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Mango Voice is one of the more recent providers to being offering Hosted PBX and VoIP solutions to businesses...
St. George, UT
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Mango Voice has been a phenomenal company to work with. Not only is their service incredibly easy to use but their online system lets me customize greetings, check recordings, view reports and quickly forward calls to cell phones and much more. My internet has caused 1 or 2 disruptions(nature of using any VoIP solution) but Mango Voice has been solid. Another feature that makes a big difference for me and my team is their mobile app. I can make and receive calls remotely as well as text from my computer. I couldn't be happier with their service!

Pros: Ease of Use, affordable, scaleable.
Cons: make sure your internet works :).
Would Recommend: Yes
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Samantha C.'s review for Mango Voice

Absolutely great company full of positive and well trained individuals. You can tell their main focus in this company is to make sure every customer is satisfied and they make each customer feel like they are the most important person to be working with. The quality of their service is exceptional. Highly recommend.

Pros: Great customer service.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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It is impossible to get ahold of anyone at this company. We have had their services for a couple of years and have had terrible customer support and a system that is less than adequate. No reliability and no support...we have been trying to get a phone response AND an e-mail response for the last 2 days with no responses back. We are attempting to leave the company but they are holding our numbers hostage and not responding to our inquiries. Stay far away from Mango!

Would Recommend: No
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So we are Mango phone system users. We adopted this system because my business relies on PHONE service to interact with the public. It is our lifeblood. We cannot run without phones.

So today, and yesterday, all day, the service will intermittently go out. No explanation. So I directed staff to call support. Not ONCE, but TWICE she was hung up on. No answer at support. So I called. Waited on hold for support on my cell for 15 minutes, before the phone line went dead. And my office is still without service, an hour or more later.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. We will be replacing mango with a system that is reliable just as soon as we can. Probably next month.

Would Recommend: No
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Allison V.'s review for Mango Voice

Recently our business found ourselves in a nightmare situation where our office was destroyed overnight when a drunk driver crashed into our office. Our local phone company could not get our service transferred for weeks which was unacceptable as it was the beginning of tax season and we are a tax firm. Where they failed Mango came to the rescue! We relocated to a new space and updated our phones to a Mango VOIP system and were able to get up and running in a few days instead of weeks. The phone system is far superior to a what we had before and the customer service has been outstanding since day one! I really cannot say enough about this company and the team over at Mango. If you are thinking of upgrading your old phone systems to a VOIP, Mango is the way to go. Thank you so much for playing a huge part in getting our business back up and running!

Pros: Price, quality, features.
Cons: none.
Would Recommend: Yes
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We have been trying to get a hold of these people since Saturday, Today is Monday 3rd as our home warranty only works with them in this area. they dont answer the phone. Did I mention we live in Houston... Way to leave your customers hanging with terrible customer service. We probably wont hear from them till Wednesday...

Pros: none.
Cons: non responsive.
Would Recommend: No
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Chance K.'s review for Mango Voice

I have been a very active customer of Mango Voice for quite a while now. I have used most, if not all, of the other providers and I can honestly say that Mango Voice does it best. They have designed a really cool switchboard where you can make your phone system YOUR system.

Pros: Easy to use, Easy to customize, Affordable.
Cons: Cons? None!.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Steve W.'s review for Mango Voice

When I learned about Mango Voice, I was just getting started with staffing and a new business model. Being in the insurance industry requires constant communication with clients, home office and mortgage companies. Having a flawless system that can be personalized and tailored has been a true neccessisity for my business. Mango not only has the best product, but the service techs have been outstanding in setting up our systems and updating as we've grown. Additionally, the pricing for the value of what we have can't be found with any other provider.

Mango gets an A++ with us!!

Pros: Great product, great service, best pricing!.
Cons: NONE.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Carla N.'s review for Mango Voice

Our company switched our telephone service to Mango Voice in June of 2015. We have enjoyed an 80% savings on our bill (yes, you read that right - 80% savings$$$), but equally important is the quality and value of the services we have received. As a small business we were never able to afford the bells and whistles of high-end PBX systems. Now we have auto attendant, on hold music, voicemail to email, call waiting, and an app that allows us to return customer calls on the go from our cell phones with all the features we would have sitting at our desk!

Mango Voice gave us a phone solution with all the features we could have dreamed of at a highly competitive and affordable price!

Pros: State of the art equipment and features for a great price!.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Barry C.'s review for Mango Voice

We have been very pleased with MangoVoice. Their product and customer service have been excellent. I have recommended them to several of my clients.

Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Mango Voice is one of the more recent providers to being offering Hosted PBX and VoIP solutions to businesses of any size. While they may be new to the game, their offerings do not reflect their young age. With a focus on the flexibility and ease of use that the nature of cloud computing and VoIP allows for businesses, Mango Voice offers a solid list of features, mobile apps, integrations, and competitive pricing. Whether you are a small business just looking to get off the ground and adopt a Hosted PBX solution, or an established practice looking to switch over from legacy phones, Mango Voice makes the transition easy with custom tailored plans and a simple to use drag-and-drop interface to customize your calling plans.

Combined with a newly developed mobile app for smart phones, and the ability to add new phones as extensions regardless of their location, Mango Voice makes it easy to outfit your business with the tools you need to maintain a high level of support, and stay productive.

Mango Voice even offers contact center software solutions with their Hosted PBX implementations such as an auto-attendant, CRM integration and an embedded softphone with call recording, so any business can outfit their center or office with the exact tools they need – all from the same provider.

Best For:

Mango Voice is best for businesses that operate with many locations that require extensions under the same number, or any business that needs contact center solutions baked into their VoIP service would be best to consider Mango Voice for their flexibility, and robust call center offerings to pair with your Hosted PBX implementation.


The Bottom Line for Mango Voice:


While Mango Voice might be a younger provider compared to others, they have put together a very solid offering between the flexible nature of their plans, the ability to custom tailor your preferences with an easy to use solution, and even extra Call Center offerings.

Not to mention 24 hour, U.S. based customer service, unlimited to all customers regardless of the plan they choose. If flexibility is what you’re after, with a low entry cost of nothing, and a solid list of robust features normally reserved for Enterprise level service, then Mango Voice is a solid first choice. Unlike other providers that might charge for their more premium features, like call recording, all Mango customers also receive the full suite of features to truly boost their business. Mango Voice even makes it easy for multiple locations around the country to stay connected with a phone system that operates as it is all under one roof.


Mango Voice Pricing and Services


All Available Plans:

Mango Voice offers a number of different plans for its service, broken up into tiers based on your business size and use case. All plans come with the full suite of Enterprise level features, and unlimited 24 hour, U.S. based customer service.

  • Tier 1: 1-4 Phones; $29.95/mo per phone
  • Tier 2: 5-9 Phone; $24.95/mo per phone
  • Tier 3: 10+ Phones; $19.95/mo per phone


  • All plans include the same list of Enterprise level features, including:
    -Unlimited Minutes
    -Find me, follow me
    -Call reports and analytics
    -Visual dial plan editor
    -Auto attendant
    -Voicemail to email
    -Call Park/Pickup
    -Conference rooms
    -Call queues
    -Fax to email
    -Call recording
    -Schedule-based Routing
    -Music on hold
    -Advertising Tracking
    -Intercom paging
    -Ring groups
    -Mobile apps
    -Redundant cloud network
    -Multiple location support
    -On-site training
    -API Integrations
    -CRM Integration
  • Auto Attendant
    Auto Attendant
  • Call Flow
    Call Flow
  • Breakdown Reports
    Breakdown Reports
  • Ring Groups
    Ring Groups

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