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CallCentric offers VoIP phones services for residential and business users in the United States. With the proper installed software...
New York, NY
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I've been using Callcentric for my home (Grandstream ATA) and company's phone service (3CX Server) for 5+ years and couldn't be happier.

At my house, telemarketer and other annoying calls have been 99% eliminated with their Spam Call Filter and Telemarketer Block Features. Setting up my HT802 was a breeze with there detailed config guide. Audio sounds as good, if not better then my old Verizon Landline. Monthly service (for 2 numbers) with everything included and 45+ free features is only $8.95, with no garbage taxes/fees added on.

In the office, we run a 3CX server. Reduced our bill from a $950+ per month PRI to about $275 with Callcentric. That's over $8K saved every year!!! Plus we can do way more with this system, then we ever could with our legacy setup. Connection has been rock solid and support is there to help with fast and accurate answers whenever needed.

Best BYOD provider around. Simple as that!

Pros: Flexible plan options, tons of free features, clear calling.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Excellent in every regard. Been using Callcentric for 6+ years now and have been pleased throughout.

What I love:

Compatible with just about any SIP Device you can find. Plus they have a library of over 100+ config guides on their site to help you get started. I use them for my home (Cisco ATA) and my office (3CX PBX)

Great sound quality (better than my old POTS lines) and VERY reliable

Transparent pricing with no hidden taxes or garbage fees

50+ Free features! Like many I was getting nuisance calls at all times of days.

Their Telemarketer Block and Spam Call Filter have ended that. Love the IVR for routing calls at my home. Fax Reception let's me get faxes on my numbers without a clunky machine

The few times I've had to interact with their support, it was a great experience. Fast responses every day of the year from knowledgeable folks.

Best of all, saving a ton with more features and no sacrifices.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Closed my account due to "Fraud" with no explanation, no discussion, no nothing! Who knows what's going on with these guys.

Would Recommend: No
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Risk Monitoring System far too easily triggered: expect to jump through needless hoops. They require you provide a phone number for voice call authentication manually. Wisely use a VPN to inter web? Expect to be flagged for review.

Feature set OLD, and limited compared to other ITSP

Expensive calling at $0.015/min vs most ITSP $0.009/minute (notice the zeroes)

For cost per feature spending you're better off with anveo which has its own fun problems -- read on the interweb about people's accounts being deleted without warning or notice, BUT they continue to receive low balance emails. Anveo support can never FIND these accounts for password recovery or explanation.

Pros: free New York DID.
Cons: No SIP TCP (for mobile battery). Absurd Risk Monitoring system.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Admittedly, I was a bit hesitant to make the transition to VoIP but now I'm wishing I did years ago. With Callcentric I was able to use one of their Free NY DIDs to test the service at no cost My wife and I were so impressed we decided to port in our landline number of 20 years. Today, my bill is around $12-$15 a month using their "Personal Unlimited" inbound service and Pay-Per use outbound. With their "Call Treatments" I am able to "block" unwanted callers and telemarketers.Quality and reliability have been rock solid. Overall a great choice!

Pros: Clear as my old Verizon line, alot more features, 1/5 the cost.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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I've had Callcentric for about a year now. During that time, they were targeted for a DDOS which lasted about two weeks. Given the circumstances, I felt Callcentric handled it about as well as they could and certainly made a huge effort to keep their subscribers in the loop. Reliability during that two week period was spotty. But otherwise the reliability as been exceptional. Certainly their feature set is rich and the call quality is very good as well. I would certainly recommend the service to others.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Company is overrated. Poor customer service. Beware of this overrated company. Do you research and you will find they have many complaints against them. The customer service department is hard to contact and only works through email. Very inflexible when it comes to account billing issues.Not recommended!!

Pros: None.
Cons: Company is overated. Poor customer service.
Would Recommend: No
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In the three(3) years I've used CallCentric, the ONLY problem with service was Hurricane Sandy, and a DDoS Attack several weeks before. Both times - CallCentric Techs got the system back to the high quality standards in a reasonably short time.Also, both times - were not due to any 'fault' of CallCentric, but rather attacks by nasty hackers with the DDoS , and Nature, with the hurricane. CallCentric stayed with it, and got the service as stable as it was, again, twice..! That shows they know what they're doing, and also why I stayed with them.They care about the quality of their service, and it shows. :-)Best regards,Howard

Pros: They don't give up, until the quality of service is high.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Compared many services. I use my cell's unlimited plan to make most of my calls, but wanted to keep my landline number. CallCentric was the perfect solution.Up until the recent Denial Of Service attacks, they have been very reliable working with my ATA device. The alternate server they provided often resulted in people having to try the call several times to get through and no audio once they did. I just switched back to the original servers and the reliability is improving, but still not at the level before the DOS attack in early October 2012. The transparency of Callcentric was great during the problem period with regular web dashboard and twitter updates.You'll need a bit of technical savvy to set this up, but for me this was perfect. My $42/mo AT&T bull is now around $8/mo including 911 service. I have the base unit of my wireless dect phones plugged into the ATA and it just works!

Pros: Great price, decent quality, used mostly for incoming calls.
Cons: The recent DOS attack was devastating, but handled well. Still suffering some residual 'NO AUDIO' calls.
Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

CallCentric offers VoIP phones services for residential and business users in the United States. With the proper installed software (or an IP-adapted phone), calls to other CallCentric customers are 100% free. Their plans range from pay per call (as low as $5.00 with no monthly fees) to international plans ($29.95/mo for World Select Residential Unlimited), which include 38 countries. They include both plans for outgoing and incoming calls to suit your needs and optimize charges, along with free voicemail for all plans.

Support is free for potential and existing customers, and CallCentric provides a large knowledge base along with a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) setup guide for many supported devices and software to get you up and running quickly. CallCentric customers receive the benefits of high quality phone calls, reduced costs, an advanced feature-set, and flexible services.


CallCentric Pricing and Services


Most Popular Plan: North America Residential; Personal Unlimited - Callcentric offers service plans divided by the ability for users to make calls and receive calls. While both services do not have to be purchased at the same time, the option is available. This separation allows for optimum customizations amongst users. In terms of service plans that are specified for making calls, the North America Residential plan (residential only) is typically the most popular option.

This plan, which again only allows users to make calls, includes unlimited calling to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico for one monthly price. Users also get free unlimited calling to all Callcentric members regardless of location. Additionally, users who select this option are eligible for low international rates. International Rates are based on location.

While Callcentric does include a wide variety of features with their North America Residential plan, some other services are available as add-ons, and are subject to additional monthly prices. Aside from these, however, some features including: Call Hunting, Call Treatments, Click2Call, Call ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 411 Directory, iNum, Voicemail, SIP Trunking.

Pricing: The North America Residential plan has a fixed monthly cost of $19.95, plus a onetime set up fee of $1.50, the Unlimited plan has a setup fee of $5.95. This allots for unlimited calling to residential customers located in the US and Canada.

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