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Phonebooth is a business phone provider that offers VoIP services through their company owned network. Phonebooth is a division...
Cary, NC
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Jason P.'s review for Phonebooth

I run IT for my company so I walked into our office using this service for our Corporate office. Its a big undeetaking in switching out a phone system so I figured it wasnt a top priority at that time. Over the last year and a half I have had to call their support a few times and each time it has been extremely painful. The issue they have is, there is only 2 support technicians, think about that. Im not sure how many customers they have but lets say they have even on a low side, 200 customers. That means 2 people are supporting 200 customers. Its just very hard to be successful with that. I would call in during business hours with an issue, they would then log it and set to call me back, the problem is. they would call me back at 7 or 8 pm, when Im not at the office, then I would come in the next morning and call them back, they were both again on the phone and call me back at night. As an IT director, I would never recommend this service and will be replacing this ASAP with either Vonage or 8x8

Would Recommend: No
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I am out of the country and after years of using this service, I got 0 help in resolving my problem of not being able to log in to my system.

one of the worst support I have had the misfortune of using in the past 5 years.

Looking for an alternative service....


Would Recommend: No
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Rick D.'s review for Phonebooth

I am having a billing issue. They are overcharging me every month (more than double what it should be) and I am unable to talk to anyone in Billing to fix the issue. When I call they always claim Billing is busy with other customers. I have called 5 times now, still no resolution and still have not yet spoken with anyone in Billing.

It is all BS. I hate them.

Pros: Product Works.
Cons: Support sucks.
Would Recommend: No
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Thomas K.'s review for Phonebooth

Support is terrible. Change in platform caused persistent problems with vm and password recognition. If you want your customers to hear static when they are leaving voice mails this is the vendor for you. The initial support rep takes notes and then send you to "tier 2 support" oblivion. Three calls led to 45- 60 minute waits. I hung up. Now I cancel my account.

Would Recommend: No
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Migration recently has caused both our offices to have phone issues and they dont seem to have a resolution. I have been happy with them prior to the migration but the migration has been poorly managed and causing all kinds of issues. I hope they can fix it quick or else I will have to look elsewhere.

Would Recommend: No
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Jason G.'s review for Phonebooth

If your accountant told you that you need a loss on the books to offset your tax liability, then get PhoneBooth.com so that they can ruin your business and drive it into bankruptcy... The service has been down for a week. This is not my first problem to go through with them. They are extremely unprofessional and do not exhibit the skills necessary to run their operation. Their support team is the absolute worst I've ever dealt with. I'd rather deal with a cell phone or cable provider's support than these people. I assume they can't keep good people because things are run so very poorly. Run, don't walk... Unless, like I said, you need someone to bankrupt your business.

Pros: None.
Cons: Outages that last for weeks. Horrible support.
Would Recommend: No
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Renata M.'s review for Phonebooth

If you enjoy holding for 30 mins plus just to get someone from support on the phone (who won't be able to solve your issue), go with these guys. Otherwise, I'd recommend other options. They did a system upgrade that left half of our office with various issues that phonebooth has no idea how to solve. Frustrating given that we rely on phones to do our jobs....

Would Recommend: No
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They switched platforms and all of office phones went to crap. Waited on hold yesterday for a cumulative of 3 hours and today for an hour. They were not able to fix the solution. There are apparently different "tiers" of IT support. IF you get someone on the phone, DO NOT let them go until your problem is fixed! They are more concerned about taking notes in your account than actually fixing the problem. Hopefully, once all this is fixed, the system has less issues than we have been dealing with. You get what you pay for.

Pros: Cheap.
Cons: Cheap.
Would Recommend: No
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I don't even know where to start. From the beginning this company has been a nightmare to work with. When we moved we switched to Phonebooth. We had to configure a lot of things on our own which was fine. Unfortunately, I hit a road block where I needed them to actually transfer the line on their end to hook up the service. It took so long for them to figure it out. I think our business line was down for about a week.

Fast forward to today! I received an email this morning that read:

We're excited to get you started with your phone system and you're just a step away from completing setup of your account. Here's your account information:

What???!!! I've had my business number with them for almost a year. I called technical support and they said a lot of businesses don't have their phone line hooked up because they are transferring to a new service. Why was I not notified about this transfer??? Instead I received an email after the fact with info on how to hook up my number.

TERRIBLE COMPANY!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THE!!! Unless you're going for cheap. Then by all means sign up with them, but I'm warning you - you get what you pay for!

Currently looking for other alternatives. If you know of any let me know!

Pros: Cheap.
Cons: You get what you pay for!.
Would Recommend: No
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Horrible. I have been a customer for 4 years and am searching for alternatives. The service has never changed the whole time. Still no text messages, and voice-mail stores around 20 messages.

The have "cancelled" my account after 3 weeks of a late payment on less than $80 with threat to release my numbers and a ridiculous fee to "reactivate". If the service were better, it might get paid on time. And for a company that works with small business, you would think they would be more lenient with a late payment.

Search more, I cannot recommend this to any small company.

Pros: None.
Cons: No text messages.
Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

Phonebooth is a business phone provider that offers VoIP services through their company owned network. Phonebooth is a division of Bandwidth, Inc. They are one of the largest telecommunications providers in the world. Bandwidth.com was started in 1991 in Utah, and by 2009 they had built their own IP Voice network, FlexNetwork. Phonebooth serves many of the biggest household names on the internet, including Living Social, Pinger, Swype, Pandora, and BrooksBell. Phonebooth advertises a big business phone experience for a small business price. Phonebooth offers unlimited calls, auto attendants, intelligent call routing, group conferencing, voicemail transcription, and a GUI.


Phonebooth Pricing and Services


Most Popular Plan: Phonebooth OnDemand
Phonebooth’s OnDemand plan features a long list of features including: Unlimited local & long distance (for only $20.00 per user): Everything is included. There are no upgrade charges or add-ons. Instead, its one price for unlimited inbound and outbound calling in the continental
U.S. with built-in business calling features such as:
- Read Voicemails Wherever, Whenever: voice messages can be transcribed through voice-to-text transcription.
- Auto-Attendant: Virtual receptionists convey professionalism to all callers and also help you to work more efficiently. The auto-attendants come with customizable menu system that allows for greater individualization.
- HD Voice Quality: with a wired connection (cable or DSL) Phonebooth OnDemand calls will be crystal clear.
- Call Routing: “Find-Me,Follow-Me” ensures that users receive calls wherever need be by routing accordingly.
- Web 2.0 interface: A simple, easy to use web-based user control panel interface.
- Nationwide All-IP Network: all calls run through the all IP-CLEC Phonebooth owned network.
- 24/7 customer support: There are a number of support options readily available to each user.
- Reliability: Phonebooth is hosted in geographically dispersed data centers to ensure superior reliability.

While these features all are included with OnDemand, Phonebooth also allots for:
- 2 free phone numbers with the option to add additional numbers for $1 more per month
- Unlimited Auto-attendants
- Unlimited Groups (sales, support, etc.)
- Unlimited Voicemail Transcriptions

Pricing: The cost of OnDemand is charged a monthly at $20.00 per user with no options for upgrades or add-ons (aside from $1.00
more additional lines). Instead the provider supplies an inclusive service fit with unlimited local and long distance and impressive “Fortune 500” business phone features. While there are no contracts, or start up fees, there is very little risk is selecting this plan option. Also, with no contracts, there are no penalties or cancelation fees.

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