Corey McCraw

Corey McCraw

  • Senior Tech Writer and Reporter

Corey McCraw is the Senior Tech Reporter at GetVoIP. He has a background in content creation, social media marketing, and web development and brings a content-based mindset to GetVoIP’s business model.

In the past, Corey has worked with numerous brands across a variety of verticals and has even penned content for the former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative. He understands what it takes to work in a truly collaborative environment and relishes the opportunity to create exciting new content.

Corey is a major believer in playing hard and working hard, and when he has free time, he loves to game and play guitar. In fact, Corey has three guitars (electric, hollow body electric, and acoustic) and a bass that’s on loan from his wife. Corey also speaks some Japanese and is a major fan of just about all forms of science fiction.

Corey can be reached via email at corey(dot)mccraw(at)getvoip(dot)com

Read some of Corey's latest articles below:

August 18, 2021

The State of Unified Communications in 2021 [35 Statistics]

Versatility in your real-time communications system helps a business succeed.  While a series of smaller third-party solutions do the job, unified communications and collaboration (UCC) packages come with business VoIP service, and makes calling, voicemail, chatting, and conferencing more streamlined. With the right package, enterprise communications with customers and colleagues will...
June 2, 2021

Top 5 Auto Dialer Software Tools for Call Centers in 2021

An increasing number of businesses are opening up their own contact centers rather than outsourcing. This is primarily due to the reduced cost of cloud-based software auto dialer solutions and their subscription model. The top auto dialer is going to streamline your outreach practices and will also ensure compliance with federal regulations on cold-calling. The days of manual dialing are over....
March 1, 2021

What is Outbound IVR and How Does it Work?

Interactive voice response is a technology that allows callers to interact with an automated self-service system that will help them get to the right department in the business. IVR started as a simple system that would ask callers a series of questions and direct the customer to press a specific button for each response. Today’s IVR software uses voice recognition and artificial...
September 03, 2020

What is Call Blasting & 3 Mistakes to Avoid

How are you maximizing your outbound dialing? While call center technology, like predictive dialers, increase your chances of making contact, this type of technology can be costly. According to research done by Forrester, live agent communications cost $6 to $12 per interaction. When you automate processes, you reduce this price significantly. This is why many businesses opt to use technology...
September 01, 2020

What is SIP ALG and Why You Need to Disable It

SIP is one of the cornerstones of business VoIP; you need it to make calls since it creates and maintains connections to the other party. With it, you don’t need extensive hardware for outgoing and incoming calls; everything is done using simple computers, SIP endpoints (SIP and VoIP phones and associated communications devices), and the internet. SIP calling allows you to reach customers...
August 21, 2020

Vonage Contact Center for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enhances Customer Engagement

Vonage, which is known as a global leader in cloud communications, has announced that Vonage Contact Center offerings will be expanded to include seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. With this integration, businesses will have access to six call center software applications that are designed to assist in sales, customer service, finance, field service, project service automation, and ...
August 17, 2020

What is Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)?

Customers expect far more than they did a decade ago. Do they prefer to be contacted by text? How about social? Would they prefer a more self-service experience? Your goals are important, but they also need to align with customer expectations, and handling customer points of contact internally helps ensure a streamlined experience. For this reason, many businesses are opting to use CCaaS (contact ...
August 11, 2020

What is an Auto Attendant & How Does it Work?

We’ve all heard it before: “For English, press 1. Para español, oprima 2,” or “Press 1 for sales.” These are both examples of auto attendant, which are also sometimes referred to as digital receptionists or virtual attendants.  Auto attendants are valuable for companies because they serve as a type of call management that ensures that callers get to the right department quickly. In ...
August 05, 2020

What is a Communication API?

How are your customers reaching you? Gone are the days when customers solely reached out to brands via voice channels like traditional PSTN landlines. These days, customer EXPECT brands to be reachable by a variety of channels, and an increasing number of companies are using enterprise VoIP solutions that add communications to their mobile applications. Does this mean that the brand’s...
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