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IntelePeer is one of the leading providers in cloud-based business communication services. Originally founded in 2003 as VoEX and...
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The Technical support is great! However the customer service support you will receive its TRASH, Account managers don't care at all, and don't bother to pick up calls.

If this Is something you like then by all means go for this company.

There is no reason why it takes 1 week to upgrade a package.

Pros: Good Technical Support.
Cons: Horrible Customer Service Support.
Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

IntelePeer is one of the leading providers in cloud-based business communication services. Originally founded in 2003 as VoEX and renamed in 2007, IntelePeer provides an all-IP platform delivering SIP trunking services available in over 50 countries. Their cloud based offerings provide high-quality HD voice, HD video and unified communications solutions to large scale enterprises and contact centers. IntelePeer provides its VoIP and SIP trunking services through their own carrier-grade platform to rapidly connect unified communication systems.

With a range of full VoIP capabilities like voice, video and text communication, as well as contact center and SIP trunking Intelepeer is focused on simplifying network environments through its cloud solutions for large scale enterprises and even VoIP app developers. Their unique CoreCloud SIP Trunking Service, Fluent Federation-as-a-Service solution, and Cloud-Based Communications as a Service platforms help businesses deploy and manage UCC services across any number of devices, platforms and even locations. IntelePeer’s massive SuperRegistry directory allows for direct connections to more than 450 million telephone numbers.

Best For:

Large scale enterprises or contact centers looking to adopt SIP trunking capabilities to their preexisting call system, or even adopt a new cloud based system, would look to consider IntelePeer. With their Fluent Federation-as-a-Service platform, IntelePeer also stands as a good choice for any business with multiple locations, networks or service providers.


IntelePeer Pricing and Services


All Available Offerings:

  • CoreCloud SIP Trunking
    Intelepeer provides cloud-based SIP trunking for business to benefit from the significant cost savings of a SIP trunking services, while maintaining any existing investment in legacy equipment. Provided through the IntelePeer’s cloud network, businesses don’t have to handle the backend infrastructure, hardware and network necessary to operate their own communications system. IntelePeer’s CoreCloud SIP Trunking solution is compatible with existing systems and can seamlessly connect legacy and brand new solutions through their Cloud platform. IntelePeer’s SIP Trunking services can help meet the needs of contact centers as well as large scale businesses.
  • Fluent Federation-as-a-Service
    Originally made available in 2012, IntelePeer began offering federation as a service for users to seamlessly connect unified communications services between multiple platforms or networks. Building on the company’s all-IP network, IntelePeer provides any-to any connection capabilities to make it possible for providers and enterprises to cheaply interconnect and transport communications traffic through one network. In short, the Fluent Federation as a Service platform enables users to deploy their unified VoIP communications across different networks, platforms and devices to create a universal UC experience. Even if your buildings are across the country, and utilize different platforms or service providers, you can keep all your locations connected seamlessly. IntelePeer's Fluent Federation-as-a-Service would enable contact centers to convert their operations into much more cost-effective cloud-based centers.
  • Cloud-Based Communications as a Service
    With their Cloud-based platform, IntelePeer provides customers with an on-demand and pay-as-you-go calling service. Since its cloud based, there is no extra hardware or infrastructure investments required. The service allows for high-quality voice, video and other media communications to any IP connected device anywhere in the world. A CloudCentral Portal makes it easy for customers to manage their communication needs in this all-in-one web-based tool.

IntelePeer offers inclusive service bundles to customize your configuration, or a pay-per-use service to only pay for the minutes you use.


Bottom Line for IntelePeer


Large scale enterprises and contact center operations would feel right at home with InterPeer’s long established all IP-network and solutions. Between their robust cloud-based call services, flexible SIP trunking and unique fluent federation as a service platform, IntelePeer makes it possible for businesses to best leverage their capabilities through their cost-effective service offerings and solutions.

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    Drag and Drop Trunks
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  • Manage Routing Profile
    Manage Routing Profile
  • Change Label
    Change Label

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