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Maximizer CRM is produced by Maximizer Software Inc., which was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1987. Maximizer traditionally made...
Vancouver, BC
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Been using maximizer since 1997 as a contact manager. Now its a bit different with the per user price but that's where the industry is at now. For those whining about not being able to buy it as a standalone , what decade are you living in? I've looked at salesforce and sugar crm.. guess what, they are also cloud 'rental' based. I run a modest business just shy of 10 users and for what maximizer provides me with I get more than an adequate return. I dont understand how anyone can run a business without the expectation that there are expenses associated for the GOOD of the business.

Pros: simple pricing and cloud based.
Cons: would be nice to have offline.
Would Recommend: Yes
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SAM M.'s review for Maximizer

The online version is very different from the old desktop versions. (Read not as good) The program is quite expensive as every user which is defined as a sales person, manager or administrative support person requires a separate full price annually renewing license, currently just over $800/person. Although online it seems like Maximizer is a monthly subscription, don't be fooled. You have to pay annually and up front so if you decide to change your mind.… it is an expensive mistake.

Your data upload will cost you, your field customization will cost you, the manual is incomplete with limited usefulness if you are a person who wants to understand and design the database yourself. Maximizer is sold through other companies (resellers) and these people have a built in conflict of interest with their customers. (If they teach you how to customize the database, they lose revenue, kind of like being between a rock and a hard place!) Maximizer doesn't deal directly with the public so redirects you back to them. They charge huge fees ie) $200/hour for things I was doing myself with the desktop version. I have spent well into the five figures with this company over the past 2 years since implementing. We are too far into the implementation to dump it now, so we are stuck with this program.

Advice to those considering the program:

1.) get the "full price up front" from your reseller.
2.) consider all other options, the data loading is very difficult and has many glitches, so you will pretty much be guaranteed to be frustrated
3.) buyer beware the subscription / license fee is just the beginning, budget about $3000 - $5000 per user for initial start-up costs
4.) consider other programs that integrate with Microsoft office products easily, this is a nightmare with Maximizer and you cannot send emails or mail merges without it working

I do not recommend this CRM.

Pros: New version is cloud based. The overview of my business on the dashboard is enlightening. A.
Cons: Implementation / data up load is tricky. Data is easily duplicated or partially loaded. Mapping of fields is tough. Requires intensvie manual input.
Would Recommend: No
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Our small company (under $1 million in sales) started off with version 3 on Windows 3.1, gradually upgrading as the Operating System allowed over the next 20 yrs. Software costs for upgrades were about $100 or less per user per upgrade....fairly typical of any basic accounting, invoicing or email software program. We stopped upgrading at version 11. Their reinvention of themselves to a "rental program" applying an annual license has increased the cost to over 1500%. That just isn't right when 2 decades previously their market was targeting real estate agents and other small businesses. What's worse is our limited options at this point. As a businesses database grew over time, it has now become much more difficult to export the data to a more ethical crm software company. Don't get started with them. Once they get their hookw into you, you will get jacked up.

Pros: None.
Cons: goudging, serious greed problem.
Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

Maximizer CRM is produced by Maximizer Software Inc., which was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1987. Maximizer traditionally made its CRM solutions available to enterprises through on-premise installations. While they continue to offer this option, Maximizer has since rolled out their cloud-based CRM called Maximizer CRM Live.

Maximizer CRM also offers a specific version of their software for Wealth Management CRM.


Maximizer CRM Pricing and Services 


Intended Customers:
Small to Midsize Businesses, Enterprise-Level Companies

Money Back Guarantee & Free Trial:

  • Free 15-Day Trial, Unrestricted Access, No Credit Card Required
  • In the event of contract termination by either party, Maximizer will not refund fees for the last billed month or for unused time.

Free Version:
No free version. 

Most Popular Plan:
Maximizer CRM Live; $57/user/month for 5 - 9 users

Features Available in All Plans:

Contact Management Campaign Management Service Billing Email, Letter, Fax Templates
Lead Management Marketing Automation Mobile App for iOS and Android Option of Cloud/On-Premise Installation (Requires SQL Server)
Task Management Mass Emailing Email Campaign Metrics Multi-User Calendar (2-Way Sync with Outlook Calendar)
Document Management Sales Force Automation Automated Email Campaigns Knowledge Base for Storing Customer Service Cases & Solutions
Opportunity Management Project Management (Action Plans) Customer Segmentation Customer Service Case Management

Additional Features:

Opportunity Monitoring (Real-Time Alert) Territory Management Customizable Mandatory Fields Data Import/Export
Do-Not-Solicit Options (With Anti-Spam Functionality) Campaign ROI Calculator Unlimited Notes & Documents  VoIP Integration
Customizable Dashboard View (My Day) Unlimited Custom Fields Document Sharing from Company Library  Integration with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and SharePoint*
Meta Data Customization*  SQL Reports*  Windows Authentication for SQL Server*  Computer Telephony Integration*

*For On-Premise Installation Only

Contacts Management:

LinkedIn Integration View Related Contacts Customer Service History
Task and Appointment History Opportunity History

All Available Plans & Services:

Maximizer CRM Live (the cloud-based software) has one edition with the price point varying per number of monthly users. All prices per month are billed annually.

