Jake Lizarraga

Jake Lizarraga

  • Contributing Writer

Jake Lizarraga is a content marketer who has spent the majority of his career breaking down complex topics into easily digestible articles while retaining high-level insights for advanced readers.

His work has been featured in top publications like Jotform, Userpilot, Chanty, SmallBizDaily, and B2C. Jake was also one of only two people to complete Userpilot’s rigorous three-month internship program of 2021.

In his five years in the industry, Jake has worked with dozens of large clients on a freelance basis and is known for his well-rounded, results-oriented marketing strategies. In his free time, Jake enjoys reading self-improvement books, training Muay Thai, and competing in chess tournaments.

Read some of Jake's latest articles below:

May 11, 2022

Dialpad vs Grasshopper: Comparing Features, Call Quality & Pricing

The size of your team, your current budget, required vs optional communication features, and more all influence your final office phone system buying decision. Dialpad and Grasshopper, while both well-respected business communication solutions, are very different in terms of capabilities, costs, and overall compatibility with existing hardware and software. This direct comparison of both...
April 22, 2022

Ooma vs RingCentral: Comparing Pricing, Features & Call Quality

Ooma and RingCentral are both popular VoIP software providers with features that enhance business communication while meeting the needs of today’s mobile workforce. Ooma got its start with residential VoIP plans, while RingCentral is one of the top business solutions. In 2013, Ooma launched its Office and Office Pro plans, marking its entry into the business VoIP space. Which solution...
April 21, 2022

Customer Self-Service: Benefits, Best Practices & Top Tools

The shift to remote work and the rise of cloud-based software have drastically increased the number of daily customer service tickets assigned to support representatives. A significant percentage of these tickets are repetitive questions that customer service agents have to answer over and over again. Today, we’ll show you how customer self-service could help alleviate such issues —...
April 20, 2022

UCaaS vs CCaaS: Differences, Similarities & When to Use

Software as a Service gives businesses access to advanced communication and collaboration features with the added benefits of scalability, ease of setup, and cost savings. However, understanding available Software as a Service, like UCaaS and CCaaS, can be a challenge if you’re unfamiliar with the terminology. How are Unified Communications and Contact Center software different? How are...
April 19, 2022

IVA vs IVR: What is the Difference & Which You Should Use?

IVA and IVR are automated virtual alternatives to human agents designed to enhance the customer experience and speed up the resolution process. Both tools offer 24/7 customer service, can manage simultaneous support tickets and other requests, and are much more cost-effective than hiring additional agents. Choosing between IVA vs IVR can be a tough challenge for businesses of any size, but...
March 23, 2022

Best Drift Alternatives and Competitors You Should Consider

Conversational marketing combines the impact of personalized interactions with the expediency of automation software. After all, connecting with your customers to create consecutive positive interactions is the best way to grow your audience. By using both AI-powered and two-way conversations between live agents and consumers, conversational marketing — a customer-centric, dialogue-driven...
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