Corey McCraw

Corey McCraw

  • Senior Tech Writer and Reporter

Corey McCraw is the Senior Tech Reporter at GetVoIP. He has a background in content creation, social media marketing, and web development and brings a content-based mindset to GetVoIP’s business model.

In the past, Corey has worked with numerous brands across a variety of verticals and has even penned content for the former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative. He understands what it takes to work in a truly collaborative environment and relishes the opportunity to create exciting new content.

Corey is a major believer in playing hard and working hard, and when he has free time, he loves to game and play guitar. In fact, Corey has three guitars (electric, hollow body electric, and acoustic) and a bass that’s on loan from his wife. Corey also speaks some Japanese and is a major fan of just about all forms of science fiction.

Corey can be reached via email at corey(dot)mccraw(at)getvoip(dot)com

Read some of Corey's latest articles below:

March 30, 2020

A Hands-On Review of BlueJeans Video Conferencing

In a world where video conferencing is essential to business continuity, simplified solutions like Skype and Hangouts are useful. Unfortunately, they are hardly business-ready unless you’re opting for Skype for Business or Hangouts Meet. Recently, we covered BlueJeans as a Cisco WebEx alternative, because it competes with the top names in the market thanks to features and pricing. During that...
March 16, 2020

RingCentral Leads Social Distancing Efforts in Response To COVID-19

With the work from home policies forced upon organizations and educational institutions by coronavirus, businesses and governments are moving fast to adapt. Social distancing, which is designed to limit the public’s exposure to the virus and cut down the infection rate, will reduce the spread of the virus but requires drastic measures. Business communication service providers...
March 16, 2020

Top 5 Twilio Alternatives for a Flexible Communications API

Twilio is a platform that has a fully editable application program interface (API) so that you add communications functionality like voice or SMS to an app. It’s designed to make adding channels to your customer outreach easy so that you communicate with your customers on their desired platform. Twilio rarely experiences outages and call quality is consistently high. Do they prefer outreach...
March 11, 2020

AMA: Ken McMahon Helps Us Understand Vonage Customer Support

Vonage is a communications provider that is one of the pioneers in the VoIP industry, and the company has been taking many steps over the years to improve customer experience. One of the ways that they keep their customers happy is by delivering a comprehensive support experience. This past week, we had the opportunity to sit down with Ken McMahon of Vonage to talk about Vonage support. Mr....
March 11, 2020

Top 5 Auto Dialer Software Tools for Call Centers in 2020

An increasing number of businesses are opening up their own contact centers rather than outsourcing. This is primarily due to the reduced cost of cloud-based software auto dialer solutions and their subscription model. The top auto dialer is going to streamline your outreach practices and will also ensure compliance with federal regulations on cold-calling. The days of manual dialing are over....
March 11, 2020

SD-WAN vs MPLS: Which Business Network is Best?

As your business scales upwards, your network administration has to grow with the demands of the company. For many, this means forming a wide area network (WAN) to better manage traffic and app utilization on the network. For years, MPLS systems that either use copper wire or fiber optics were the standard. These T1 and T3 WAN connections are very reliable, and they help make larger businesses...
March 02, 2020

What is Outbound IVR and How Does it Streamline Marketing?

Interactive voice response is a technology that allows callers to interact with an automated self-service system that will help them get to the right department in the business. IVR started as a simple system that would ask callers a series of questions and direct the customer to press a specific button for each response. Today’s IVR software uses voice recognition and artificial...
March 02, 2020

What is Predictive Behavioral Routing and How Does it Improve Customer Experience?

Anyone that’s been following VoIP or business will have noticed that artificial intelligence and machine learning are making major waves. For example, plenty of VoIP and contact center technologies use predictive analytics, and multiple providers are releasing their own AI assistants. This AI revolution has been coming for a long time, and while many might think that this technology will...
March 02, 2020

How to Encrypt HITECH and HIPAA Compliant Data [Guide]

If your company works in a field that utilizes patient data, there are compliance HIPAA security rules that you must follow. Two acts protect electronic health records. HIPAA, which was established during the Clinton administration, was designed to patients with a reliable digital system of healthcare, even when they were between jobs. HITECH, which was instituted during the Obama administration...
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