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VoiceGuide has been offering stand alone IVR and Dialer software to businesses since 1996. Unlike other solutions in the...
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Provider Overview

VoiceGuide has been offering stand alone IVR and Dialer software to businesses since 1996. Unlike other solutions in the market that offer their own call center software platform, VoiceGuide instead focuses directly on delivering flexible, configurable IVR and outbound dialer software that integrates with existing business applications and both legacy and VoIP telephony services.

If your business is simply looking to add on an IVR function but does not want to adopt a new VoIP service, or call center software platform, then VoiceGuide offers a unique solution with a simple one-time licensing fee. VoiceGuide's easy to use solution works for both the smallest businesses, as well as large Enterprise organizations.


VoiceGuide Pricing and Services


Personal $59/line

  • 1 Line/Channel
  • Play/Record
  • Response Capture
  • Time-Based Switching
  • In-Callflow Expressions
  • Voicemail
  • Analog Lines Support

Professional $99/line

  • All Personal features, plus
  • 30 Max Lines/Channels
  • Fax Send/Receive
  • Voicemail Forward
  • Call Transfers
  • Database Integrations
  • Email Support
  • Outbound IVR Queing
  • Call External Programs
  • In-Callflow Javascript/VBScript/Etc.
  • Web Service Integrations
  • VoiP/SIP Support

Enterprise $199/line

  • Text to Speech Support
  • Automatic Speech Recognition Support
  • Biometrics Support
  • Recording of Bridged Calls
  • Whole Call Recording
  • Fax OCR & Routing
  • Subscripts
  • PBX Inbound Signaling
  • Editable Voicemail Scripts
  • Message Lamps ON/OFF
  • REST/Com/WC/Remoting/etc. Interfaces
  • Analog Lines Support
  • VoIP/SIP Support
  • ISDN on T1 and E1 Lines

Professional+Dialer $249/line

  • All Professional Features, plus
  • Outbound IVR
  • ACD Predictive Dialing
  • Voicemail Detection
  • Call Specific Caller ID
  • DNC List Support

Enterprise+Dialer $349/line

  • All Enterprise Features, plus
  • Outbound IVR
  • ACD Predictive Dialing
  • Voicemail Detection
  • Call Specific Caller ID
  • DNC List Support


Editor's Bottom Line of VoiceGuide


VoiceGuide is a bit of a unique solution in the IVR and Call Center Software market. By providing stand alone IVR and outbound Dialing solutions, VoiceGuide is able to seamlessly integrate with your organization's existing software and platforms. The benefit here is that your business can continue utilizing the software that agents and managers are familiar with. VoiceGuide simply lets your business built on top of the existing ecosystem with new functionality to handle and organize incoming phone calls.

VoiceGuide's IVR solution comes equipped with everything your business needs to handle incoming calls just like even the biggest Enterprise, with call queues, scripting options, and super simply drag-and-drop design functionality. With a drag-and-drop interface, VoiceGuide makes it super simple to create and customize your own IVR call-flow. Simply drag and drop different elements onto a visual flow chart to customize the entire customer journey from the second the call your business, to the second they are connected directly to an agent.

With a one-time purchase, your business doesn't have to pay the reoccurring costs normally associated with IVR solutions that come in conjunction with a call center platform. The major benefit is that your business gains access to these powerful IVR tools, without having to introduce another monthly subscription, keeping billing as simple as possible. This also makes the solution affordable for any business of any size, even the smallest SMB and start up businesses.  If your business is looking to boost their outbound calling campaigns, then VoiceGuide's Outbound Dialing solution will enable your business to place even more calls within the same amount of time.

This predictive dialer comes with call specific caller ID, voicemail detection, and even DNC list support to ensure calls always connect, while still maintaining legal compliance. Overall, VoiceGuide offers some compelling software solutions that will work in conjunction with whatever existing system your business is utilizing. Combined with a one time licensing fee, VoiceGuide stands as a strong option for any size business that requires IVR functionality, but wants to keep costs as low, and the process as simple as possible.

  • Performance
  • Dashboard
  • Task Manager
    Task Manager

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