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Net2Phone is a wholly-owned subsidiary of IDT corporation. Its headquarters are in Newark, NJ. Net2Phone offers VoIP services to...
Newark, NJ
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Don S.'s review for net2phone

Superior Quality and Support, the best VOIP service we've ever used!
Tia Smith and the entire Net2Phone team have been outstanding. I can't speak highly enough regarding how much Tia Smith (Director of Customer Success) cares, and that's hard to find in customer relations. We've had other providers and never had the direct support you get with Tia and the Net2Phone team. Words can't express how grateful we are to have a company providing VOIP service for us that truly cares about our business. I can tell you that there are other providers out there, but they don't care about their customers, and the billing is never correct. We tried one of the more prominent companies and quickly went back to Net2Phone. If you have a problem, it is always essential to have a quick response, and Net2Phone delivers!

Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Net2Phone is a wholly-owned subsidiary of IDT corporation. Its headquarters are in Newark, NJ. Net2Phone offers VoIP services to over 160 countries. As the largest distributor-based VoIP provider in the world, Net2Phone routes millions of minutes every day. They have offered SIP trunking since 2011, when they partnered with open source software provider Elastix.


Net2Phone Pricing and Services


Services & Products Offered
- 877 Toll Free Number: $5
- Local US Number: $5 (First DID number is free on voice and SIP trunking accounts)
- No limit on phone numbers.
- Phone numbers available from 40 countries.
- International DIDs.
- Outbound US rates: $0.009/min, either toll free or toll.
- International rates vary by country. Examples: Canada: 0.008; Hong Kong: $0.013; Japan: 0.025, 0.085 mobile; Spain: $0.01, 0.51 mobile.

Prices start at
$5 for US DID number, Outbound US rates: $0.009/min, either toll free or toll.

Compatible With:
Asterisk, Avayan Cisco, Elastix, Mitel, Panasonic, Nortel, Northern Telecom, Siemens, Xorcom

Provider Exclusives & Extras
- Global Calling Card access from Australia, Brazil, Germany, Malaysia, Poland, US, and Canada.]
- Pay-As-You-Go pricing
- No charge per channel

Customer Support
Phone, chat, and email


Editor's Bottom Line of Net2Phone

Net2Phone has an impressive customer base, and are one of the best SIP trunking providers available today. But, their customer service could be a bit better.

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