Digital-first as a concept - is not a new one. But over the years, it has taken on many meanings. It is seemingly a buzzword in many industries, but Slack seems to get the concept, releasing a slew of new features that push a digital-first initiative to the widely-used team collaboration app.

In a statement, Slack wrote: "We’ve reimagined how Slack can improve collaboration for anyone - no matter where or when they work." The concept of digital-first means - according to Slack, encouraging people to work when and where is best for them. Slack further noted:

"It does not mean just taking the old ways of working—rigid 9-to-5 workdays packed with countless meetings—and re-creating them online."

Let's dive into how Slack imagines the digital-first workforce on its platform. Here's what's new on Slack. Before COVID-19, it was "normal" to stop by a coworker's desk to brainstorm or chat. Today - not so much. Slack set out to rectify this by releasing a feature that aspires to help re-create those spontaneous moments wherever team members work.


Slack huddles, now available


Enter Slack Huddles, a fresh audio-first way to start live conversations. With a single click - users can now launch a huddle; in any channel or direct message (DM). Chats can accommodate individuals outside an organization, too. Lending more insight into the value of the feature, Slack wrote:

"Everyone in that channel can come in and out as they please as if to “walk by” your desk."


Slack Huddles Sharing Screen

In a more productive setting, Slack Huddles could be expressly valuable when considering times a group of 20 can meet for the next meeting. Even though there is no video element - Slack noted, users may share their screens in a huddle for more visual team collaboration.


Voice, video, and screen recordings: Rolling out to paid teams in the coming months


Slack also said that it wants its users to "embrace flexible alternatives to the endless stream of meetings." As such, Slack announced the release of a new way to "easily" create/share video, voice, and screen recordings with Slack.

"Instead of having daily 9 a.m. stand-ups, or scheduling a full meeting just to pitch a set of slides, imagine everyone being able to record their ideas and contribute to the conversation—on their own time."

Slack Video Message Recording

Slack users can share a recording in Slack, and anyone can watch it, and the company's enhanced this playback experience as well - an experience that transfers over to third-party videos. Users can speed up or slow down content, read through transcripts, or watch on the go from a mobile device.

Note that recordings made within Slack get archived with searchable transcriptions. Both "huddles" and recordings should extend live captioning, ensuring everyone stays in the loop, no matter what.


Scheduled send: Rolling out to all teams


Users can schedule recorded and text-based messages on the Slack platform when it is most convenient for them. "If you want to send a teammate a note, but know that they have signed off for the evening - draft a message in Slack and set it to publish in the morning when you know they are online," Slack wrote in a statement.

Slack Scheduled Send

Slack Atlas: Available to select business+ and enterprise grid plans


We all know the feeling, trying to remember the new person's name, title, role, and other elements of a coworker you hope to use to build rapport with. With its final feature this go-around - Slack said that it hopes to - better connect colleagues and help them navigate their organizations.

"To give you more context into who you work with - there is Slack Atlas, a new way to connect with colleagues and navigate your organization."

Slack Atlas Profile

The handy and dynamic feature handsomely upgrades company profiles with rich employee data. This could be anything from a company’s organizational structure to employee start dates and various other custom fields. The whole experience, according to Slack - seamlessly integrates with popular solutions like Workday, providing an up-to-date employee overview.

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