ITP offers Residential VoIP service with a $19.99/mo premium plan that includes unlimited calling in the US & Canada...
New York, NY
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I've been a ITP Phone customer (5 phone numbers and eFax) for over 10 years, the service has always been excellent. I, however, am quite disappointed that ITP will not fix their system to work with Nomorobo. ITP has their own system which requires incoming callers to press a key on the dial pad to let the phone call go through and ring your line. I've tried this and most of my prospective customers' say they press a key and the phone goes silent and nothing happens and then they just give up and hang up. I may be terminating my services with ITP very soon because I'm tired of getting 10 Spam calls per day.

Pros: Great service.
Cons: Does not work with Nomorobo.
Would Recommend: Yes

I called ITP after incurring 4 $30 overdraft fees on my bank account. I found that the due date for the bills was jumping around. When I called I was told that all billing cycles were based on 30 day months, so if a 31 day month occurred, then the payment would be taken a day earlier. This doesn't seem quite right as payments were taken from my account 8/12, 9/10, 10/10 and 11/12. Social Security does not come on the same day every month, mine comes on the second Wednesday so the date varies. ITP was paid, but since I have overdraft protection I incurred bank fees on top of the price of the bill. I was told that they couldn't have a consistent due date. At that point I said I must cancel. I had just made payment for November, but was told that there would not be a refund for service not used. The savings I thought I would have with ITP were taken by bank service charges. If you are on a budget, don't go with ITP.

Pros: good voice quality, messages in email.
Cons: due date on fixed 30 day cycle creating problems with people on fixed incomes.
Would Recommend: No

It depends on the size of your business presently and how fast you plan to scale it. I did not like them at all. Horrible customer service. Reliability and offered features were decent. After them I turned to guides and found, an analyst called me to ask me some specific questions and make recommendations. Just do a search on PBX guide or VoIP guide in Google and sign up for one.

Would Recommend: Yes

Had them for about 4 years. Pretty straight forward setup. Support sucks but that I can handle.Pretty cheap, works for me.

Pros: Cheap.
Cons: Customer Support Sucks.
Would Recommend: No

For the price, ITP phone service is great. I pay $10 each month and use the service on occasion, but when I do, everything works. I signed up for ITP after reading their reviews online and I decided it doesn't make sense to pay Comcast $35 each month for a phone I don't use.Since my cell phone is my primary phone these days and I don't want to lose my home phone number that I've had for over 20 years, I picked ITP.I had to get their help when it came to the installation of the VoIP router box but other than that everything is working well.

Would Recommend: Yes

ITP is fantastic. It works great. There have been times when there were short outages, but they are normally taken care of pretty quick. Your technical support is the best, they all seem to be experts. A couple of times I did experience a long waiting time for a rep to answer, but typically they answer pretty quick.

Would Recommend: Yes

Very quick and easy setup of equipment. Got all setup within minutes. Paying less than $15 per month, great deal!

Pros: Very Easy Setup Process.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

ITP offers Residential VoIP service with a $19.99/mo premium plan that includes unlimited calling in the US & Canada. Their international rates are some of the lowest in the industry, as is their international calling plan - for only $24.99/mo, you can get unlimited calling to the U.S. and 35 other countries. ITP is a great choice for individuals that travel often or make frequent international calls. In addition, they have no long-term contracts and offer the first and last month of service free, with easy setup and installation, along with many other free features.


ITP Pricing and Services


Features: ITP offers a number of VoIP service plans divided by price, the number of lines, and feature. Despite this division between plan however, each plan comes equipped a free ITP analog phone adapter, as well as a host of features including: Wake Up Call, Advanced Outbound Call Block, Call Recording, Advanced Call Forwarding, Voicemail to Email/Text, Advanced DND Features, Anonymous Call Rejection, Caller ID, Caller ID Block, Call Waiting, Do Not Disturb, Voicemail, 411 Directory Assistance, Universal Number, Online Account Management, Block List, Find Me/Follow Me, Music on Hold, Forward On Busy, Click 2 Call, In-Network Calls, Forward on No Internet, VIP Ring, White List, Instant Call Records, Local Number Portability, 3-Way Calling, Speed Dial, and *69. Aside from these included features, the provider also offer add-on features, which are subject to additional individual monthly charges. These add-ons include: Virtual Fax, VoIP App Plan, Fax Line, INTL. Virtual Number, Virtual Calling Code, Global Cell, Virtual Number, Toll-Free, and Softphone.

As stated above, each plan is ultimately divided by the number of included lines, minutes, and included calling areas. While each plan comes with the same basic set of features, each also comes with: free unlimited calling within network (to other ITP subscribers), local number portability, online account management, and the option to select a phone number from over 220 US area codes.

In terms of support, ITP VoIP offers around the clock assistance based both within the US and in Canada 7 days a week. Additionally, ITP offers a number of guides and forms designed to help users with any questions they may have. Users also have the ITP Info Center at their disposal. This information hub is full of information divided by category (general info, prospective customers, features, services, and contact). Also, in managing an active account, users are able to access their account online at any time.

Pricing: ITP offers a number of expansive month-to-month plans that do not require an annual contract. Plan pricing options include:
Residential Basic: $9.99 per month
Residential Basic 2 Line: $18.99 per month
Premium Unlimited: $19.99 per month
Premium Unlimited 2 Line: $38.99 per month
Global Unlimited: $24.99 per month
Global Unlimited 2 Line: $48.99 per month
Home Office Unlimited: $49.99 per month

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