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Brynne Ramella

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Brynne Ramella is a Chicago-based content creator who uses her writing to relate to her audience on a personal level. Her work has been featured on G2, College Greenlight, Screen Rant, CBR and The Playlist. She has more than five years writing blogs, long-form articles and social media copy for startups and publications across various industries. She has more than three years of experience writing about a wide variety of software products in particular. You guessed it — Brynne also spends her free time creating content. In addition to her writing, Brynne enjoys spending time at movie theaters and exploring Chicago’s impressive restaurant scene.

Read some of Brynne's latest articles below:

August 13, 2021

Top 7 Dialpad Talk Alternatives & Competitors in 2021

Dialpad supports its users with a modern and mobile cloud phone system. As a business VoIP provider, it offers phones that connect to the internet, instead of utilizing a PSTN landline connection. Switching to a business phone provider is a great choice for your business — the question is, which one is right for you?  Dialpad’s allows users to work from anywhere and make smarter calls...
July 1, 2021

The 75 Customer Service Statistics to Know in 2021 and Beyond

Customer service has always been an urgent priority for companies of all sizes, but in 2021 it’s more important—and more complex—than ever. Today’s consumers demand a fully individualized, wrap-around customer experience: from the research stage to purchase and beyond. Customer experience while shopping and customer support when things go wrong are both equally vital. Getting either one...
May 4, 2021

13 Best Free Video Calling Apps in 2021

COVID-19 has upended life in many ways. One of those is the fact many communications, business or personal, have been forced to become virtual for the time being. Video chat apps have been a lifesaver in that regard, as they allow for real-time connections between friends, coworkers, and family, even despite the unprecedented circumstances. But if you weren’t already set up for video...
April 14, 2021

Robocall Statistics: 40+ Important Stats to Know in 2021

Robocalls have long existed as an affordable way for businesses to reach customers. While they have some legitimate purposes, they have mainly evolved into something of a daily annoyance for most people. These automated calls now typically act as a way to scam unsuspecting consumers out of time and money. While robocalls have found ways to adapt to current times, there are ways to stop them. ...
April 6, 2021

What is Rich Communication Services (RCS)? Everything You Need to Know

CPaaS software is becoming increasingly popular because customers are looking for more ways to communicate with their favorite brands. When you order an Uber, the driver texts or calls you to confirm things like the address where they will pick you up. This is mostly done using something called an editable API. This kind of functionality is convenient, and many customers prefer the ease of a...
March 30, 2021

GoToConnect Plans, Pricing, and Features in 2021

How are you making your business communications more seamless? An increasing number of cloud-based hosted PBX phone services have expanded their calling functionality to embrace unified communications (UC). One example is LogMeIn’s GoToConnect, which is an offering that combines the features of Jive with GoToMeeting. With this system, you make calls using cloud technology while also being...
March 26, 2021

The State of Team Messaging Tools in 2021: 50 Stats

Team messaging applications have become a cornerstone of the modern-day office. They've allowed for quick and easy communication and collaboration among colleagues.  But once the COVID-19 pandemic forced the majority of the workforce to remote, they became employees' lifelines to their office. As most employees can no longer pop over to their colleagues' desk for questions anymore, team...
March 21, 2021

What is IPv6?

The internet has been around for nearly 40 years with new computers logging on every day. Those devices, which include mobile phones, need unique IP addresses taken from the domain name system (DNS) in order to differentiate them from other computers and to communicate with one another. But when the internet was created, it was built to only hold a certain amount of IP addresses. Enter IPv6. ...
March 18, 2021

What is Call Center IVR and How Does it Benefit your Small Business?

An interactive voice response phone system (IVR) can offer a myriad of benefits to any business. But to a small call center, this technology is invaluable. These tools allow you to take control of your call volume, which is a huge benefit when your small business may not have the bandwidth to take on all these inbound calls on its own. Thanks to these tools, you can operate on the level of a...
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