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Founded by Bayan Towfiq, Jordan Levy and Sean Hsieh, Seattle, WA-based Flowroute is designed from the ground up to...
Seattle, WA
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Support quality is Flowroute's weakest point. Their support reps are unhelpful and bordering on downright rude. Dealing with Flowroute's support for number porting has been an absolute nightmare. They take days to respond, if they respond at all. Their response is completely useless, saying it's not uncommon for several days to go by before *their porting agent* submits a porting request to the losing carrier after the customer has submitted it to Flowroute. Follow up emails regarding this *multiple business-day delay* were not responded to. When you're waiting on nothing but a number port to implement a new phone system, the porting process should not take multiple weeks. Looks for another VoIP provider, one that has support that actually responds and is helpful.

Pros: Works for an OK price.
Cons: Very poor support.
Would Recommend: No
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Hi there to all
I use flowroute to send some of our text messages, unfortunately, we lost 3 clients already this year because of the SPAM filter, to flag all genuine and legitimate messages as spam, is the reason that our company searching to find another provider
On the other hand, prices are so expensive and they sub charge messages that not going you get the picture

Pros: very bad service.
Cons: i will replace them.
Would Recommend: No
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I worked with Flowroute to setup service for family members and a small business. The setup was relatively easy and system reliability good enough. However, as other solutions came online, I shifted to another provider due to pricing, ease of use and support concerns with Flowroute.

Their support is somewhat responsive, but unhelpful. For example, it is not possible to cancel your account and even after you remove all forms of payment, they will continue to charge a negative balance. They will continue to harass and spam you and leave you with no option to cancel, except to relegate them to your spam folder.

I recommend avoiding Flowroute. A service provider should provide a product they are unafraid of losing customers from because it is outstanding and operates with high, ethical standards. Flowroute is not that company.

Pros: Easy to start.
Cons: Impossible to leave.
Would Recommend: No
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OK I rarely review products but after this weekends experience with Flowroute I had to chime in. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this cloud based SIP trunk service and the team behind it.

SCENARIO: We have a large client relocating buildings. They currently have dedicated SIP trunks and fiber internet provided by Level III-Centurylink. After months of planning, meetings, paperwork\contracts to install equivalent services in the new location we had a failed service delivery date. We need to move in this weekend. We have the fiber internet but the SIP trunks that were supposed to be installed two weeks ago are still not provisioned. Now what??? It's Friday night and we need to be up and running by Monday???

Solution: We solve the problem like all I.T. guys do. We do some research on cloud-online SIP trunk service providers with instant provisioning. We sign up and create accounts for 5-6 demos (Flowroute, SIP.us, Twilio, Amazon chime, etc.) We reviewed the different features and weighed the pros/cons.

In the end flowroute won our business because:
- The web interface was straight forward and focused towards TELCO
- The core technology is built on AWS's geographically redundant set ot
- Prices were excellent - no contracts or cancellation fees
- ALL basic SIP features such as instant phone number purchasing (DID's),
e911, T.38 analog fax, cnam caller ID and much more are supported

Short story long, within two hours of signing up for the flowroute service demo we had our client up and running!!!

Here's how:
- Setup and funded flowroute account
- Purchased 80 new phone lines
- Purchased and setup e911 on necessary lines
- Setup CNAM CallerID
- Setup inbound route by configuring our firewall to accept incoming traffic
from flowroute's subnets to our internal SIP server
- Setup IP Authentication by providing our outbound public IP address
- Setup new SIP trunk on PBX
- Configured Tech Prefix on PBX - We had to configure PBX to send the
tech prefix and an extra 1 before every call (This is where tech support
came in)

The tech prefix is necessary in order to authenticate your outbound call routing and we were having issues getting this to function. So we called flowroutes tech support. The tech was AMAZING. Knew his service inside and out. Within 5 minutes we were testing, he was reading us off the response from his logs, we were tweaking config based off of his recommendations and then BOOM we were up. Inbound/Outbound phone calls and faxing were all functioning thru our PBX via the fiber internet.

We can not thank them enough for the knowledge and professionalism they shared in that phone call. I truly don't understand the negative reviews I am seeing about this service!!! YES this type of technology is extremely complicated and some people just cant cut it. But that is not flowroutes fault. Flowroute went above and beyond to solve our clients issue.

In the end we had to call the failed service provider Centurylink and have them forward the old SIP trunk phone numbers to the new flowroute numbers (because of course you cannot forward SIP phone numbers in their web interface) in order to finalize this solution. After two hours, two system engineers, one Telco PBX engineer, one new SIP service provider and a ton of keyboard time we are up and running thanks to flowroute.

Now we just need to complete the phone number porting process and kick Centurylink to the curb thanks to Flowroute.com

Pros: Cloud based, Instant Provisioning. Excellent Support.
Cons: Not Twilio's API and robust set of features BUT adequate8.
Would Recommend: Yes
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I have been with Flowroute for years. In the beginning years, tech support was great and service was great. Something has happened over the last year where they made changes and assumed everyones' configuration would simply work with server changes, but they have miscalculated much and left several of my customers without service. When contacting their tech support these days, you will get "It is your problem, hire a tech guy to help you connect with our servers". I am done trying to troubleshoot their issues and will simply move each client that complains to another platform.

Pros: Was good.
Cons: Now terrible.
Would Recommend: No
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Flowroute is a horrible company. Their support SUCKS! I cannot stress that enough! If you ever have an issue, its always on your side. Never their fault, even if you can prove it. I cannot stress to STAY AWAY from these people enough! We have dealt with their support so many times. Calls wont connect, then they will go through suddenly. You call them to investigate it, they could care less. Currently porting all of our numbers OUT of Flowroute!

