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Talkatone uses Facebook and Google Voice to enable unlimited free calls, texts, and picture sharing over WiFi or 3G...
Silicon Valley, California
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I signed up with Talkatone/Ooma . Their basic service is free and then charge for add-ons. Talk quality was ok at best. I had an assigned VoIP number.
Had a major problem having to re-install app on phone. Received no response from customer service...they have no phone contact available..only email, which they ignore. i now have to find another service and notify everyone of my new number. Major headache.

Pros: Intial costs free.
Cons: No customer service.
Would Recommend: No
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I subscribed to their service, I paid them money. I posted my assigned phone number on many accounts and for advertising. And without warning they cancelled my number costing me many hours to find another company and go back and change all the phone numbers on all the accounts.
Never Trust or give TalkATone one penny.

Pros: None.
Cons: Untrust worthy, will screw you in a heart beat.
Would Recommend: No
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This s a great app!! i use this as a backup but thinking about dropping my carrier and their monthly bill.

Pros: i can call anyone locally for free. .
Cons: none.
Would Recommend: Yes
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This app is a life saver! Im younger and i dont want to have to pay monthly just to text and call my friends and family. I have saved up to 168. 40 credits just by using talktone! This is the only thing i request, is to let talktone users send pics to anybody, not just talktone users.
Would Recommend: Yes
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This is a life saver for me, and I'm sure for others. It's an amazing way to stay connected to the people who are closest to me...a godsend

Would Recommend: Yes
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Overall my experience has been a great one and I do have a premium service (I want them to succeed so buying a premium is my part in helping even if it's not much). I have very few problems with this app. Again if it only had push notifications I would be pleased with everything! Now if google adds mms support then talkatone will be an all out mobile!

Pros: Talkatone is one of the best voips ever! A big pro is their free calling using their servers!.
Cons: No push notifactions so if someone calls me and Talkatone isnt in the background I automatically miss that call.
Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Talkatone uses Facebook and Google Voice to enable unlimited free calls, texts, and picture sharing over WiFi or 3G. Founded in March 2011 by Danis Dayanov, Talkatone is just getting started.

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