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With over 20 years experience in both telecommunications and call center software development, XenCall has produced one of the...
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Provider Overview

With over 20 years experience in both telecommunications and call center software development, XenCall has produced one of the most unique call center solutions available today. Combining both CRM and VoIP, with a predictive dialer, and the ability to even further integrate with other solutions, XenCall offers a complete and total package for call centers just trying to get off the ground, or transition to a more complete and total package, with all the tools under one roof.

In 2010, XenCall produced their own unique lead-stirubition technology, capable of returning a claimed 140% sales increase. Jumping off this success, the provider began developing the XenCall solution we know today, originally launched back in 2012. XenCall claims that call centers utilizing their "one-stop-shop" approach can increase sales by up to 300%. On the surface, XenCall seems to tick all the right boxes, and really does offer a complete solution for both VoIP and CRM, with a direct focus on call centers.


XenCALL Pricing and Services


  • Agent Extensions
  • Agent Voicemail
  • Agent Forwarding
  • API capabilities
  • Automated Tasks
  • Blended Inbound and Outbound
  • Call Recording
  • Caller ID Proximity Matching
  • CRM Built-in
  • Custom Agent Statuses
  • Custom Dispositions and Queues
  • Custom Profile Fields
  • Dynamic Scripts
  • Inbound Agent Intercept
  • Inbound Queue Strategy
  • Inbound Queues (unlimited)
  • Inbound Queue voice mail
  • Instant Messaging
  • Advanced IVR Configuration
  • Lead Targeting
  • Live Transfers
  • Built-In Firewall
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Third Party Lead Posting
  • VoIP and Web-phone Built-in
  • Agent Callback Calendar
  • Appointment Calendars
  • Custom Do Not Call List
  • Agent and Dial List Prioritization
  • Live Floor Monitoring
  • Conference Call
  • Dialer Speed Configuration


  • Google Maps
  • Google Docs
  • Dropbox
  • Authorize.Net
  • Moneris Solutions
  • Contact Center Compliance
  • Trulia
  • TrustedTPV
  • VoiceLog
  • Stripe
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Adobe EchoSign


Editor's Bottom Line of XenCALL


If you are looking for a one-stop-shop Call Center Solution, then XenCall should be high on your list. Combining both a complete package VoIP solution, with a built-in predictive dialer, and an entire CRM solution into one, XenCall makes it easy to empower your call center and agents with all the tools they need. With both solutions included under one roof, there are no integrations or APIs to worry about in order to link the systems together. Right out of the box, agents gain both powerful call controls and swell as all the great CRM functions they need, already built to work together.

XenCall even includes blended channels and offers both unrestricted outbound and inbound calling, making the solution appropriate for any sort of call center. With predictive dialing, call recording, and the ability to prioritize inbound queues the entire system is configurable to fit  your business' organization, just like any great call center solution. Ring groups are an option as well to separate agents into different departments or teams. But beyond that, XenCall also packs some really powerful features you wouldn't expect, like instant messaging, lead targeting, and dynamic scripts.

When it comes to CRM, XenCall might not be the absolute best of the best, but it certainly gets the job done. With customizable lead profiles agents can actually utilize the most relevant phone number to that specific case, offering a localized feel for all support. In conjunction with the predictive dialer, agents can also specifically target new leads with their own custom criteria, leveraging existing data. But beyond just lead information, XenCall also provides powerful analytics and reporting tools to managers to ensure the highest level of efficiency and productivity for  their agents.

While part of the beauty is the combination of VoIP and CRM together, removing the need for an API to integrate the two otherwise silo'd solutions, XenCall does in fact provide a unique API for customization if your team does require it. In fact, right off the bat, XenCall can integrate with a good number of existing solutions like Amazon Web Services, Google apps, and Dropbox. Overall, while the name might be unfamiliar, XenCall is a solid choice for the call center in need of a one-stop-shop for their cloud solutions.

  • Call Results
    Call Results
  • End Results
    End Results
  • Setting A Callback Date And Time
    Setting A Callback Date And Time
  • Dashboard - Calls
    Dashboard - Calls
  • Dashboard With Dial Pad
    Dashboard With Dial Pad
  • Setting Up
    Setting Up

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