Sharing Desktop/mobile screen sharing, in-meeting file sharing, in-meeting chat In-meeting chat messages visible to all call participants, share full screen, window, or tab, share files in chat
Virtual Whiteboard Miro integration for in-meeting/persistent whiteboards for note-taking, file sharing, sticky notes, premade templates, and more Google Jamboard (will be discontinued in 2024)
Host Controls Meeting waiting room, meeting lock, mute, remove participants, disable/enable screen sharing/video streams Assign view-only roles, audio/video lock, add/remove participants,
Breakout Rooms No breakout rooms, virtual huddle rooms only Up to 100 breakout rooms/call
Meeting Co-Host Unlimited co-hosts Up to 25 co-hosts
Meeting Recording/Transcription Real-time closed captioning, post-meeting transcript, unlimited audio/video recordings Meeting recording with chat recording, live closed captioning, meeting transcriptions available
Advanced Video Meeting Features - Meeting countdown timer/end-of-meeting reminder

- Post-meeting summaries with suggested action items, keyword tracking, key moments, and participant sentiment analysis

- Live streaming with an 8-hour time limit for up to 100,000 viewers from your domain, closed captions, polls, Q&As

-Co-activities like co-watching YouTube videos, listening to music, or playing games

Team Chat Messaging Channels, emoji reactions, custom notifications, file sharing, user tagging, Available via Google Chat, access Spaces, user tagging, emoji reactions, file sharing, Smart Compose for suggested responses, read receipts
File Sharing+Storage In-meeting/in-chat file sharing, cloud storage Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Forms, and Google Slides

dialpad meet google meet

Google Voice offers video conferencing capabilities exclusive through Google Meet, available as part of the Google Workspace suite. Though its features are much more limited than Dialpad, Google Meet offers a higher participant cap of 500 and allows for 24-hour meeting durations. In terms of team collaboration tools, Google Workspace offers seamless file management and storage via Google Drive, Sheets, Forms, Slides, and Docs. Users can co-edit files in real-time, share files and update editing access, add comments/tag users, access file versions, and much more.

Dialpad Ai Meetings only has a 5-hour meeting duration and a maximum of 150 participants. However, Dialpad Meetings includes advanced AI features like automated post-call summaries, keyword tracking, meeting analytics, and unlimited meeting co-hosts. Though Dialpad's chat messaging app is more basic than expected for an AI-powered platform, it still offers user tagging, custom notifications, and file sharing.


Integrations and APIs

Google Voice Integrations Dialpad Integrations
Designed to integrate almost exclusively with Google Workspace tools Third-party integrations with popular CRM, productivity, and helpdesk tools, plus APIs


Google Voice is designed to integrate exclusively with other Google Workspace business applications like Google Meet and Google Drive. It offers no APIs and no third-party integrations. Though Google Workspace offers pre-made integrations with 200+ business communications tools including 3,000 apps within the Google Workspace Marketplace, these integrations have limited capabilities and may not integrate with all Google Workspace products. Popular Google Workspace integrations include Slack, Asana, Zoom, Webex, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Salesforce Connector, HubSpot, Miro, and LucidChart.

Dialpad offers much more robust integration capabilities, plus APIs with a thriving developer community. Dialpad users can integrate existing CRM tools like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Bullhorn, HubSpot, and Zoho CRM to access real-time call pops. In addition to the above CRM integrations, Dialpad productivity integrates with Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, Slack, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), and AutoReach. Additional Dialpad include popular applications like Zoom, Miro, Zendesk, Intercom, and Gong.


Security and Customer Support Overview

Dialpad Google Voice
Single sign-on (SSO) Included in all plans Available with Voice for Google Workspace add-on
Multi-Factor Authentication Not available, requires third-party integration Available, but user reviews complain some credit card companies/financial institutions won’t accept a Google Voice phone number
HIPAA Compliance  HIPAA+BAA Compliant HIPAA compliance only available with Voice for Google Workspace add-on
Uptime 100% SLA uptime for Enterprise Customers 99.9% uptime
Data Encryption TLS and AES 256-bit encryption Voice calls encrypted in transit and at rest
Customer Support Hours+Channels - 24/7 live phone, chat, and web portal customer support for Pro/Enterprise users

- Standard Plan users can access online knowledge base, community forum, and chatbot support

-Standard support for all Workspace users includes  24/7 support via email and phone for P1 cases and 4-hour SLO for P1 cases

- 24/5 live chat support for all Workspace users

- Online knowledge base and user forum publicly available

Premium Support Options Support add-ons include a dedicated account manager, dedicated support number, professional installation services, end user/admin training, technical account manager, and faster response times - Enhanced Support plan (available as add-on or in Workspace Enterprise Plans) provides a 1-hour response time for P1 cases, 24/7 multi-channel support for P1/P2 cases, and priority support

- Premium Support add-on offers a 15-minute P1 case response time, 24/7 support for P1-P3 cases, a technical account manager, user training, and more


Dialpad offers far better customer support options than Google Voice, including 24/7 live phone, chat, and web portal support alongside a robust online knowledge base and advanced premium support plans. Though 100% uptime is an SLA guarantee, it’s only for Enterprise customers–and pricing for paid priority support is unlisted.

Google Voice doesn’t offer much information about the level of customer support it provides, though user forums are active and occasionally receive input from a Google Voice professional. To get reliable support, Voice users are forced to upgrade to Google Workspace. Though 24/7 support is available, it’s only for “P1-P3” issues–with no information about what constitutes different priority levels.


Dialpad and Google Voice Alternatives

Below, we’ve outlined the best Google Voice and Dialpad alternatives from top unified communications and VoIP providers.

Provider Pricing Top Features Best For
Nextiva 3 plans from $18.95-$32.95+/user/month - Unlimited voice/video conference participants

- CRM screen pops

Small in-house teams needing an auto attendant to better manage inbound calls
RingCentral 3 plans from $20-$25/user/month - Task management

- Enhanced Business SMS

Remote/blended looking for an all-in-one UCaaS platform with advanced business voice calling functionality
Grasshopper 4 plans from $14/1 user/month to $80/unlimited users/month - Instant Response SMS for missed calls from new customers

- Custom greetings

- Teams seeking scalable pricing based on the number of users, extensions, and phone numbers

- Small teams of under 5 employees needing a basic business phone application

Zoom One - 1 free plan

- 4 paid plans from $149-$250+/year/user

- AI Companion

- Zoom Phone with compatible Zoom Room hardware

Current Zoom Meetings users ready to upgrade to a business phone system on a familiar platform