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Think about a time where you worked in a group where one person took the lead and called all of the shots instead of listening to the collective voice. Now think about a time when each team member was encouraged to voice concerns and provide feedback. Which was more effective? Likely, the latter.

In business and in life one person can only get so far. Real growth happens when you are surrounded by others that can push you, teach you, collaborate with you, and offer you business advice. Surrounding yourself with people that have different skills and ideas will only lead to innovation as long as you work as a team.

Successful teams can be horizontally or vertically structured. The structure isn’t as important as long as the leader acknowledges the importance of teamwork and promotes both individual and group growth.

To inspire you and your colleagues, we’ve put together a visual with some of the best business quotes from great leaders. These leaders come from various fields, from traditional business to sports to entertainment. Because, after all, teams can manifest themselves in many different ways.

Teamwork Quotes Infographic

So how can you foster a team environment and assure growth and development within your team? First, it’s extremely important to create and open and honest atmosphere. You want team members to feel comfortable sharing their ideas and asking questions instead of feeling intimidated to speak up.

Encourage constructive criticism, but don’t encourage negativity. If you or a team member don’t think someone’s idea will work, be sure to explain why instead of brushing it off. You also want to take time set individual and group micro-goals instead of just trying to achieve an end product. This will create a clearer roadmap for all those involved.

Remember, teamwork is about flexibility, collaboration, and innovation. In the words of Isaac Newton, you can truly see further “by standing on the shoulders of giants” (and helping others by letting them stand on your shoulders).