With customer needs and expectations looking much different than they did just a few years ago, customer-centric companies need to think differently to retain customers and build brand relationships.

Today’s customer needs are hybrid and distributed – They want to be able to contact customer service – no matter where they are, on any device, and on any communication channel of their choice. Engaging customers and driving experiences through connected touchpoints is no longer a 'nice to have' – it’s a ‘must have’ for contact center environments.

Nextiva announces the acquisition of Thrio to extend Nextiva’s platform and offer its customers new ways to keep their customers engaged and connected.

Nextiva has transformed itself into a unified customer experience platform in the past year. With this acquisition, Nextiva continues its mission to provide the best customer experience and collaboration platform focused on empowering forward-thinking companies and taking their customer experiences to the next level.


Thrio x Nextiva

Founded in 2017, Thrio is an award-winning contact center software company known for its expertise in AI-driven customer experience features. Thrio’s hybrid cloud CX platform has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan for their strength in innovation in 2023 and 2022.

Nextiva’s previous contact center solution, partnered with Five9, mainly focused on Voice as the primary touchpoint while extending an integrated CCaaS solution.


"We're excited about the possibilities this acquisition brings. It's a logical step and brings us to the forefront of CX solutions. Now Nextiva has a clear path to market success, with nothing in its way.

It is very rare to come across like-minded people who share the same passion and commitment to customer experience.

Thrio’s commitment to AI-driven customer experiences using cutting-edge technology will help accelerate Nextiva’s bold vision to help businesses create deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Relationships start with conversations. When customers feel great about their relationships, they keep coming back. Then something really really amazing happens. Those businesses grow, open new locations, and create new jobs. This is what both Nextiva and Thrio are passionate about." said Tomas Gorny, CEO at Nextiva.


What’s Next

Nextiva's acquisition of Thrio marks a strategic move towards enhancing the customer experience that transcends traditional communication boundaries.

Nextiva's transformation into a unified customer experience platform gains momentum with Thrio's expertise in AI-driven customer experiences.

The combination of Nextiva + Thrio sets the stage for a new era in CX solutions. As the two companies join forces, focusing on creating deeper, more meaningful relationships through cutting-edge technology is poised to redefine the customer experience landscape.