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Lingo is one of the best options for those looking to switch over to VoIP without investing money in...
McLean, VA
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Run the other way!!!!!!!!! You call with an issue you have to wait for a "representative" for a minimum of an hour, get transferred another hour. I have had an issue since March (it is almost June now) still not resolved. Promise you resolution in 10 business days - didn't happen- on the phone again for a couple of hours get the same old BS!!!!

Pros: none.
Cons: too many to mention.
Would Recommend: No
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It was a horrible experience from the start! I ordered this service for my disabled brother on 06/14/19. After making muliple calls to get the service actually working, I called on multiple occasions and finally on 07/15/19 the service was finally turned. Now on 07/19/19 the service has been turned off for non payment. I asked the bill to be sent to my address and I have not received the bill. I called their customer service and they service reps were horrible. They were so rude and would not help with anything but a payment. I will not spend money whenn I cannot have descent customer service. I swithed his service and feel so much better. The service will be on tomorrow. I highly recommend that you avoid this company at all cost. The service is cheap but the customer service is horrible.

Pros: none.
Cons: poor customer service.
Would Recommend: No
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Lingo is a very unstable company that overcharges with fees and offers just basic phone service. Customer support is unreliable in terms of no knowledge of installation or setup was given. Call Quality tends to get choppy from time to time. If you have slow internet this is not recommended for you.

Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Lingo is one of the best options for those looking to switch over to VoIP without investing money in hardware and peripherals. The provider offers a number of great service plans geared towards new users who are looking to ease into the technology. Their feature set is adequate for the casual user, and they also offer integration with mobile devices - not to mention a large roster of countries to make calls to internationally for free.

The Residential VoIP provider provides its customers with a free ATA and complimentary activation to help them jump right into using VoIP without breaking the bank. Lingo's prices are lower than some of the leading providers, and they are offering their first month free as a great incentive with all their plans for a limited time. WIRED Test Magazine selected Lingo Internet phone service as "Editor's Pick" ahead of Vonage, Comcast and Verizon.


Lingo Pricing and Services


Most Popular Plan: America Unlimited Plan; World Unlimited Plan -  The plans available are broken down into three different categories, National (America) Calling Plans, World Calling Plans, and Mobile Plans. While the national and world plans offer three classifications in and of themselves, mobile plans only offer two. Amongst these various choices however is the America Unlimited Plan, which is the provider’s most popular residential plan. This plan includes unlimited calling across the US and Canada; however, it is subject to additional fees when making International calls. Aside from minutes, this plan, as well as all other Lingo plans, allow users to keep their phone numbers, include 20+ calling features, free activation, free equipment (for new customers-limited), and no annual contract(s) (for new customers-limited).

As mentioned above, the America Unlimited plan comes equipped with over 20 features including: Voicemail Anywhere/anytime, Local Numbers Worldwide, Caller ID with name, 3-Way Calling, Speed Dial, Call Forwarding, Simultanous Ring, Calling Waiitng, Call Return (*69), Call from your Computer, Directory Assistance, Caller ID Block (*67), Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR), Do Not Disturb (*78), Last Number Redial (*66), Enhanced 911 Service, Emergency Calling Service, Easy 911 Dialing, Online Account Management like My Account Portal, Payment Information, Recent Activity, New Phone Numbers and Lines, and Manage Call Features.

Lingo’s various plans can fit to residential needs, as well as the needs of small businesses or home offices. Lingo unlimited service offers International calling to 45 countries. Aside from the national plan(s), Lingo’s World Unlimited Plan offers the same unlimited rates with no additional fees for international calling. Instead of offering free calls to US and Canada, it offers free calling to the US and 45 countries. The World Unlimited plan also comes with all the features of the America Unlimited Plan.

Pricing: Pricing for each plan, both national and world, varies depending on the minutes allotted. In regards to the America Unlimited plan, there is a charge of $22.95 per month; however, Lingo does offer the first month free. Additionally, the plan is subject to additional fees and taxes. In regards to the World Unlimited plan, there is a charge of $23.95 per month. As with the America Unlimited plan, this
plan is also subject to additional taxes and fees.

The America Unlimited Plan does not include International calling, which is subject to additional monthly fees based on location. Additionally, plans are also subject to premium rates, which are charges at a higher rate per minute than regular numbers — these numbers are not included in the unlimited plans.

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