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As the leader in Cloud Communications Twilio powers over 28 billion calls and messages a year. Companies like Uber,...
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We have Twilio integrated with Salesloft and are BEYOND frustrated with their support in having international numbers allocated to us. For US only service, they may be ok but for international corporations, this solution is less than adequate. While they are bound by carrier rules, their timeliness and support is terrible. We will look to see if we can get another solution for our International dialing needs. It has taken more than 9 months and we still do not have a phone number for Japan. I am opt'ing to go post this as this needs to be fixed and I want others to be aware before they sign!

Pros: None.
Cons: Support for International Numbers.
Would Recommend: No
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The Twilio platform is a fantastic gateway for communications of all types. Their levels of APIs is insane!

Would Recommend: Yes
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This is the best tool to be in touch with your customers via SMS marketing.

I usually use this tool to send SMS notifications to my clients.

-via Capterra

Would Recommend: Yes
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What I like most about Twilio is that it allows me to initiate a chat bot from an SMS message.

This is particularly handy in recruiting applications where I want people to be able to text "jobs" to a certain number and immediately engage with a chat bot to gather information.

I can have the bot collect contact information and then redirect the applicant to a webpage where he or she can complete an application.

I call also collect the contact information and then notify someone in HR to call the applicant right away.

This kind of fast response dramatically increases my clients' hire rates.

What I like least about this feature is that its a little awkward to use.

If you don't have knowledge about Authorization Tokens and back-end website stuff, this may take a little learning.

Also, I appreciate their dedication to security, but forcing me to use a 14-character password is a hassle.

Twilio allows me to initiate chat bots from SMS messages.

-via Capterra

Would Recommend: Yes
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Twilio provides lots of APIs to integrate communication systems in own product like sms, voice call, video calls, etc .

Some of the features are only available for US based numbers, even though twilio provides own number to subscribe to, which is expensive.

Integrating communication systems is easier than ever

-via Capterra

Would Recommend: Yes
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Twilio is an industry leading solution for sending automated SMS, voice calls, and more.

The UX is fantastic, the support docs are super clear (Say my developers) and the price is reasonable.

I haven't run into any shortcomings with Twilio yet. Perhaps the prices for a custom short code phone number could be more affordable?

We use it to send SMS and automated voice calls to our clients and members.

-via Capterra

Would Recommend: Yes
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Easy to adapt to specific requirements and custom builds.

They are helpful in the requirements we need to advance our operations and commands.

Wish they had more pricing options so that we can provide our clients with more cost effective options.

We have been able to create our own programs and software to suit our company and clients.

-via Capterra

Would Recommend: Yes
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The API is easy to learn and use. Even as a beginner in Python a few years ago, I was able to make an app that incorporated texting and calling.

They seem to always be coming out with new features, which are fun to experiment with.

-via Capterra

Would Recommend: Yes
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Any developer in the programmable SMS space has probably used Twilio.

Their API is solid and their dashboard is dead simple to use.

The cherry on top is a massively generous non-profit grant that allows churches/non-profits to use their product totally free.

I've been using Twilio for years and have yet to have an issue. So far the only limitations have been my programming abilities.

-via Capterra

Would Recommend: Yes
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Bruce H.'s review for Twilio

In our business, we average making 2-3 million outbound phone calls per day. We've used Twilio as one of our major providers for the past 2 years and their service and support is phenomenal. We recently migrated our application from a traditional data center to AWS and the transition went perfect. Twilio has been a great company to work with.

Pros: Easily configurable, great scalability , good support.
Cons: none.
Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

As the leader in Cloud Communications Twilio powers over 28 billion calls and messages a year. Companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Twitter use Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking to avoid the complex capacity planning and contract negotiations that come with global carrier relationships.  

By connecting to Tier 1 carriers around the globe, Twilio can offer a high quality service with access to local phone numbers in over 70 countries. This way you only have to work with one provider for any VoIP or UC deployment. Twilio also gives you access to a wide range of other channels like SMS, chat, and video.

Twilio SIP Trunks are also unique in that they can be delivered over the public internet or through a range of private connectivity options including MPLS and colocation cross-connect.


Twilio Pricing and Services 


While Twilio's services reach into a variety of markets, industries solutions and use-cases, the main services offered are broken down as follows:

  • SIP Trunking - Twilio’s Elastic SIP Trunking is pay-as-you-go, where channel capacity automatically adjusts to your needs. Here is how it’s priced:
    • Termination: $0.007/min for outbound calls
    • Origination (Local Numbers): $1.00/mo per number. $0.0045 per min to receive calls.
    • Origination (Toll Free Numbers): $2.00/mo per number. $0.00180/min to receive calls.
    • Emergency Calling: $1.00/mo per number for E-911 Enabled numbers
    • Call Recording: $0.0025/min, $0.0005/min per month for storage
    • SRTP/TLS Encrypted Trunking: $0.001/min
  • Voice and Video
    • Local Connectivity: $1.00mo for numbers, $0.0085 per minute to receive, $0.013 per minute to place call
    • Toll-Free Numbers: $2.00mo for numbers, $0.022 per minute to receive, $0.013 per minute to place call
    • SIP Interface: $0.0040 per minute to receive, $0.0040 to place call
    • Programmable Call Recording: $0.0025 per min for recording, $0.0005 per min/mo for Storage, $0.05/min for transcription
    • Conference: $0.0018 per participant/min, $0.0025 per recording/min
    • Answering Machine Detection: $0.0075 per call
    • Programmable Voice Insights: $0.0040/min
  • Messaging
    • Local Connectivity: $1.00mo for numbers, $0.0075 to receive txt, $0.0075 to send txt ($0.01 receive pic, $0.02 to send)
    • High-Volume SMS: $3kmo for numbers, $0.005 to receive short code txt, $0.01 to send ($0.01 receive pic, $0.02 send pic)
    • Toll-Free Phone Numbers: $2.00/mo, $0.0075 to receive, $0.0075 to send
    • Media Storage: First 5GB Free, $0.20 per GB over 5


Editor's Bottom Line of Twilio


Since their founding back in 2007, Twilio has always been a leader in their unique space. After going public in 2016, the provider continues to innovate and grow, more recently introducing their SIP Trunking offerings. Starting from a small group of three, Twilio has grown to a large developer community of over 1 million, not including Twilio employees. Twilio's mission is one of innovation, and is driven by the passion of building products that help empower users.

While Twilio is now known for their powerful SMS API platform, the provider's origins stem from Twilio Voice. This original API allowed users to place and receive phone calls hosted completely in the cloud. But just a few years later in February of 2010, the provider released their text messaging API. Without any slowing down, just a year later in July of 2011, Twilio went ahead and released SMS short codes in a public beta. Since 2009, Twilio had raised about $103 million in venture capital growth funding, but had went public in 2016 with a very successful launch.

Without even realizing it, many of us have already experienced Twilio's services. The popular group chat app, GroupMe,  was founded in May 2010 specifically using Twilio's text messaging services. Other incredibly popular solutions that rely on Twilio's API platform include Netflix, AirBNB, Twitter, Salesforce, Twitch and both Uber and Lyft.

Uber provides one of the most obvious examples for how Twilio services can be utilized - when booking a trip on Uber, users will receive text messages to confirm their ride, and status updates on their driver's location. These text messages are only made possible through Twilio. Drivers are also able to directly contact riders through the Uber app, and even call passengers without ever knowing their phone number - this is all thanks to Twilio's APIs.

While a number of alternatives and competitors have popped up, Twilio remains the leading services in their some-what unique market, and continues to innovate with new offerings. Most recently, Twilio has introduced Elastic SIP Trunking.

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