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Founded in 2014, Drift offers one of the leading conversational marketing and sales platforms. With drift, organizations can provide...
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Provider Overview

Founded in 2014, Drift offers one of the leading conversational marketing and sales platforms. With drift, organizations can provide a completely modern buying experience, generate more leads, and convert those leads into completed sales. Drift considers themselves the "world's first and only conversational marketing platform," expanding beyond a simple live chat solution.

The solution allows businesses to qualify their website visitors, enabling agents to focus on the truly meaningful conversations to provide support, and accelerate the overall sales cycle. Drift's platform includes unique features like Agent profiles, an Operator chat bot, and much more. Whether your business is focusing on sales or marketing efforts, Drift's platform will get the job done.


Drift Pricing and Services


Free - $0

  • 1 Seat included
  • 100 Active Contacts
  • Live Chat
  • Chat Fallback
  • 150 emails/mo sales sequence
  • Drift profile
  • Block IP
  • Slack integration
  • Vidyard integration
  • Conversation reporting
  • Help docs
  • Live chat support

Standard - $50/mo

  • All Free features, plus
  • 2 Seats included
  • Additional seats $25/mo per seat
  • 1,000 Active contacts
  • $10/mo for 1,000 more contacts
  • Saved replies
  • Marketing email
  • Calendar integration
  • Calendar drop
  • Custom greeting
  • Email playbooks
  • Live view
  • Data enrichment
  • Zapier integration
  • Knowledgebase integration

Pro - $500/mo

  • All Standard features, plus
  • 5 Seats included
  • Additional seats $50/mo per seat
  • Custom branding
  • Bots
  • Automated booking
  • Segment integration
  • Hubspot integration
  • Salesforce integration
  • Advanced revenue reporting
  • Onboarding + Training


Editor's Bottom Line of Drift


Drift offers a truly unique platform that expands your organization's capabilities way beyond simple live chat support. As an entire marketing or sales platform, Drift's focus on conversations and direct interactions between prospects or customers and agents or representative's enables your business shrink the overall sales process, and grow leads into closed deals. The personalized approach of a conversational based platform enables representatives to directly connect with leads and prospects, providing them with direct support for their issues, or answers for their inquiries.

What helps Drift's platform stand out is a number of unique features, one of which are the Drift profiles. Each agent, or representative, from your business is given their own Drift profile, which contains information including the rep's name, picture, location, current time, position, and a little biography. These profiles enable users to reach out directly to what is obviously a live person, not just a generic chatbot. Users can also interact with the same Agent through profiles to ensure they receive the same level of service.

Drift's Operator Bot can also step in, enabling users to provide context about their inquiry prior to speaking to a representative. LeadBot can also be used to qualify leads directly on your website, without users having to fill out any forms -- simply have a short conversation with the bot. But if you want to reach out to someone not on your website, Drift enables your organization to send targeted and automated emails, which can directly convert into a live conversation with a representative.

Overall, Drift's platform provides businesses with the tools to revolutionize the way they foster new leads, close new deals, and support existing customers. With Drift, representatives can speak to more customers in less time, and provide a new layer of personalized service. This lightning quick response time combined with personalized support enables organizations to boost their sales, shorten the sales cycle, and overall provide the best service possible.

  • Drift Messaging Dashboard
    Drift Messaging Dashboard
  • Drift Demo Bot Performance
    Drift Demo Bot Performance
  • Drift Automated Email Sequences
    Drift Automated Email Sequences
  • Drift Customized Dashboard
    Drift Customized Dashboard
  • Drift Account Dashboard
    Drift Account Dashboard

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