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Founded in Menlo Park, CA in 2000 by Wendell Brown and Craig Taro Gold, eVoice was later bought by...
Menlo Park, CA
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I've been using eVoice for almost 10 years. Suddenly on 11/17/23 they claimed there was fraud on my phone account and without explaining or asking me about the alleged fraud they deactivated my account! They asked me to send proof of my credit card to prove it was me and I did. They still did not reactive my account. When I called customer support and told them I was unreachable by phone to clients and government officials who contact me and my staff at the phone numbers they would not take immediate action to resolve. I demanded a refund and filed a consumer fraud complaint with the State of Illinois Attorney General's Office. Evoice did not react except to say they would not give a refund. I asked them how they expected me to run my business when the phone numbers advertised on Google, my website and other marketing pages no longer work. They said they could not advise me on how to around it. I asked how long it would take to resolve the issue and they said they did not know. It would take as long as it takes. I told them this was unacceptable and I would be taking action. I paid for the service and it is not fair that they have deactivated my account with no advance warning.

They ended up re-activating the account later in the day, but then again on November 30, 2023 they deactivated it again with no notice. I thought it was a quiet day with no phone calls - but no eVoice cut me off again. This time they claim it was for a "chargeback". Apparently, my credit card refunded the amount they billed me since they deactivated my account Nov 17th and eVoice didn't like that my request for a refund was a success. I told eVoice if they just told me they were re-running my credit card, I would have okayed it. But I didn't even realize my credit card had refunded the amount until today. I told them my contacts could not reach me, and they had no urgency. I'm still waiting for them to email me.

I am also mailing a hardcopy complaint to their legal department -
ATTN: Legal Department
114 5 Avenue, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Pros: None.
Cons: They don't care about your business, they just want your money.
Would Recommend: No

I signed up a few months ago and was surprised to see the billing paper used. I got a different usage fee paper than the first advertisement.
1. I used it for the first time, but I didn't know how to do it, so I tried to change the number while looking at this and that, but it was deleted. So I contacted us through contact us and made the number alive, but he added the cost.
2. The cost in the advertisement was 14 dollars for example, so I signed up and finished it.... The bill I received came out to be 30 dollars. They changed my rating at will.
3.I was so angry with various problems that I called to delete my account, but when the company asked me if I would continue using it if they offered me a cheaper rate, I said no and I do not want to use it anymore, but I got the bill again.

I am writing about our experience with this company. Others may have a different opinion than me. I believe that those who read this article will make their own decisions.

Pros: None.
Cons: A lot.
Would Recommend: No

I have been a customer for nearly 10 years now but the problem has always been because if their billing .They was and have been overcharging me for a long time. Finally I was told the prices have gone up back in 2020.So they have gone up without any notifications .Cancelled on spot!!!!! Never ever use this company!!!!!!

Would Recommend: No

I rarely write a comment but I want to let everyone who tries to join this know. This service is awful. The price they charge you is way over your expectation and the program is really complicated. Do not please experience this terrible thing. Now, I am trying to find another service...:((( I have to spend another time working it out.

Pros: None.
Cons: A lot.
Would Recommend: No

Terrible company that charges you for fictitious phone calls. Be very careful with them as they are dishonest and will charge your account without authorization. I am now dealing with the 3rd consecutive day concerning overages for phone numbers that never even called the phone number. They then further more lied stating I actually accepted these calls.

Would Recommend: No

Do not use this service. They will rip you off. When I set up my account they gave me a recycled number that must have just been closed that day. I received about 20 calls and voice mails from people looking for the old company that had the number before. Over 50 the first month. But what made it so bad was they charged me for them. There is no one to talk to and when you email them they just kept repeating that it was because of overages from the VM. They would not even acknowledge my emails saying that none of the VM were mine. (I would repeat this in emails over and over again.)

Would Recommend: No
SIA M.'s review for eVoice

I have been with Evoice for 5 years. I started building my business with their service number in all my advertisement, business cards, website everywhere publicly.

10 days ago, i found out my line doesn't work, i contacted support and they told me that they gave away my number to a Canadian company that requested it. They then told me to choose a new number.... and that there isn't anything they can do now.

How amazing! To do business with a company that sells or gives away your number without contacting you. We are done with Evoice, trek with care. Goodluck

Pros: Unreliable (New Phone lines).
Cons: Unreliable line, service, bad business practices.
Would Recommend: No

DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! Sure you can get a new line in minutes and setup quickly but the customer service will absolutely NEVER answer the phone. You are forced to cancel by phone only so your stuck because they won't answer unless your getting new service.

They will raise your price plan without notifying you like they did me. Its been a month of me trying to cancel their horrible service. Unfortunately I will have to cancel my credit card and have a new one issued to cancel this shit or get charged month after month for something I don't want.

Do yourself a favor and NEVER EVER USE EVOICE!!!!! If you do after reading this you deserve everything thats coming to you. I wish I was warned.....

