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ViaTalk, a division of HostRocket.com, provides both residential and enterprise Voice Over IP. ViaTalk is located in Clifton Park,...
Clifton Park, NY
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Knut R.'s review for ViaTalk

I have been a customer for around 15 years. This is the best phone service I've ever had. I'm especially pleased with their customer service which is easy to reach and always solves any issue quickly. Their plans are flexible and their website lets you easily make changes to your account as well as listen to messages, block unwanted numbers, and a few other useful features.

Pros: Great customer service and a great product.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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I have been a customer for over 10 yrs. Everyone connected to Viatalk has been wonderful to deal with. There is a 'glitch' once in a while, normally just rebooting the device works it out...otherwise a call to someone at Viatalk...and it is done in no time. The price is certainly right too...

I like the two lines coming in.

Pros: Great Service.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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I have been a customer for over 10 years. For the past 6 months, I answer the phone and it is blank, nothing. I hang up and call the other person back and they say they can hear me, but I couldn't hear them. Then, when talking to them, there is an echo and about a 1 second delay. Via Talk Support Manager, Tanya Runyon, tells me 1 second is normal. My telecom friends tell me that is enough time to travel around the globe and is not at all acceptable. I have been submitting tickets for over 6 months. They give me a list of tasks to complete. Thus far, we have put the router in DMZ, I have replaced cables, purchased a new phone, run internet speed test etc.. etc.. and then they clear the ticket without resolving the matter. I resubmit and they want to see all the same stuff. The only thing they haven't done is replace the telephone adapter (TA).. I have requested they do so multiple times, but NO offer to send a new one. The one I have is over 6 years old.... maybe, just maybe it is outdated. You would think that would be taken into consideration. When I requested some credit now that everyone calls me on my cell phone, they offered $10.... Are you kidding me? I have spent over 40 hours messing around with their requests... STAY AWAY.... They are simply milking a dead business using outdated equipment.

Would Recommend: No
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Michael D.'s review for ViaTalk

I have used ViaTalk for more than 5 years. There have always been hiccups, but support always resolved them quickly. Starting about a year ago the quality of the calls detonated so much that people could seldom understand what I was saying. ViaTalk tried adjusting the settings but did not fix the problem. A new adapter was sent and that appeared to fix the problem for a couple of months but once again no one can understand what I am saying because the service breaks up so much.

Pros: Great features, easy setup, prompt support.
Cons: quality of calls.
Would Recommend: No
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Over $300 a year! And it was less than 10 minutes to set up!

Pros: Features & pricing.
Cons: Compatibility issues with some devices.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Setup was quick and easy. PAP2 Adapter shipped quite fast. Sales rep could have been more helpful with the kind of services offered and not have to look up what is asked. Sound Quality is great since my internet is fast. I've been with this service for about 5 months and when I first signed up I decided to first start with the month-to-month plan and it was great and I'm satisfied with all its offerings. Features are pretty basic, caller ID, voicemail, call waiting etc. The price is great and cheap compared to AT&T's landline phones.

Would Recommend: No
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I had Verizon for my home phone for years, and switched to ViaTalk almost 9 months ago. ViaTalk is way cheaper than Verizon and offers free long distance within the US, unlike Verizon. I recommend this ViaTalk to those on a tight budget, otherwise explore alternatives. My total bill is less than $15.75 per month. Needed some assistance setting up.

Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

ViaTalk, a division of HostRocket.com, provides both residential and enterprise Voice Over IP. ViaTalk is located in Clifton Park, New York, in an an area of the country known as New York's Tech Valley.” President/CEO Brendan Brader and VP/CTO John Reyes have made their company one of the most financially stable VoIP providers by investing in their own staff, hiring the best and brightest they can find in a region known for the quality of its educational and research institutions.


ViaTalk Pricing and Services


Most Popular Plan: VT Unlimited
ViaTalk’s VT Unlimited plan is a residential plan that offers two unlimited phone lines for the price of one, free international calling, and a host of VoIP features and services. In choosing this route, the two line configuration works as two separate extensions on all active ViaTalk devices. This allots for users to receive calls on two separate lines simultaneously, or have multiple conversations at the same time.
Additionally, the free international calling allots users 60 minutes of landline and cell phone calls to a number over 60 countries including China, Mexico, UK, and India.  If the provisioned time is not enough, users can upgrade their existing plan to the ViaTalk World plan.

Aside from International calling and dual lines, the VT Unlimited plan offers features such as: Enhanced Voicemail, Voicemail Notification via Email and/or SMS Text, Outgoing Call Routing, Private Caller ID, Custom Incoming Caller,  Free 411 Directory Service, Distinctive Ring,
BYOD Service, Internet Forwarding, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Record, On-the-Go Operator Services, Call Return (*69)

- Note: Equipment is included in this plan; however, in the BYOD (bring your own device) option, customers option to use their own hardware for additional savings such as free shipping, priority setup, and activation.

In addition to the above features, VT Unlimited offers additional features such as Virtual Phone Number, Fax Service, ViaTalk World, Toll Free Service, Business Class Support, and Parked Number Forwarding. As these options are add-ons, they are each subject to additional pricing. Aside from feature though, ViaTalk offer 24/7 support and cutting edge network to ensure the greatest level of quality. ViaTalk services can also be used from a mobile device through the iPhone app.

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