Pros: Sometimes it works.
Cons: Its Flowroute.
Would Recommend: No
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I have been using Flowroute for 5 years now. They just instituted a new Administrative Fee (As of Nov. 1, 2019) that is costing me $80+ per month. I was notified about the new fee 4 days before I was charge and given no time at all to switch to a new provider. Right now I have a total of $220 per month just in fixed monthly fees that does not go towards anything other than keeping the account open. That is ridiculous. I am now working on moving everything away from Flowroute to a new provider.

Once you give this company money you can go ahead and kiss it good bye. I have had other instances where they charged incorrectly due to poor quality numbers getting spammed so I asked for the money back since they did not have clean phone numbers and they refused. I have also had a similar issue with their texting service and again refused to refund anything due to spam on their so called "Clean Numbers". I will never be using them again...to many other options out there. No reason to waste your money.

Pros: Good all you can eat pricing plan.
Cons: Extremely expensive hidden fees.
Would Recommend: No
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Stay away. This is scam. The worst. You can’t seem to close your account.

Pros: None.
Cons: They are nuts. Crazy. They won’t close my account. I hate them.
Would Recommend: No
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Bill T.'s review for Flowroute

We've used Flowroute now for a few months and are extremely happy with the service. Compare to others we've used, they've been the best. I also understand they are an actual carrier now which has made porting very easy in our experience.

The only negative I would say is that as a reseller with multiple customers, we have to create separate Flowroute accounts and billing is a bit of a chore, but those weaknesses are relatively easy to overcome with internal processes and I understand they are working on a multi-account portal.

Pros: Easy porting, good call quality.
Cons: Multi-Account Portal.
Would Recommend: Yes
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We tried to port some numbers with FlowRoute, which according to flowroute website were portable. We were exchanging e-mails for a 3-4 days, because the invoices were "outdated" and after 5 days they notified us that the numbers are not even part of their network. (In other words not portable) I don't want to go to the rest of the story, because it's more personal, but adding up all the work for scan, e-maling, calling and etc - we lost about 3 hours just to hear "The web site is not very accurate when it comes to DID porting. When you port numbers please call us first"

Pros: Very reliable for Outgoing Calls (Trunks).
Cons: Very bad service when it comes to porting Numbers.
Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

Founded by Bayan Towfiq, Jordan Levy and Sean Hsieh, Seattle, WA-based Flowroute is designed from the ground up to give customers unparalleled access to the global telephone network. As one of the only carrier-grade VoIP providers to offer SIP trunking, SMS messaging and DIDs, Flowroute is known for their innovative solutions, and their unique capabilities. Whether your business is already utilizing an IP PBX, or needs a way to build voice and SMS functionality right into their apps, Flowroute offers everything you need.

With a focus on SIP Trunking, Flowroute has developed their own unique methodology for bypassing data centers and Session Border Controllers. By delivering voice data in a "point-to-point" transmission, the service can ensure connections are direct, quick and without interruption. With SMS functionality, your business can send long-code messages, blast announcements, offer support or even enable two-factor authentication. Backed by Flowroute's Carrier-Grade network, and a strong focus on securing data throughout transmission, customers can also have the piece of mind that speeds are competitive, and both security and stability are promised.


Flowroute Pricing and Services


Product Offerings:

  • Voice Service - Scalable Carrier Grade SIP Trunking
    • Compatible with both analog and digital telephone adapters
    • A reliable network with easy on-demand service and flexible connectivity options
    • Inbound and Outbound voice connections
    • Local, toll-free and vanity numbers in the US and Canada
    • Admin Controls like the option to disable outbound SIP Credentials
    • Set Maximum Outbound rate
    • Destination restriction and whitelisting capabilities
    • International toll fraud protection
    • CNAM look up and storage
    • Local number portability
    • E911 capabilities
    • Adaptive routing
    • Fraud Management
    • Call Analytics
    • Developer API available
  • SMS Messaging
    • Toll-free and long code messaging
    • Provision numbers on the fly
    • Real-time access to SMS & MMS records
    • Send pictures, audio, and video files in a variety of files types
    • Developer APIs available


  • Phone Numbers for $1.25/mo
  • Inbound calling = $0.012/min
  • Outbound calling = $0.0098/min
  • Toll-free inbound calling = $0.0195/min
  • Toll-free messaging = $0.0075/message
  • Long Code messaging = $0.004/message


Editor's Bottom Line of Flowroute


In recent years, Flowroute has been routinely recognized for the quality of service offered and ability to expand, making Inc. Magazine's list of the 5,000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the US for 2013, and Deloiitte's 2013 Technology Fast 500 list. Even more recently, Flowroute has been named a Top Innovator in Communications Development by the Devies Awards in 2017, and even Frost & Sullivan's Enabling Technology Award for their communications platform SaaS offering. With a pedigree like this, its safe to consider Flowroute a leading provider for cloud-base communications.

With humble SIP trunking beginnings, Flowroute managed to develop a new methodology of transmitting voice data, one that bypasses previous speed bumps and security holes in standard voice networks. Overtime the platform has been expanded to include SMS messaging with capabilities including two-factor authentication, phone number masking, and long-form messages, rivaling providers like Twilio and Nexmo. More recently, Flowroute  has added support for Developer APIs, allowing users to built out their own platforms utilizing Flowroute's services, or even embed Flowroute services into existing applications.

The strength of Flowroute's platform lies of course within the cloud and over-the-top communication offerings that enable businesses enhance control over the services, between developer APIs and web-management portals. Combined with unique transparency and a "feedback loop" with users, and Flowroute has a recipe for success, one agile enough to meet the needs of any business as fast as possible. This unique combination of capabilities has allowed Flowroute to offer a completely different user experience.

  • Dashboard
  • DIDs
  • Fraud Control
    Fraud Control
  • Billing

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