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IronTon Global specializes in offering users Hosted IP PBX, Bandwidth, Audio Conferencing, Internet Faxing, Origination & Termination, and SIP...
Coplay, PA
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IronTon Global specializes in offering users Hosted IP PBX, Bandwidth, Audio Conferencing, Internet Faxing, Origination & Termination, and SIP Trunking service. In doing so users are able to utilize more efficient communication and collaboration as branch offices, remote employees, global partners, and customers can all utilize VoIP services. With Hosted IP PBX, Ironton offers IG-FLEX, an IP PBX service allows for scalability, feature, and cost efficiency. Separate from this is SIP Trunking, which offers various modes—i.e. Intercontinental, Continental, Standard, Basic, Enterprise SIP, Supported Gateways, and Supported PBX’s. There are also a number of different bandwidth speeds and offerings available including DSL, T1, NxT-1, Cable, Ethernet over Copper, and more. Audio Conferencing includes free domestic US and toll free DID, reservation-less and on-demand service, scalability, custom on hold music, participant and moderator codes, and much more. In addition to this, Internet Faxing offers users a simple fax-to-email solution and standard and advanced ATA inbound/outbound IP fax service. Lastly, Origination and Termination is offered for industry partners including ILECs, CLECs, and MSOs and includes enhances Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR), guaranteed Caller Line Identification (CLI), and roaming. Additionally, Originatio and Termination reduce interconnection, access, and Network cost, as well as expand coverage through North America. Separate from their offered services, IronTon Global offers users business solutions for enterprises, small to medium sized businesses, ILEC wholesale, and MSO Wholesale. Pricing is determinant on the service/solution selected. In regards to customer service, IronTon Global offers extensive customer care options via 24/7 engineer accessibility, platform integrated ticketing system, dedicated internal porting department, as well as FAQs, Knowledgebase, downloads, and brochures. Users can also contact the sales and/or support staff directly via phone.

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