Multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) takes your inbound calling system to the next level. It’s an automated system that will make routing calls easier for your customers and your employees. In this article, we’re going to share everything you need to know about these systems and cover the following sections:


What is Multi-level IVR?

multi-level IVR

Source: RingCentral

Multi-level IVR is an automated phone system that acts as an auto-receptionist by offering self-help features. When someone from an external number calls, they are guided through a series of self-service prompts. The caller eventually finds the answer to their question or is routed to the representative that can best assist them.

This software is the next step up from single level IVR. Each performs the same functions but at different levels. When someone calls a single level IVR system, they are met with a series of prompts. For example, “Press ‘1’ to speak with sales, press ‘2’ for customer support, etc…” After a caller performs one of these actions, they’re routed to a representative, and that’s that. These tools enhance this offering by providing various levels of IVR menus.

These systems can let a caller select their language, dial a number to be routed to another team and run through sub-menus after that. This IVR is ideal for large companies with multiple products and services. As single-level IVR doesn’t get as granular as multi-level, it’s the perfect fit for small businesses looking to automate incoming calls.

Single-level IVR, however, shouldn’t be confused with an auto attendant. Both types of software are used to route incoming calls, but that is the limit of an auto attendant’s capabilities. These platforms are simply designed to route a caller to the correct mailbox and can play hold music while they search for the correct destination.

IVR is a more advanced tool than that. Not only do they route calls, but IVR can also handle simple yes/no prompts. They can also process and store a customer’s contact information. If you simply want to automate the routing of inbound calls, an auto attendant is the way for your business to go. IVR is better suited for businesses that offer the ability to complete self-service tasks over the phone.


What are the Benefits of Multi-Level IVR?

multi-level IVR

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With its advanced automation features, this software can offer a host of benefits to your business and customers alike. For one, implementing these tools will act as a huge timesaver for your team and its customers.

These platforms automatically route callers to the right department or voicemail inbox. So if someone calls hoping to speak to your sales team, they just have to press a series of buttons to get there. With these tools, human representatives will no longer have to perform the tedious task of fielding and transferring calls.

Quicker calls will lead to higher customer satisfaction. 33% of customers are most frustrated by having to wait on hold. With those holds typically come call transfers and customers having to repeat themselves to various agents. The more complex their issue, the more often they will probably have to do this. IVR omits those long wait times.

The IVR menus and sub-menus offered by these tools mean that customers can quickly find the answer to their question. Customers value quick and effective responses, so this will improve their satisfaction with your business.

Those quick resolutions often come from IVR’s self-service features. Say you have a customer looking to inquire about a balance on their account. These self-service features mean that a customer can be guided through a series of automated IVR menus and find the answer to their question on their own. Giving customers the ability to solve some problems on their own will save your business resources.

This software also offers geographic routing, which is a huge benefit to large companies with branches around the globe. If your company is headquartered in the United States and receives a call from a customer in India, your business hours will not align. But with the geographic routing offered by IVR, your system would be able to automatically route that customer to an agent in their time zone that can assist them.

This is possible because IVR is available 24/7. By implementing this software, you can offer your customers support at any time without having to hire an additional team. If a customer is experiencing an issue with your product, they can call whenever to attempt to solve that problem with the self-service offerings that this software provides. If they cannot solve the question on their own, they can leave a message for the next available representative.


Top Multi-Level IVR Providers

Here’s a list of VoIP providers that offer multi-level IVR within their platforms:


Provider Price Voicemail Automatic Speech Recognition ACD Text to Speech CRM Integration Reporting and Analytics
RingCentral Multi-level IVR in two RingCentral Office plans — Premium (starting at $34.99 per user/month) and Ultimate (starting at $49.99 per user/month). X
Talkdesk Pricing isn’t published, but they do state that base plans with artificial intelligence start at $65 per month. X X
Toky These features are included in each of its plans, which start at $20 per user per month. X X
Cloudtalk This feature is offered in three of Cloudtalk’s plans, with the least expensive beginning at which start at $20 per user per month. X
Five9 Five9 offers multi-level IVR as part of its Inbound and Blended Calling plans, both of which start at $100/month/user.
Genesys Each one of Genesys’ plans, which begin at $75/user/month offer speech-enabled IVR. Their second tier plan ($110/user/month) and third tier plan ($140/user/month) also include IVR systems for their inbound calling.
PlumVoice Requires a quote
NICEinContact Requires a quote


Conclusion: Enhance Your Customer Experience

This software is a simple way to revolutionize your business. If you have customers and employees around the globe, these tools are a great way to ensure your business is providing top-tier service. They’ll save you time, money and frankly make routing an influx of inbound calls so much easier than it was before. Take a look here for more information on top IVR systems.