Pros: You get a business line.
Cons: Horrible customer service.
Would Recommend: No

I signed up for their service on the 10th on the 18th I get an email saying my account has been closed b/c fraud has been detected. I'm confused b/c I've only used the service a handful of times and haven't done anything fraudulent. I contact support and it takes forever to get a live person on the phone.

The support guy asks if I made a call on the 10th. Duh, of course I did, that's the day I signed up for the service and wanted to check to make sure it was working an see how clear the calls were. How is making a call the day you get the service considered fraud?! He tells me has the issue resolved and we end the call. 30 minutes later I get the same email again saying my account has been closed because of fraud! I haven't even used the phone in that time period.

Again I'm back on hold waiting on an incompetent customer service agent to again activate my service. I signed up for this service as a business line but that may have been a bad decision since eVoice can't seep to keep my account active even though they've already taken my money.

Pros: Neat services and features.
Cons: unreliable services, poor cusumor support.
Would Recommend: No

I ma regular customer since 6 years. I called customer service to get a new phone no ported to my account. There was this Samera An indian accent grumpy woman who kept talking, loudly and didn't even listen to what I have to say. I asked her for a support email and She kept saying the email in the most unprofessional manner. When I asked her to spell out exactly she got irritated and hung up on me.

One of the most un professional experience I have had dealing with Telecom

Pros: better priced than ring central.
Cons: worst cs probably sourced in Covi.
Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Founded in Menlo Park, CA in 2000 by Wendell Brown and Craig Taro Gold, eVoice was later bought by AOL in 2001. In 2004, the brand eVoice brand name was acquired by j2 Global. eVoice provides local and toll-free numbers to small businesses in the US and Canada. They specialize in virtual numbers, and offer many high-end features at low, metered, rates.


eVoice Pricing and Services


Most Popular Plan: Virtual PBX Solutions  - eVoice offers a multitude of plan options, each equipped with features, allotted extensions, and minutes. Plans are divided by the services and features they include. While each plan features included extensions, features, and minutes, the most popular plan is the most inclusive. This plan charges a flat monthly fee and includes 5 extensions, 1000 monthly minutes, as well as a 30 day free trial. In addition to this, this plan also comes with VIP setup and support, both local and toll free  numbers, and vanity number search.

In terms of support, users will be contacted by eVoice’s support team within one business day (after choosing their plan) to assist with the setup of extensions and greetings. Additionally, the support team will provide users with a direct line for ongoing service. In regards to the 5 included extensions, eVoice includes 5 mailbox extensions, along with unlimited virtual extensions, which can be pointed to any user
mailbox. If users go over the allotted minutes, additional minutes are available at a per minute rate.

Also, in regards to the mobility, the mobile app is available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry platforms. The mobile app allows users’ phones to make and receive calls using a WiFi connection or 3G/4G network. This allows users to save money as they use data connection for calls as opposed to their service plan’s minutes. Also, the mobile app includes features such as Caller ID, Voicemail-to-Text, Admin. Box, Voicemail Search, Use Existing Contacts, and Speed Dial.

Aside from the features included above, this plan (along with others) comes with the standard set of core features, including: 800 Number, Auto Attendant, Business Phone System, Call Forwarding, Call Routing, Caller ID and Blocking, Call Transfer, Call Usage and History, Call Screening and Announce, Conference Calling, Dial-by-Name Directory, Free Phone Numbers, Free Voicemail, Internet Phone Number, Internet Voicemail, Local Number, Mobile Apps (iPhone, Android, and Blackberry), Music On Hold, Online Administration, Online Voicemail, Professional Greetings, Sequential Ringing, Speed Dial, Toll-Free, Toll-Free Number, Toll-Free Voicemail, US & Canada Local Numbers, Virtual Assistant, Virtual Office, Voicemail-to-text, Virtual PBX, Virtual Phone System, Virtual Receptionist, Virtual Voicemail, Voice Messaging Services, and Voicemail Service.

In regards to International Calling, eVoice allows users to forward calls to an international number. To determine pricing, eVoice offers a calculator that determines pricing based on the location the user selects. This calculator can be found by logging into user account and clicking HELP>scroll down to International Calling Rates>select the letter of the country the call is going to.

Pricing: The most popular virtual PBX solution comes with a monthly charge of $29.95. While this fee includes the above features, it does not include any add-on charges or overage charges. This plan offers 1000 free minutes; however, if users go over their allot minutes, additional minutes are available at a rate of 3.9 cents per minute.

Aside from the standard price each add on feature is subject to additional individual pricing:  Call Recording: record call and store audio files for later use—$5.95 per month, per extension Web Conferencing: host online meetings, share your desktop, and have real time collaboration-- $$9.95 per month.

As stated above, international call forwarding is subject to additional charges. Charges are determined by the calculator based on the country’s location. This calculator can be found by logging into user account and clicking HELP>scroll down to International Calling Rates>select the letter of the country the call is going to.

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