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FreedomVoice was founded in 1996 by Eric Thomas. Originally founded to provide toll-free numbers to small and medium sized...
Encinitas, California
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This company is absurd. I cancelled my account with them in January. I noticed in July they were still billing my account. I called to complain and cancel the account, they assured me I wouldn’t be billed. I. August there was another charge for $31.99. I called again, they refused to refund me but told me it wouldn’t happen again. In September i had another charge - I fired chargebacks and got $700 back for fraudulent charges from them for the past 9 months. It’s October. I woke up this morning to another charge from them - I called them and they said that they had actually been contacting Visa and getting my new card information and Visa keeps giving it to them. They refused to refund the charges and told me I would have to take it up with the bank. I may have to close my entire account to get away from them. I am one stop short of calling an attorney and sending them a demand letter, this is absurd. I’m going to be leaving this review everywhere in hopes that nobody gives them card information to these scam artists again.

Pros: Works as an 800 number.
Cons: Will never stop billing you and will fraudulently chase down your new card numbers without consent.
Would Recommend: No
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I attempted to use Freedom Voice for my existing 800 number. The experience was a nightmare. Over two days after my current carrier had released the 800 number I was still being told by FreedomVoice that my carrier had not responded to the request even though I had the day & time it was released. After almost 3 days of this I asked one more time and was given the same information - my company had not responded to release the number and at that time I cancelled my account. One hour AFTER I cancelled the account I received notification that the number had been ported over. Remember, they stated my current carrier hadn't released the number but now it is ported over. Plus, once ported they assigned it to a wrong number. AND, when asked to return the number to my current carrier they said they could not as a request had to come from them. They ported it after cancellation but I had to have it worked to port it back. My existing carrier had ported it over in 20 minutes after receiving the request and even after I was so upset by the porting after cancellation it took FreedomVoice from 9/23/16 when the request came in until 9/27/16 to allow my carrier to port it back. Before signing up I was told that there would be NO CHARGE for porting it over as it was only one line. When I went to cancel I was again told there would be no charge. Than I receive an email from Brian telling me that due to the number of problems he would waive the $35 activation fee. Please note your own terms and conditions state the porting fee is only $30 and can be waived yet now it is $35. Waived is waived but this is one more example of poor service when the supervisor doesn't even have correct information. As I was on a timeline due to the sell of my current location this caused me a great deal of stress. I would not recommend FreedomVoice to anyone.

Would Recommend: No
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The service quality is good for the most part. The service staff has been very responsive and helpful to emails sent. Happy with my decision to be with FreedomVoice.

Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

FreedomVoice was founded in 1996 by Eric Thomas. Originally founded to provide toll-free numbers to small and medium sized businesses, FreedomVoice became a pioneer in the telecommunications industry, inventing bleeding-edge technologies such as location-aware business phone numbers, inbound calling tracking software, and the WebLINK Internet Control Panel. FreedomVoice is based out of Encinitas, CA, and proudly manages all its tech support in-house. FreedomVoice's Freedom IQ empowers small businesses and includes all the features of higher-end voice providers, such as hosted PBX, Dynamic Auto Attendant, and Third Party Software Integration.


FreedomVoice Pricing and Services


Most Popular Service: FreedomEdge - FreedomVoice offers a wide variety of virtual phone system plans full of numerous features and tools along with toll free numbers. The service plans, which are divided into three categories, are each based on the amount of voicemail boxes and included minutes. Amongst the three categories, the FreedomEdge plan is the middle ground in terms of pricing, minutes, and voicemail boxes.

The FreedomEdge plan, along with all other service plans, comes chock full of numerous services including: Auto Attendant, Call Screening and Blocking, Email Delivery of Messages, Call Forwarding, Toll Free Number or Local, Call Screening and Blocking, Call Queue, WebLINK Internet Control Panel, ACD Call Routing, Auto Attendant Greeting, Follow-Me-Call Forwarding, Internet Fax, Hold Music & ACD Routing

In addition to the standard features above, FreedomEdge also comes with 25 voicemail boxes and 1000 included minutes per month (with additional charges for overages). FreedomEdge also allows for add-on
features, which are subject to individual monthly charges. Some add-on features include: Professional Voice Talents, Voicemail Transcription, Record Calls, Custom Solutions. Custom solutions are available on
a quote basis.

FreedomEdge offers a toll free number; however, in place of it users can opt for a local virtual phone number in the city and state of their choice. In using a local number, users do not have to pay for calls that don’t use call forwarding to send callers live. Only time spent connected is against your plan. Additionally, using a local virtual phone number allows users to track advertising response by location. Once users are customers of FreedomVoice, they can add other numbers in different cities, as well as use WebLink call reports to track the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Pricing: Pricing is dependent on the service plan (and add-on features if applicable) selected. However charges start 24.95 per month and includes all the features listed above. If users go over the allotted minutes, there is an overage fee of 4.5 ¢ for each additional minute. Additionally, the FreedomEdge plan, as well as all other plan options, comes with a 30-day free trial.

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