  • $60/user/month, for 2 - 4 users
  • $57/user/month, for 5 - 9 users
  • $54/user/month, for 10+ users

Help & Support Options:

Maximizer offers CRM support via email and phone. Phone support is available to CRM Live customers from 6AM to 5PM PST by calling 1-866-275-1254. Emails can be sent to support@maximizercrmlive.com

Group & Enterprise customers on active maintenance can refer to the Welcome to Maintenance information package for a dedicated support number.

Support for Bronze or Lapsed contracts is available at $100 per 30 minutes by emailing incidentsupport@maximizer.com.

In the UK, EMEA support is available by phone from 9AM to 5:30PM GMT by calling +44 (0) 01344 766 904. Customers can also email techsupport@maximizer.co.uk.

Note: According to Maximizer’s License and Maintenance Agreement, customers are required to purchase Maintenance for their licensed software for the first contract year. Maintenance for subsequent contract years is optional.

The level of Maintenance included in a customer’s order form is considered the “Gold” level, but there are actually three levels of Maintenance - Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Gold Maintenance provides essentially unlimited support in terms of incidents or time with tech support as needed. Silver Maintenance restricts this to 5 incidents that combined cannot exceed 5 hours per calendar year. Bronze only provides you with software updates, but not independent features or new editions, and does not include tech support.

Maintenance fees (including but not limited to fees regarding Workflow Maintenance and Microsoft SQL Maintenance and are equal to 20% and 25% of the related servers’ list prices respectively and are subject to change). It’s best to contact Maximizer directly for price quotes on Maintenance fees.


Editor’s Bottom Line of Maximizer CRM


Microsoft Outlook users will finding navigating the Maximizer UI fairly intuitive. Maximizer has been in the CRM space for decades and has been affiliated with Microsoft for much of that time; the CRM has tight integration with Outlook, Word and Excel. The Outlook integration allows synchronization between schedule and task management in Maximizer with the Outlook Calendar.

Maximizer CRM 2017 remains largely the same as previous incarnations but with updated functionality, an altered layout and slight change in color palette. The header bar, now dark gray, features the quick search tool on the right which allows for searches by name or company, or with fragments of each. Setting up your profile with an email address allows emails to be sent from within the platform, while logging, calendar, monitoring, email, startup and format preferences can be configured to your tastes.

Below the header bar lies the familiar Maximizer layout with the left panel displaying icons relating to modules like Dashboards, the My Work Day task and schedule management view, Address Book, Opportunities and others. The right main window is divided into upper and lower sections; the upper section shows the general information of a selected module and the lower section displays details of selections within the module. Therefore, clicking on the Address Book module in the left panel would show a list of your contacts and companies in the upper section of the main window while the lower panel would show contact details, activities, notes, documents, interaction history and several other subcategories associated with any particular one.

Below the usual modules on the left side panel is a link to video tutorials and recorded training sessions. Underneath the link are further modules with tools for data importation and administration, which allows for user management, setup of custom fields, access to the template library and other functions.

The palette changes in Maximizer CRM 2017 make it more visually appealing while it retains its utilitarian approach towards CRM. The company has been doing this for decades; and in some ways their design - while functional - feels a bit dated. They are one of the few CRM providers that offer on-premise installation, which is useful for companies that prefer self-managing data security. Of course, this requires a company to provide and maintain IT infrastructure and makes software maintenance and installation of upgrades more difficult. There are some features with the on-premise installation that aren’t replicated by the cloud version; for example, the on-prem version integrates with Microsoft SharePoint and allows for telephony integration within the platform.

The tight integration with Microsoft products is handy for companies relying on Microsoft Office, but the CRM does not natively integrate with Google Apps. Third-party integrations can be handled through Zapier (standard with other CRMs). As far as social CRM, Maximizer integrates with LinkedIn, but not with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Companies that connect with customers through those outlets might find more value through a CRM solution that integrates with them more naturally. Finally, Maximizer only runs on Internet Explorer and Firefox - it does not run on Chrome or Safari. Limited browser capability might reduce favor with employees who prefer other browsers. Maximizer integrates with HubSpot, though, so it’s not like social media and inbound marketing is beyond its capability.

In short, Maximizer CRM can do quite a bit. When it comes to contact management, marketing automation and customer service tools, it’s quite powerful. In addition, it’s customizable and fairly straightforward to use (with ample how-to guides accessible from within the platform if needed). Its price is fair given the breadth of functionality it provides, but companies that prefer a less utilitarian, ‘bookish’ interface with more native support for social media may find other CRMs more appealing.

  • Dashboards
  • Opportunity Pipeline Report
    Opportunity Pipeline Report
  • Address Book
    Address Book
  • Address Book Filtered Results View
    Address Book Filtered Results View
  • Mobile App Dashboard
    Mobile App Dashboard

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